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Thursday, 17-Feb-2005 12:10:14 EST 5/31/2002 My first psychological response to actually predicting the winning numbers early and with in a few weeks was not good aaaaarg. A strategy had actually worked and my date of 5/1/2002 was statistically correct, when the numbers came up 4 in a row on May 1st 7, 23, 24, 25, 26 , I thought OK. G,W,X,Y,Z where G= 7, W=23, X=24,Y=25 and Z=26.

This Fish tail is getting more humorous all the time, as by now 1000's even 10,000's are aware of the Clownoranmus Decoder. What do we call this statistical wave now as it no doubt exists, I just need to tune it in but my sense of humor gets in the way. So I actually predicted the Cash 5 5/1/2002 and it happened 5/22/2002 like an echo from Area 51, no problem it is my destiny.

During the weeks of 5/1/2002 through 5/22/2002 time warp ....Attending Paul McCartney with Li Li was an excellent gig and the journey to the Lion King with my folks, the house sitter and Melani , honestly it was a good production and the Giraffe's were crafty , however dudes I would recommend that if a choice exists to let your inner Lion King Spirit ticket go and chuckle as this story can change without notice the dudes soap partake in watching sports or other mischief as we were in the back row deceptive costuming theatrics wore on through the evenings presentation of the Lion King and call it queens. Those that have seen this gig know for God's sake man choose Hockey and play the ticket trade card on this one , if it is at all an option , my dad and other dudes agrees .

GPG and myself went to the 8 AVS 2 Sharks game entertaining .

One of the main reasons I haven't written is my Arthritis, Tendentious and Carpal Tunnel that I've developed working on the computers all this stuff isn't easy to figure out , however I enjoy it. Carpal Tunnel is very painful and I plan on purchasing an ergonomic keyboard and mouse today .

Sarjit Singh is on fire in Lotto Land, he has predicted and won 3 cash 5 games and then theColorado Lottery Game doing what I'm doing in the past 5 month's combinations of numbers only he wins and I well for the most part apparently will win as well, congratulations. I know our day to win is soon for all of those that believe in good karma and the Clown Decoder.

Peace on Earth more adventures to follow. This idea is so massively huge that it echo's through time and space , I want to implement a special brain trust super bonus Lotto prize $1 drawing Game and yes I have NASA Customers. The winning Grand prize Jackpot would be a trip to outerspace as a space tourist, talk about a fun way to fund the space station and beyond peace, if it flies all I want is a free trip to outerspace as I'm positive it would be a hugely popular game. I'm sure that is how some Aliens have arrived on our planet already MIB.

To add a twist of fate call it the Clown variable have Tiger woods hit a golf shot on a par 3 measurement and distance has to be correct for a hole in 1 or Barry Bond's Hits a homer and the seat it lands in is where our lucky winner throws at a target or Patrick Roy has a melt down and plays like a girly man, just kidding, Roy you still the man , however my OMA has a dang good slapshot who knows may be it would just roll in on its own through astral projection perhaps an actual challenge the winner must do like sink the putt that Tiger or the pro player of your choice leaves you talk about pressure, you win the main prize and then have a show down , I think it would be cool plus the Lotto Machine from heck with all kinds of stuff aligning that way when someone eventually wins the trip we all would agree the were the true survivor from our massively huge clown attack and be the official first US Space Tourist for potentially only $1. cool story, more to come of course there would be other prizes !

Brewing Beer for the Summer 4th of July festivities during the Hockey Game 7 Av's Red Wings blowout and the impossible miracle comeback from what appears to be zombies tank city, what did they put in Roy's water? What the heck is up anyway , sometimes the team you are rooting for or playing on just has the worst game but that is what makes sports fun , you have to respect the good with bad and hey they had a heck of a good season. Roy your still the best , many in Denver think potentially Aliens inhabited your mind and much of the teams this evening but we forgive you as we are not fair weather fan's around here. Griese may have hexed the Mojo of our Av's area as he is a Redwings fan , aaaarg , all in fun as the black hole turns.

At any rate I'm going fishing soon Bamfield , BC, Canada and hopefully will have some cool stories for you all like actually catching and keeping a few fish as in Spring King Salmon no skunkage and then we'll have a Luau seafood party , beer babes. News flash the fine Cat works at La Fiesta best Mexican food in town , the Chief likes it!

6/1/2002 Judgment Day, Trish the Dish and Kim the trim ,man I'm thinking of buying those new bikini stick on swim suits as gift's . The reader knew Rob was in trouble and better just run now from the women or net a whole bunch of them possibly 1000's , yaaaaahooooo, cheers that spy on our soap as stormy weather may be approaching or not thank God it's summer.

6/15/2002 4 AM Starts visiting relatives in Canada and Fishing Trip, picture says 1000 words .... Happy Fathers Day Dad !.Comments and questions: email sales@blackholeinc.com

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6/15/02 We should implement a long range strategic plan for Colorado to fight forest fires efficiently. In Canada we saw this Airplane flying around on patrol cool a huge plane ...Action amazing , this is what we need to fight forest fires , perhaps lease or ask for assistance to use these Mars Martin's to help fight our current Forest Fires in Colorado and elsewhere or new updated squad version of this plane as only 4 were made , they work government sponsored , makes sense to me!

This article is reprinted from: http://weber.u.washington.edu/d25/cflyer/seaplanes/mars.htm with kind permission of: Michael Volk of Seattle Wash. USA Martin Mars The Martin Mars is simply a huge airplane. With a wingspan of 200 feet (61 m), the length of a city block, and a height of 48 feet (14.64 m), approximately four or five stories, the Mars was the largest aircraft in operation from its first flight in 1942 until the first Boeing 747 flew. The two-story interior is as big as a 15 room house, and the flight deck could be a studio apartment. A spiral staircase connects the flight deck with the cabin. The Mars remains today the largest operational flying boat, and next to Howard Hughes' so-called Spruce Goose, the second-largest flying boat ever built.

By 1956, the Mars had outlived its usefulness for the Navy and had been condemned to the scrap yard. However, after a series of disastrous fire seasons in British Columbia, a group of logging companies heard about the availability of the Mars. The Mars was ideally suited to British Columbia's abundance of waterways and shortage of strategically placed airfields. Macmillan Bloedel took the initiative and formed Forest Industry Flying Tankers Limited (FIFT), in partnership with Pacific Forest Products Limited and TimberWest Forest Limited. The new company purchased the last four remaining Martin Mars from the US Navy in 1959. The Marianas Mars was sent to Fairy Aviation of Canada for modifications. After installation of a 7206 US gallon (27276 l) plywood holding tank and retractable filling probes, the Marianas Mars was put into service again in mid-1960, registered as C-FLYJ.

These aircraft can skim across water... fill up the tanks quickly with water by riding the plain line and take off back to the forest fire !


7/15/02 Thursday, 17-Feb-2005 12:10:14 EST

Keli and me having fun at sunset on a summer day on the BHI deck, life is good for both of us!

8/18/02 At CSU , my first major Water Shed Science basically the study of water and well through the magic of gravity flows down hill. Idea, simple solution to provide enough potable water for the entire planet to sustain life and maintain a habitable balance for the next 100,000 million years . Clean water, looking toward the obvious, why is it so currently baffling to make it reality. Obviously we need clean water to create a foundation most plant and animal life exist perishes with out clean water. The core of life is delicate balance of fresh water . How profound, drought , my question is why wait for clean water to arrive? The last 100 million years the Earth has maintained a balance of ~75% water on the surface. The human race, my thought here when we look upon an Ocean basically 75% of Earth's surface and think , nah we can't possibly use that Water, as it has salt in it. I'm thinking DUH, we have the technology, evaporation, condensation and then magic precipitation provides us with the 1 % balance of drinking water as in usable to survive via weather. We now have the technology, Earth and the big picture , only 1% of the Earths water is drinkable water and 66% of that is at the poles It is not in our best interest to have the poles melt , save the poles.

9/1/2 I'm having one of the finest summers of my life , Keli is awesome. In the last day heart and tough CSU upsets CU for the 3rd time in 4 years, Grand Prix going on , Phil Lesh at Red Rocks and the Taste of Colorado ( a giant party set up in downtown Denver), food, bands, babes, beer and a carnival, getting ready to head down now to meet Keli. The Lotto Booth at the Taste of Colorado will flip as I cash out the ticket and hold on to it to frame,

Hope your all are doing well!

My predictions were correct , 1 number literally off I had 14, 18, 20, 22, 30, I needed a 21 instead of 22 picture says 1000 words.

9/25/2002 The last few days, I decided to teach myself the monumental task of NeXT Networking , yawn it takes patience and acuracy.Now, I'm very pleased, proud of myself as I actually have a working local NeXT Computer Network and am able to easily add new NeXT's and do Network NeXTSTEP installs and amazingly have sendmail working. NeXT I'm going to see if I can get them surfing the net via modem and dsl. I see why they call system administrators sleepless , we'll have some real fun with these NeXT's now.

10/25/2002 Just then our show came back with an opportunity for the reader to truly bend space time. Send your message on board KEO a satellite on a 50,000 year mission to return to Earth in the future. I sent them a message regarding the Clownoramus Lotto decoder a few days back and said hey you all should be able to bend space time at whatever point the satellite is discovered and send us messages to help us win as 120,000,000 million to one and 50,0000 years of space time bending ought to be easy for them. I also asked to keep me colliding with Earthly bound hotties and it seems to be working great as Keli is doing awesome and looking wow, actually all the girl's are looking fine. For fun Li li, Kim, Jen and I went to Robert Plant at the Fillmore , they totally jammed. Gentlemen , Cat and many perhaps thousand's of babes from the present way into the future have all been spying on the soap lately. Oh yes it's football season and the beer commercial says twin's, the latest Black Hole beers are incredible.

If KEO is found in outerspace beforehand hopefully the Aliens or Earthling's will add a few things and let it continue on it's mission, it is it's destiny.

So for a little humor but another true tale, the lovely and quite blond Cat arrived on the scene here , the other day . I thought the people of KEO need a message from you Cat , heck we all do! So in her message Cat wanted to know about the Pyramid's and how they were built. She also believes in a higher power and reincarnation, which is all good. So I acted as her interpreter in authoring the message as she is truly a lovely blond. I'm thinking , hmmm I wonder if the pyramid's will still be there, afterwards but chuckled at the time. I hope for God's sake their are still blonde's then they will understand and won't need to decipher this text like the rosetta stone even further as with out the occasional blond variable in our lives the whole space time continuum may come crashing down and implode like well a Black Hole. Perhaps Cat's question is going to be the longest running blond joke in the history of time or may be Cat is right and the future people of Earth did help supervise construction of the Pyramid's with perhaps Cat? Yes, Cat possibly may just have warped back through space time and been personally responsible for supervising the creation of the Sphinx with the interstellar blond pyramid construction crew , just the really smart ones, so the joke would be on all of us that are not so wise. It is why I love blonde's!

Here is an opportunity to further bend space time with the story of the Nuestra de Atocha and a chance for you to win treasure if you like , which probably leads to some incarnation of treasure spam, but it is still a fun thought to may be win a piece of history!

11/23/02 Aha I see how the tilt of the NeXT Logo is logical. Life is going good.

12/31/02 to 1/1/2003 Happy New Year!




Opening Red Rocks underground restaurant and bar $30 M Billy laid down 13,000 Square feet of hardwood and apparently they have the world's largest plasma display , it should open initially in the next few weeks to work out the logistics.

2/1/3 The Rolling Stones we're in town this evening, they played a lot of good old classics and a mix of tunes I hadn't heard them play before in concert. Always an excellent show , Kim, I, the Stones and the crowd had a great time. A much needed reality boost, lifting everyone's spirits in light of the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster earlier in the day. Life absolutely has interesting twists and turns .

I'm finally all caught up yeah , as I filed my taxes early with my CPA and just mailed it all in earlier in the week. The bookkeeping side of the business is a job in itself Black Hole continues to operate as a small business on a shoe string budget and we are profitable in our little niche. I'll add some more stuff soon.

3/20/3, Well turned the big 40 a little over a week ago. I thought everyone would appreciate the little Storm we just had here in Colorado. We think we may have a new sport Basketsnowball thanks to the snow angels, seems just about everybody can actually fulfill the dream of jamming here as the snow is about 4 feet deep and the rim regulation height. However on 2nd thought it may cause an avalanche, Life's been good to me so far; Joe Walsh stay tuned as who knows what will happen next!

5/22/3 Snowed in all is well , the past few month's have been quite a journey.

Losing my favorite pet cat Cootie to a Raccoon attack in her backyard brought practically everyone to tears. She was one of those cuddly pets that had such a good and friendly personality that she was a favorite to both young and old at close to 17 , she didn't deserve to go like that. She was probably being curious , friendly and surprised by the raccoon it was early morning and she was probably just playing as usual . Apparently the same raccoon or predator is responsible for injuring several other pets on the block. Including eating a bunch of gold fish in the pond of a neighbor former game warden and some of his fish were in a pond for over 7 years. The raccoon will be caught in a live trap and turned over to Animal Control for the decision. I almost thought about taking the Raccoon out with a boomerang as I cornered it in the back yard the other night and then thought compassion in case it was not this creature but fox that caused the damage. I found track's that looked like fox prints in the mud but now possibly it is this Raccoon. We want to protect our own and neighbors pets. A few stray ferruled cats were rounded up as well in the community project as losing a pet or seeing one severely injured by a predator really does hurt . I'll have to adopt a kitten buddy for Juliet , the other cool cat as she really misses cootie !

Peace to Cootie and to TR.

The Snow melted and the babes return, Out to have fun with Kim, Jen and Lili , mischief last fall .

Of course had another close one in the lotto 4 of 5 , the win is coming soon.

The house is almost completely remodeled and looks totally cool.

Golf Tournament , the first 2 tournaments I really played awful ,however was on fire this one! Steve Kelley my partner for the 2 man rotational scramble tournament ; ham and egged it to shoot 72 including a first for both of us 9 straight 4 's on the back nine. We received a very fair 7 strokes for the handicap adjustment from 72 to 65. We had 4 birdies including a 45 foot snake I sunk on 9. The score doesn't reflect how good a round and completely in the zone it really was. I missed a 4 foot putt on 18 to shoot 65. We had several other birdie puts under 6 feet that were tap ins .

As the Black Hole Turns will continue as obviously a lot has happened and will happen,

We have acquired rights to legally reproduce resell Mathematica and Nebula and are trying to influence Apple to release Openstep and NeXTSTEP free! NeXT hardware still rules , hope business picks up again as they are becoming rare!

Life is good, of course lot's of other stuff happened but this is a dudes soap that women spy on, so it is of utmost importance that it airs completely sporadic and random.

Hope all is well with you!

5/31/03 Patrick Roy retired the "a few days ago" amazing Avalanche Hockey goalie, he , he , he.

Aha, this one is for the dudes and the women who spy on our soap , Clownoramus , this should impress the babes .

Out for Dinner MATHEMATICS #######################################

This is pretty neat how it works out. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST

It takes less than a minute....... Work this out as you read. Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have dinner out. (try for more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (Just to be bold)

3. Add 5. (for Sunday)

4. Multiply it by 50 - I'll wait while you get the calculator................

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1753... If you haven't, add 1752..........

6.. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number . The first digit of this was your original number (I.e., how many times you want to eat out each week.)


Dudes it may be wise if she is truly a babe to work it like the amazing mystic you are and throw in a few lines like are you absolutely sure it is not number minus 5 to 10 for added bonus.



Relatives Mom, Cousin Paul, Ann Marie, Dad (Sasquatch),Aunt Carol,Christine, Cousin Mark, Uncle John in Canada. Grandma (Oma) is doing good as well.

King Salmon 29lbs!

We had an excellent day, fishing with my dad and friends in Bamfield BC!

Men , my dad called and said there is a car for sale as part of an estate from friends at Church that you may want to look at.

My first reaction upon seeing her was what the heck is it as she was covered in a blanket but not a good one , years of tree sap, mineral spirit's are helping to remove the sludge I realized what she was and thought totally cool.

As the son and daughter told the story that their father Carl had passed 13 years ago and their mom sadly just a few weeks ago. The car was purchased new so despite her looks she only has 30,000 original miles . She sat under a tree for the past 20 plus years and as they had the snow tires in a garage full of junk I don't know why. The exterior has been hammered by the elements and they said the car cover disappeared in 1997. So she has been subjected to a lot recently, the last big snow a huge tree branch just missed the back window. I saw through the damage and see a beautiful classic car emerging once more ; offered $500 and they thought about it for a day and I called them and they accepted. They said they had higher offers and parts hunters as it is a real find but I was fortunately first.

She is a 1966 Plymouth 2 Door Sport Barracuda the first compact muscle car . She has the record 14.4 square feet of window for a back window like a fish bowl. All the tires were flat and the brakes gone . We installed my van battery added a little gas and quick start to the carb and the 273 Commando V8 fired right up. We drove her to my folks a few blocks away and my mom was not to stoked but my dad was out their tinkering and got the tailights working. I'm sure up there good old Carl is smiling on us as he was a fellow ham like my dad and good guy and he loved this car.

My initial thought was to buy and sell it but now I'm thinking no way this is to cool and besides at Black Hole and my many friends and neighbors need a good excuse to escape the family for a few can come over and help restore her. As the new beers are ready and when she is complete it will be one cool ride to cruz for hot women, if they are already not on board.

I keep thinking Wax on ,like the karate kid , now this Barracuda is really cool as we definitely plan on having more than a little fun restoring her to stock condition with a few modifications. The girls like the 66 Cuda as well and people as well just saying cool.

Amazingly 7 feet from the back seat to the trunk; she has a lot of rust but all the glass is good , engine purrs and she shifts like silk , we can bring her back cosmetically but it'll take some time and effort. We had to replace a spring in the left rear brake as the drum was rusted so the tire was freezing also the left side lugs have reverse threads , don't ask add 2 wheel stud's to the list as the guys we're wrenching her backwards doh. My dad figured it out left handed threads. Now we know , I guess the theory was of the lugs came loose on the left side the would tighten instead of loosen , she is incredibly fast.

I knew the project will probably bring a tear to the eye of all the dudes out there may be who's wife or girl friend would have banned this whole concept of restoring an abandoned muscle car completely from the get go.

Hey this is what makes a dude's soap rock and frankly looking at some of the crap on TV , as a straight guy I am registering a complaint against the fruity show's they are spamming ad's for need I mention more, where the heck is the football anyway. I'm turning the TV off and working on the Cuda. I know I'm not alone , the force is strong with this one.

So we can change the transmission on the Van as we pulled one from pick a partand have 66 Barracuda project's going on and the seat is up on the head next to the garage . Who's with me aaaaarg , oh know dudes your mission is to have some secret restoration project as you must be bored if you are reading this in the middle of the summer. Find a car to restore, motor cycle, old NeXT computer, brew beer or just something that you know will have to remain stealth or dropped into the conversation. Target a little used area of your home , something like I cleaned up the space next to the garage , the kind of mumble to fit the ...... project , then say would you like to go out to dinner or movie. hopefully you hear Yes.

The Dead totally jammed at Red Rocks last week animal house reunion.

Until NeXT time be cool and stay out of mischief as the Black Hole Turns , the women who spy on our soap , we enact the Jedi Mind juju , you will not know of this secret project and must laugh , this is all in fun , dudes just plain run amuck.

Jet Ski mission soon.

Black Hole and NeXT in the news!

7/17/03 After detailing the Cuda she looks a lot better!

11/18/2003 Aha , busted time fly's for sure , life ever get into a slump for you all , as it sure has it's ups and downs. Where to start, a seriously huge sense of relief for my family as my dad had preliminary signs of prostate cancer , after today's analysis the prognosis is excellent as no cancerous stuff was located. I'm not sure what the scientific name you call the miracle apparatus exactly but I'm told reportedly the butt cam worked its magic spotted a small polyp and some hemorrhoids but nothing to serious at this juncture. My dad said the worst part outside of the obvious of the whole procedure was not being able to "fart" for lack of a better word for many hours after the probe into uncharted territory.

God bless you dad, hope you laugh a bit!

Rest in peace my last cat Juliet , well it hasn't been a good year for me as far as my pets luck has been concerned. The damn foxes brazenly in daylight got her according to animal control as the Foxes don't know any better and the Kitts have been taking their toll on family pets in our neighborhood as of late, hopefully either the Foxes or Animal control will move their den out of the area. Juliet was a good little cat and we miss her as a result I'm building a secure fenced in backyard and put in additional cat door entrances around the house , making more hiding spots in the yard in hope that when I eventually get another cat and they are outside, they will have more chance to escape if ever cornered again. She hardly ever went outside so I'm guessing it was curiosity and missing her mom Cootie Peace Juliet!.

I know this story has happened a billion times over to us guys but what the heck I might as well vent!

Women, well sometimes certain girls seem to just work extra hard at times to defy all logic and seriously seek out to be crowned pure queen bitch on high for a few days, weeks and for some it may be a life long career path. Sometimes no other reason than to just mess with everyone's heads including their friends, family and guy's like me. She made plans with me and made all of our life's a living hell for the moment and in this case as far as I know it was not even in the monthly friggin radar cycle. One thing that really does not make sense to me and has an ill affect on my mood is when she says, she wants to go out with you again soon like next weekend, she makes an effort to call you and or you call her, over a span of a few weeks things are going great and fun times a plenty , the good stuff then you mutually make plans which are apparently for real as she asked me to specifically to plan on spending the weekend with her and not to make other plans.

Hey, I look forward to it, then at some point during the week some kind of evil twisted alternative universal time spark develops call it something a kin to a mind gathering meeting call it the highest order of bitches meeting is called. The legendary conspiracy ensues as we picture them now dudes , chattering on the phone, cackling, plotting away, the chicks and babes gather together much like hens in a mad hen hell house and all plan secretly to destroy all hope of our secret mission being a success. At this point dudes we must stand up and cheer as we know we have once more successfully busted the women who spy on our soap , all triumphant once more we shall rise up and drink our beer, watch our sports all havoc and mischief must ensue for today we have handily defeated the bitches where they gather and must leave them rapidly frothing if only in this seemingly never ending tale of pure humor.

I guess with life, friendships and relationships you take the good with the bad and I admit a lot more good happens in my life than bad with women. Yep, stuff goes in cycles and men, I'm in a slump, I figure this is bound to bring back some good luck and happy laughing women.

At long last the very end of the remodeling construction .

I need to sell more of this NeXT equipment , yea you to can help sponsor perhaps the single worst soap on the planet but we guys wouldn't want it any other way! It's going to be huge and I've hired a house keeper as the Black Hole is swept up.

1/29/04 So I was asked if I'm lucky and in a lot of ways I would answer yes for the most part.in many ways. I have an excellent supportive family and a more than a good score of friends, an excellent NeXT business with thousands of really cool people from all around the world that I sincerely enjoy doing.

My dad's last laser treatment session to hopefully annihilate the Prostate cancer cells completely is today. We are all so proud of you dad ,what more can I say we love you dad!

Life has so many twists and turns that I'm not really sure where to begin this particular episode I guess in a way I already have. I find it easier to write from the heart sometimes without thinking to much about it , just kind of winging it can be fun but sometimes the mischief can get me into a little trouble.

I decided to follow my heart and use my mind actually closer to losing my mind in the process many of us know as the move. It has been a monumental challenge and a stressful endeavor , I moved my life and the Black Hole back to a place with a lot of great memories and long time good friends 60 miles north to Fort Collins.

Most people would have a mere truckload of stuff., I had an incredible 3 24' foot trucks and 4 pick up trucks full with 15' foot trailer . The help was much appreciated , a palat jack and palletizing most of the equipment in triple wall 3' by 4' boxes doublestacked and rolling it with the palat jack made moving the bulk of the NeXT equipment and NeXT monitors both efficient and virtually eliminated any potential damage to the equipment and ourselves.

I kept after organizing the first few loads with a lot of help thanks everyone but we filled truck after truck over the past month.It still kept coming, filling up more and more as stuff arrived. I don't have quite as much space in the new Black Hole yet that has made it even more of a challenge currently once the inventory levels drop a little bit it'll be a lot easier. I admit I am completely spent and this has pretty much been like living in a Black Hole literally. It has been a lot of work, trying to unpack and get everything organized completely also transitioning and keeping the business running through the holidays ,keeping the faith for my dad and thanks for all your help, whilst finishing up the final touches on the masterpiece home in Denver and Marketing it in Denver has been a thorough physical, mental and psychological challenge. Commitment to making it all happen without loosing it completely has put a more than a little mental stress and physical strain on me.

I couldn't have done it without a lot of help from team players Super Rob S and the troubled youth , Crusty Dave B , Six no make that 12 pack Billy , Steve the kid, Sara, Mary, Jackson Brown, Kimster, Mom, Dad, my sister Barb and her husband Mike for driving the 66 Cuda up.

Of all the web pages in all the world she stumbles across this one, I've put a lot of faith and trust into someone special in particular that I really care a lot about Lisa W. Thank you for a lot of good times like surprising me at Christmas , an interesting New Years, telling me about how you used to take all the lucky charms out of the cereal box and it would make your brother mad. Above all the amazing emotional roller coaster ride we've been on that you have thrown into the equation. I hope someday we will be able to look back and laugh about it all as life often has twists and turns of fate when you do help out it makes all the difference in the world. Look into your heart Lili and think of how many times recently that I've helped you out , all I'm asking is for you to help a little as you have promised. . We are currently in a state of suspended animation at Black Hole stay tooned soon.

8/24/2004 Do not send a search party, Rob will be alright , this may help explain the delay in shipping some items.....

2/17/2005 It was a fun journey , the only way to go , Black Hole shop and NeXT museum 2005, I'll have more photos on line soon of our NeXT time machine museum display what a cool project we think a positive goal of having operational original NeXT's in the year 2088 and a healthy peaceful planet is an excellent concept! Peace out Rob Blessin to be continued .