5/4/2015 Hello HQ, HQ , HQ hello HQ B...n Tor..o to Black Hole, Inc' do you copy ..... helllo HQ, HQ, HQ, HQ this is Boson Torpedo initiating contact do you copy? Follow this link to initiate one heck of a WWW story loop in time 3,2,1, work in progress has begun...test.


8/11/2014 Rest in Peace Robin Williams, you will be missed! So things are going good in my life I have a ton of stuff I want to write about and keep the blog going, but it is late so soon I'll get back here.



2/14/2014 I am determined to snap out of the funk I am in and get back to doing the work of running Black hole and enjoying life. I do not know what all has been going on with me lately

but the Broncos getting blown out in the Super Bowl did not help raise my spirits lol.


I honestly love this NeXT business and have been fortunate to do this for over 20 years now as of February 9th it is 21years amazing.

In attempting to bring back the longest running webblog , yes I'm fairly sure this is it, the About section of Black Hole, I encountered a number of problems that I am sure many of you are familiar with when using computers. The files I need to download are on the wayback machine as fortunately they back up all of my Black Hole files long ago and this has been a long running story basically of my life.


Dragon Naturally Speaking is broken because one of my roommates Lisa broke the headphone , microphone .... I bought 2 more from CSU surplus for a buck each but do not know exactly where they are but that is the least of my worries.


I'm working on a MaC mini running Mavericks and FilleZilla for FTP with in that is Parallels running Dream Weaver 3 under Windows 7 so to get at the files on the wayback machine I have to doiwnload a newer webrowser as the version of explorer is hosed ,then in theory cut and paste the source save it as html files then upload to the website using filezilla , I'll live to do that another day but for now just writing something here hen peck typing is getting my version of web therapy done.


I need to get back to adding more to it and it will know doubt lift my spirits , I have not had a vacation in seven years and live from day to day doing the NeXT business.

The NeXT machines are aging along with me but have withstood the tests of time , I promise to catch up on existing orders in the NeXT few weeks weather permitting as this Winter is a doosy in terms of ups and downs , highs and lows.


Yes this begs the question I've battled addictions in the past lol and with Colorado legalizing weed , it is kind of funny because I don't smoke it any more but back a few years ago it would have been like daily Cheech and Chong only legal .


I guess my last encounter with drugs was on my 50th Birthday last March and it was honestly crap lol though my friends ment well , heck I say fire the yoyos taking the trouble to bring that junk over or under the border as you are not doing anyone any favors , I would have been better off jumping up and down on a trampoline with bags of powder oh thank God I no longer crave doing that stuff daily as it saves thousands of dollars a years and I would probably resemble the stay puff marshmellow man from all the artificail ingrediants. Out side of that there is the contact high at a few concerts I attended Furthur and Jimmy Buffett holy crap you can probably see the smoke billowing up from outerspace, hippy shit storm . I guess I'm a hippy that has grown up turned out OK and it is fun to joke with my very conservative parents about it all especially all the needless trouble I was put through by the court systems regarding Weed .

I don't really drink a whole lot either an occassional beer or mixed drink and don't smoke cigarettes never have so I have that going for me. However I am addicted to food , I love to eat and as a result I now am starting to resemble a rolly polly but I'm OK with it but am endeavering to loose weight, I even have a gym membership which I need to start using but it was a deal from Costco $349 for 2 years at 24 hour fitness so if I'm gone awhile it is not breaking the bank. I look forward to getting out on the golf course to play some golf as soon as friggin Winter evacuates the area and they open the golf course.


AS it is 3:30 in the morning I'm going to upload this blog and continue it when I have a chance so stay tuned !


7/12/2012 I put a dent in golf space time continuum today making my first double eagle during mens league on number 4 city park 9 , driver 275 yards then 5 wood 225 yards in the hole . The odds are 1 in 6 million! Best regards Rob Blessin

Fort Collins golfer lands a rare double eagle

Rob Blessin made a double eagle on the City Park Nine Golf Course last week. / Courtesy of Rob Blessin Written by Jeff Bersch Filed Under Sports

Rob Blessin and his playing partners figured it was a good shot. Not until they reached the green did they know just how good. We looked in the hole and all went crazy, Blessin said.

Blessin, 49, of Fort Collins recorded the rarest of golf scores last week when he made double eagle also called an albatross at City Park Nine Golf Course. A 225-yard approached shot with a 5-wood on the par-5 fourth hole hit the front of the green and rolled in for the 2.

The hole was playing at 500 yards during mens league play on Thursday. The double eagle came during a round in which Blessin said he shot 35, his first round under par. The 14-handicapper also birdied the first hole and said he had a tap-in birdie on No. 7. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime shot, said Blessin, who is left-handed. It was one of those moments in life. I was hitting everything right on the money and could do no wrong.

The odds of making a double eagle are far higher than making a hole-in-one, which Blessin said he also has accomplished. Some studies list the odds of making an albatross at 6-million-to-1. Other studies indicate its closer to 1-million-to-1. Odds of making a hole-in-one range from 40,000-to-1 to 13,000-to-1.

Its a rare occurrence, for sure, City Park Nine professional Doug Perry said, confirming the shot was witnessed by playing partners Garrett Tate and Eric Stashak. This is my fourth year here, and its the first Ive come across. It could have happened before, but I dont know anyone else whos made a double eagle at City Park.

Blessin said he actually had done it before on the same hole at City Park, but it came during the winter, with three holes punched in the green. His second shot went into one of the holes without the pin. This one officially counts, he said. It was a heck of a shot and pretty cool for me.

The website doubleeagleclub.com lists 1,170 double eagles by 1,137 members as of April 12. Only 63 have been made on the PGA Tour, and Blessin said he witnessed a pair on the same day. Steve Pate and Jim Gallagher both made double eagles in 1990 in the final round of The International at Castle Pines Golf Club in Castle Rock. Pate made 2 on the eighth hole and Gallagher on No. 17.

Blessin said he didnt play for beans in his round Saturday, but he plans to play in this weekends City Championship held over three days at City Park, Collindale and SouthRidge golf courses.

I dont know if there are any double eagles in the future, he said, but Ill give it my best shot. Follow reporter Jeff Bersch at twitter.com/Coloradoan_JB

12/16/2011 We are getting ready to roll out the new website stay tuned in the next few weeks! We are going to also be working with the San Mateo museum on the NeXT Museum Display and wow, time travel is officially here Welcome to the Black Hole Professor Mallett I've been searching for a you a long time!


10/5/2011 Steve Jobs R.I.P. ; I honestly do not know where I would be in life without Steve Job's visionary technology, I would not have had this amazing opportunity and very good run keeping his NeXT dream alive. It has been a way of life for me since 1993 and has kept a roof over my head, food on the table , the lights on and bills paid and I know I've made a lot of people happy keeping their NeXT's going. All I know is it has been a really good run, we will miss the heck out of you Steve . I don't cry often this is one of those times and I'm sure there is an afterlife , I'm confident heaven now has one heck of a rock solid OS and Steve's visonary inovation is probably getting things sorted out already a few sparks flying off halo's with improved angel wings regardless of religion. I'll even say it for you Steve may your beliefs in hari krishna bring you eternal peace and feel free to light up a few butts up there once in awhileto keep em on their toes man. I'm sure you have plans to modernise heaven's infrastructure with cloud computing touchscreen stuff without buttons just a lot of good karma, peace , hey Steve look in on me and all of us now and then and make sure we are all OK these NeXT's are still humming along and I'll keep em going as long as I can for you and may your memory and legacy never fade away NeXT / Apple forever.

8/24/2011 Steve Jobs resigns, you've done an outstanding job sir and we are still here. We just saw NeXT computers on MSNBC.

8/1/2011 I'm guessing if I had money that because they are passing the legislation to raise the debt ceiling that buying option calls would probably make some money today easily unless it is a buy on the rumor sell on the news deal. Buying puts on companies directly affected by the cuts in this package would also make sense, who nows I'm sure there is going to be more stuff happening . President Obama turns 50 on the 4th , I'm guessing he will probably have fun shooting under his age on 9 either one from the tips on Congressional, you can do it, hopefully the greenskeepers will go easy on him lol! Happy Birthday if you are reading this cool!

7/27/2011 My Wave theory of economics , I believe that global economic markets are increasingly affected by news the more severe the news the more catastrophic the outcome. Currently the Debt Ceiling has the potential in my opinion to be an economic tsunami of biblical proportions and apparently the politicians in charge of coming to an equitable solution to avert disaster think that it is a good idea to be standing on the beach and wondering out into the receding waters with boogie boards and no life jackets playing surfing safari on the ipod some kicking back under shade trees with umbrella drinks . I would scream puts on everything as far as stock is concerned at this point but no we have to sit here and watch this unfold at their mercy as this slow moving catastrophe begins to gain speed quickly . I would go into detail about how I think may be there needs to be a global bond market where lots of good would come of it like a global web based educational site for all to contribute to and use and how we need to make a new global deal plan and go all out to stimulate the economy by upgrading the power grid, road systems , communication systems, education systems , food resources , health and medicine research , divert flood waters through water treatment centers, siphoning off topsoil rich water and diverting that to farms and pipe the treated water through to underground aquifer's as it is after all fresh water and could be used for irrigation and consumer use , etc. ,Esc . A lot of great ideas the solution to the debt ceiling is what is the exact midpoint on this put Black Rock economists on this and Goldmann Sachs and Dimon oh Cramer even they already are and when Cramer is sounding Tornado Sirens you know the fit is about to hit the span.

The compromise lies in the center of all this the exact center make it fit as there is a Ying and a Yang and a bullseye , hit the bullseye for the love of God please you politicians do it now as in now today or by the 2nd. If we loose our Triple AAA bond rating as in the USA and default on paying our notes , the Tsunami Wave will hit and we will all be standing their with boogie boards by force because rather than choosing the high ground of coming to a solution before an economic bean counter deadline of August 2nd to deflate the trading algorithm earthquake and after shocks through logic , compromise and intelligent solutions , they played politics and brought us all down to the beach to $urf the friggin tsunami . Not having a solution in place by August 2nd makes about as much sense as flying a kite in a Hurricane whilst boogie boarding waiting for an economic earthquake driven tsunami blindfolded. I know they have been trying but now it feels like they are cramming for a 4 Trillion Dollar exam , I've said my peace turn the tides of history please this is to great a country to see it all washed away in some whirlpool by this series of mistakes in calculating the magnitude of what this particular legislation means in terms of the success or failure of economic recovery for us all. I'm proud to live in the United States of America and have faith if anyone can pull this one off just in time , super hero stuff, (surfin in the pipeline tube on the Northshore man )in the making it is the President, Congress and Senate , the Fed, Surf's up get her done , we are all counting on you. PS I even have faith if it is the stooges and keystone cops at this point , sign something hopefully the best you can come up with in short time strategic planning and get it resolved by August Second am I screaming in this blog loud enough please just do it. Then you can all play golf on the 3rd he he he.

7/2/2011 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles You can add a home fueling station with tax credit , basically about $1.43 a Gallon, burns clean and we have lots of natural gas, easier on the engine, Honda makes one! How to convert a car to run on natural Gas Thanking or Vets today as well, may be some military and government vehicals can be converted to run on natural gas taping our own resources will help our economy!

5/23/2011 Tim Berners Lee, President of the WWW Consortium at MIT one of my customers WIKI! check out the NeXT Cube!

5/21/2011 End of the world as predicted by Harold camping today did not happen, I emailed him and said it was probably a rounding error as he probably forgot about February 29, 2000 which was a once in 400 year day. I actually slept through it as part of the Zombie apocolypse.If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency. emergency.cdc.gov

5/15/2011 Digital Literacy Website, it is new and a very cool idea, helping people new to the net! and from out of the blue we have made contact: Mission Control to Black Hole waybackmachine , years worth of my writing reappears , years ahead of facebook as my drive had crashed and I thought it was lost forever. I'll copy it all back here eventually but for now my massive blog is back!

5/14/2011 Explanation of the US debt fiasco about to unravel the politicians need to get on a solution before the markets take a huge hit. Sounds like they are massaging the numbers to postpone it until August 2.`

Forecast flood level amounts on the Mississippi , can they construct build temporary earthen directional levi's to direct water when the flood gates open to areas where it minimizes flood water impact , I know this is a lot of water but can the directionalise it to avoid as many homes as possible, if not for this flood maybe as a future flood management strategy? Can they develop a water proof house wrap , the idea would be to wrap a house, family possessions or car etc. kind of like a palletized load with a wrap to help prevent water damage , a giant balloon so to speak for the home in case of an approaching slow moving flood would it work ?

I thought you all might find this cool, of course my computers work! Date: May 11, 2009 6:15 AM Hi Rob, Having spent 8 years supporting the testing of the Widefield Camera 3 , which will be installed during the servicing mission, you can imagine that I am very excited about the launch today as well. The NeXT computers were used for the testing of Hubble's science instruments on the ground so they won't be used for the servicing mission itself. However, we were just recently using the NeXT computers for some lab testing that is supporting the next big space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, so they are still in use! If you recall, the system that the NeXT computers operate is called the Aberrated Beam Analyser (ABA). The ABA has been used to verify the optical performance of many different science instruments for over the last 15 years. However, because the ABA electronics and hardware is getting old and is prone to failure, we are now looking into either updating the electronics or decommissioning it. Either way, the NeXT computers you built have proven to be reliable and instrumental in allowing us to continue using the ABA. Cheers, Jeff -----Original Message----- From: bhi1@ix.netcom.com [mailto:bhi1@ix.netcom.com] Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 00:31 To: Kirk, Jeffrey Subject: NeXT Computers for the Hubble! Hello Jeff: I'm excited about the spacewalk mission to upgrade the hubble mission today , I don't know if the NeXT computers I repaired for you or the new one are going to be directly involved in any tasks over the next fewdays in repairing the Hubble but thought I would offer my immediate assistance should it be needed for any reason! I thought I would let you know if any questions or problems should arise concerning the NeXT computers please feel free to email me at sales@blackholeinc.com or phone 303-741-9998 or 970-223-9976 and I would be more than happy to help support you all in any way, I'm good on the phone and would hop on a plane if necessary! I wish you all good luck and please let me know how everything performs it should be rock solid on the equipment I repaired and integrated for you, I appreciate the past business and hope to do more business with you and NASA in the future! Have a great day! Best Regards Rob Blessin Black Hole , Incorporated, 3007 Conestoga CT. Fort Collins, CO 80526

5/11/2011 Google Leo Wanta Show US the Wanta money Leo wants to return 23 Trillion , yes that is 23 Trillion to US Citizens including believe it or not an additional 4.5 Trillion has gone missing that was transferred, actually where is the 27.5 Trillion ; just make a movie about it already , Leo Wanta I'm supporting you here as well as the bailout and have been helping your cause through blogging for years! It takes 2 to make things go right, read about him and spread the good word ; I simply ask what if indeed it's true and feel as though it just might be!

Look he has been talking about using the money to build a high speed rail system for years in fact read the article link above; what is in the news right now talking about building a high speed rail system !

I'm working on my html and flash animation skills planning to revamp the site although I've been doing this since 1997 things have changed, I was good once but am better now.

5/3/2011 The roommates Lisa, Todd and I are going organic with a huge project, in the backyard. Hope to grow enough for ourselves , family, friends and neighbors and to help people as well! We have the beds built and added topsoil rototilled with seeds sprouting and starters! Past Black Hole Garden success, we are not farmers so we are going to have fun seeking advice from everyone! Good luck with your gardens as well be it on the ground or on the rooftops, lets grow some stuff to help feed people and the economy.

5/3//2011 God Bless the US Navy Seals on a job well done. As far as the burial at sea for Osama Bin Laden , I personally hope he ended up in an underwater volcano infested with sharks on the way down to his fiery grave. I've said my peace and am letting all of the negativity go . As far as the Osama Bin Laden compound they now have a signature blue print of direct Alkida construction techniques and they should find the blue prints, see if the construction companies and architectural firms involved new exactly what they were building and who it was for and how many other compounds are there that fit the description in that area also I think the compound itself should be leveled by the army core of engineers or Pakistan immediately. Something stinks about the fact this haven for Osama Bin Laden existed for this many years . Most of the people local people no doubt had know clue and even they would want to know why that place was built and tainted there area and would probably want to level that compound as well!

5/1/2011 Osama Bin Laden is dead , thank God , he was a very evil man.

God bless the people that have made it through the Tornado's in the south over the past week.

4/28/2011 What's this a Royal wedding congratulations Prince William and Catherine Middleton , it is soon like late this evening, heading to my first golf tournament of the year today! Welcome aboard the Denver Broncos Von Miller, I'm having fun being able to do this again now its called twittering lol.

4/28/2011 Thanks Bernanke for starting to hold fed Press Conferences, President Obama , respectfully now the birth certificate fiasco has been resolved, I believed you all along by the way ; in my opinion would be to help reduce prices at the pump like Clinton did, release the strategic Oil and Petroleum Reserves. Our Cost per barrel taken out of Hurricane Katrina Funds was about $28.80 per Barrell and we have ~ 747 Million Barrels in reserve. Our maximum production to put these into play is 4.4 Million barrels per day, we already own these but it would maximize our benefit right now to tap into them and mix in the 4.4 million barrels per day to the 14.4 million barrels we consume daily of course along with conservation .

We are paying $113 per barrel , I'm guesstimating a 30% + - savings per gallon at the pump , rough math using reserves...

$113 per barrel * 10,000,000 daily = 1,130,000,000

$28.8 per barrel * 4,400,000 daily =126,720,000

$1,256,720,000 / 14,400,000 = $87.27 per barrel ~ 77% of $113 or a ~ 23% savings at the pump minimum prices per barrel will drop average price is now $3.80 per gallon with the savings it would bring it to ~ $2.93 per gallon and probably about $2.60 a gallon in Colorado as we are below the national average in prices paid at the pump.

This would also create a surplus on the market and drive the price per barrel down as supply exceeds demand prices fall. So if Gas is $4.00 per gallon to make to easy dropping it 30% brings it to $2.80 or less, we can do this for a few month and see how things go as OPEC would have to react by lowering their prices because they now have a surplus and it starts to cost them money and efficiency . Once the price per Barrel is brought down significantly we would go to them and say we want to fill a strategic reserve oil contract volume discount US COOP buy to procure those 747 million gallons back at bargain basement prices which they have a glut and would probably want to blow it out. Also continue to focus on green energy efficiency through solar and wind may be earmark part of the funds generated through the use and savings of the strategic oil reserves to invest for the American people in green self sufficient energy including natural gas and also put some of it towards education and food banks. The 4 Billion in subsidies to oil companies should be used be the oil companies on philanthropic endeavors

as they should not be subsidized or move their profits out of country as yes we need their business but Exxon for example just reported an $11 Billion dollar quarterly profit , they have made it but why not ask and see if they would like to put $1 billion towards education or food production or finding cure for diseases or disaster relief here and globally . We are the greatest country in the world to live in and we all want to be able to afford to live here comfortably I mean this with the highest degree of respect for all of us. Hope this comes across the right way. Best regards Rob Blessin

4/26/2011 Now this is funny as I took a 5 year hiatus away from writing my life story and posting it boldly on the net mainly because my software was broken and files were lost , I know I'm not alone in stuff like that happening , they now dub this type of stuff twitters or blogs and putting my friends on the net like I started in 1997 lol social networks apparently worth billions and this is apparently cloud computing, so what the heck , I think I'll put the whole mess back up and let it ride as I found the originals on the wayback machine! You have to understand when I started this whole thing people thought what in the world are you doing but I saw a future in this thing called the web so let it roll. Someday I'll edit this mess. I guess I'll have to update some of the cool stuff I've done in the past few years like repairing the computers that operate the Hubble Space Telescope , etc.... rough draft follows.

I'm reading stuff below and am going what a time warp for me personally best of all Black Hole is still here.

I'm concerned the US is about to bump into the debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion May 16th which is huge as it means they may not be able to pay the interest on government bonds and we have from my understanding spent the 14.3 Trillion. I have a whole lot to say and now I can do it again.

4/19/2006 Black Hole, Incorporated. We offer NeXT Computers at affordable prices. Everyone that has an interest in a story that is about

Life calls it 6 billion years of nothing but a series of events taking place in the universe around well me. Im only here for a small time in the great span of it all and I am trying to make a positive difference. I dont know where all this is going to as the next few billion years may be better or worse over all , I know I have helped and at times made mistakes but I have also had success although not the greatest of success. Im apparently now being completely should I say focused on in terms of just about everything that a person would possibly have an interest in taking a look at and apparently making a judgment call. I am planning on filling any orders for computers, software and the products that I sell in the future until my departure from this great place we all know as home planet Earth. I have not tried to create any problems however controversial situations have developed as to who, what, where, when and why obviously how I reached this point in life according to some folks with out being completely scrutinized. Im not trying to loose anyone although apparently previous things I have written have been completely misinterpreted in terms of translation and well at times my writing just is not the greatest, Im trying. At any rate I would appreciate if the people currently viewing this without my permission well because they are obviously on my home network illegally or however they are doing this please let me write in peace. Thank you, at any rate I am going to continue to write stories that are at times worth reading and other times probably not the greatest read but I am making an effort to write what is good to me. I apologize if I ever have offended anyone and dont need to go into details but if you had to read something out of the many billions of web pages this is probably not the only choice I honestly am not trying to cause any problems Im guessing that somewhere out there for whatever reason my personal character Rob Blessin is being slandered by the very fact that I dont want it to be, then I realized I did the same stupid thing to people I do care about and so I guess I must be an idiot for thinking that this wouldnt be some sort of retribution. I with drew a lot of stupid things and said well all in all the whole story was at times brilliant and at other times causing problems for people potentially so I chose to remove the whole thing.as stories go the whole thing has led to a lot of trouble apparently. I did make some changes to it for the better and at times thought who in the heck would ever find the story in the first place including now as it also is gone from my drive which kind of makes me think at times I would have like to have gone back edited it , made some changes for the better , taking out any statements that looking back well were obviously not well thought out. Also made sure that a lot of the things I said about people were taken out of context and actually sought out permission from them getting approval of what was really said and in fact allowing them room on the site to make a statement back. The best thought would have been putting everyone on it that I included in the best possible light. At any rate I am trying to find the right girl or should I say women to settle down with and raise a family , my lifestyle is most of the time Im thinking it is fair to say without problems. Here is what has happened I have been the target of these people that have been basically focusing on completely destroying everything possible about me , I think that they have honestly been going to every single extreme to make sure that everything is constantly being messed with to make me look like a complete idiot. I admit at times I do not need assistance in this respect at other times it makes it practically impossible to accomplish anything in fact I would say ever thing I have been trying to do is constantly being scrutinized or affected be these people. I am trying to keep it together and admit I have a lifestyle do make mistakes and only ask for them to please take all of the things that they are using to basically continually monitor and I suspect broadcast off the air now immediately please. I dont need to go into details but I have been the brunt of this sick joke for long enough and only ask for it to be discontinued forever. Im now taking a break and would appreciate the privacy to do so permanently in fact anyone that has witnessed this would . Why would anyone want this to happen to them after seeing what they are doing to me , my reputation as I say I honestly do apologize to all concerned? At any rate if the story about water has a happy ending it would be everyone putting to gether a string of believe it or not beads stretching from here to well believe it or not Manhattan to a girl she knows who she is everyone winds up with a GPS photo and we basically make friendship bracelets she picks one out of a huge bin and they choose how to manage the next years spectacular mission sounds fair to me, If a miracle does happen I have a fairly good size selection of marbles waiting here for her to choose from a game of marbles will determine who picks out this lucky friendship bracelet as to what happens to all of the other beads , I do not want to know but Im sure chaos , comedy , fun consensual passion and friendship are no doubt options the most direct route from there to here would be fun and where the trail leads afterward perhaps around the world would make it all the more fun limit of 1 mile of beads with additional miles for those well that need to have a little fun.. to be continued provided I stay out of trouble and a serious miracle happens Im going to need one. At any rate a clue believe it or not you may just want to call me as I would drive back with you. But I wrote something for you in this directory, your name leads you to a story Ill think youll like! At any rate any of the other folks that have names attached to photos in this directory a clue it is not you but I feel the love. At any rate she knows she is , she is hot and well heck if Im required to move there I would consider it however I have a lot of stuff and currently turning this place like my last into a well castle as one thing Fort Collins needs is well a fort , this will be fort Fun as I already have a pool, pool table, hot tub, foosball , pinball , darts, beer a museum of NeXT stuff that will be eventually set building mini golf and skateboard half pipe and serpentine run golf putting green probably a tire swing and tree house but Im not sure if I can pull permits for the last two so may have to wing it as we have the most skilled ninja carpenters on deck also a wet bar, barbecue pit and plans for a friggin luau with well a stage for additional fun. The band may get back together man , at any rate I know your muckity mucking as usual with the whos who in the industry and will probably break some famous rock stars heart that is if I am lucky and well I feel lucky also to let you know Im honest as there appears to be sharkettes aplenty schooling about but honestly my goal is to swim with you as you are the prettiest lady Ive ever met in terms of intelligence, personality and likeability J.E. and well I know I screwed up , I searched for you after you left in Denver was bummed thought I saw your auto left a note probably the wind as I say , it is a long shot I know but so is powerball. As usual off on a tangent at any rate you had a photo of you and Froto to make things clear

I will update the clownoramus deal soon as well fixing anything that may be screwed up and look out you powerball game gods the army of clownoramus is in pursuit, in fact we want you to make it really friggin hard because these guys and gals are good the best you have ever seen. As far as the water fight I guess it started yesterday when I sprayed my new kitten Bella Donna with a water bottle as she was on the kitchen counter trying to eat chili on the stove bolted out the door and I suspect she may have made contact , she also fetches and let me tell you she is my secret weapon. As the black hole turns.super kitten photo of her as she actually beat a squirrel up the tree a few days after she made the journey out by car from North Carolina and well lets just say that definitely started something laughter from everyone concerned! We need a Jimmy Buffett concert in Colorado Im thinking a photo of 10,000 coconuts might do it , heck Id where em if Jimmy showed up bring back College days for the love of god! Thanks for helping today Lee LeeBella as a kitten beats squirrel up tree!