1/12/2000 Melini met my folks after we went to the Broncos final loss of the season as it is over, next year the Broncos will return. My folks like her and I like her as well so all is good. I think everything is OK and we seem to enjoy each others company a lot , we both seem nervous as it feels cool for me to meet a girl like her. I'm teaching her Golf tomorrow Wednesday weather permitting. I figure it will be fun first mini golf , then a walk to the driving range , then nine on the par 3 should be good golfing orientation then onto the 19th hole. Weather forecast humor network , we humbly ask the weather to please cooperate and provide warm entertainment and a peaceful nurturing environment and conditions as we introduce a new easy on the eyes participant to the golfing world . If that works I'm going to laugh as the snow needs to melt and 60 degrees all in just 18 hours.


They left for Hawaii today and humorously my dad asked Z man to house sit.

Z was like its your last chance to back out Mr. Blessin.

I'm sure everything will be cool mom and dad, Z man at the helm . Yes I realize the hot tub is reportedly broken and because it has no water , it is not technically a hot tub. The fact that guru Max , Zman and myself have very little ability to figure out what may possibly be wrong as adding water is difficult. Hmmm and that the last thing I'm thinking about is bribing the Z man to look the other way and perhaps go astray for a day or 2 .

Why would I even think about Melini our Kathy Ireland look a like in a lonely hot tub in the middle of Winter it is not as though she asked today , oh I may be purchasing her folks old one as she is allergic to that one as well. The same trouble with Catherine the Victoria Secret manager and ,crew and Kim the goddess in bikini's more or less in a possibly non Y2K compliant hot tub. They all of said that they are willing to test your hot tub and water especially in the nice cold weather for Y2K compliance. Enjoy the beach , everything is good back home and the hot tub is not yet nor will it be filled this Winter to your knowledge. We realize we may also need to bribe Mr. Nadon as well , the plot thickens , for the reader what would you do in a situation like this, blatantly defy dad's non usage of the hot tub under any circumstances order while they are in Hawaii during the cold winter month's . Or venture to the mischievous side , break out the beer, stoke up the bbq , fill the tub and check out Y2K compliance and compatibility, TOGA, TOGA just kidding been there done that.

The reader new Rob was potentially in trouble for something he had not yet done but his intentions were noble and just and as the Bikini gods seemed to be speaking to his sense of direction in this endeavor. He new it was better that a full Y2K report be filed at some point after this research is completed for the good of the fans of as the Black Hole turns.

It must be done Barb and Mike, (my sister and her husband ) , I know you have been gandering here and occasionally overlook sections of this story as in the above...may the genie in the lamp say you know nothing, read nothing, hear nothing , see nothing ... the New video card is on the way.

To mom and dad, you are on the wrong web page again look yonder find the Daiquiri or boat drink you seek, think they will find this one.....nahh, let the research begin in the great hot tub conspiracy caper. Melini smile as you have know idea what kind of clown you are dealing with let the adventure begin.

1/4/00 My first day of trading, I decided to sit back and take a gander at what was going on I did my research and picked EAII . Engineering Animation, why? The just inked a deal with Volkswagen another with GM, clients are a who's who like Boeing , Ford and what the do is very impressive. Their software allows VRML access for engineers that use computer aided design tools cad to work collaboratively from around the world via the web Internet and intranet for example NASA uses the software for the space shuttle docking simulation.

Huge most people are understandably seriously clueless as to what this technobabble means, the stock was over $62 earlier in the year and I purchased 100 shares at 3:59 today for 8 and 19/32, what I consider a screaming deal. I figured my first trade out should test how quickly it actually happens , obviously with in 30 seconds and as the market rate dropped from 8 7/8 to 8 19/32 should cover $19.95 commission and another $14.80+- . I also trolled out a bid in after hours for 100 shares at 6 1/2 no one bit, as it sounds like an auction or something with the after hours gig and to hedge the purchase , when it doesn't go through after hours nothing lost .

I also like the fact the the just teamed up recently with SGI and more importantly HP teamed up with EAII extending $150 Million for web hosting and consulting and other stuff.

The annual revenues 1998 at a little over $126 Million after looking at the Annual Report have been increasing although the bury a lot in accounting including R&D, property, overhead , the software is gold , low overhead to produce and maintain, it doesn't take a much to figure out the cost is the packaging and printing CD's ....the EAII software streamlines production , manufacturing and distribution systems via the web for a veritable who's who of industry in other words makes it transparent for groups to access and manipulate stuff like blue prints off site .

Also allows one to remotely access Word and Excel and you can use a projection system, so if someone half way around the world needs to add options to a virtually projected automobile they can as it is life size and this is huge for engineers trying to visualize their changes. HP just gave them more value in services than their annual revenues.

I think I made a good choice as the 52 week low was $6.50 and this doesn't make any sense why it dropped from $62 to where it is at now with money in the bank and low debt and solid acquisitions and low overhead, hope this helps. I'm also looking at Caldera , if it becomes available and the Palm Pilot .

Although I'm looking at these waves in the market, I think I'll pick up a few bargains via the profit takers causing the discount....all of the information above was public knowledge and is only my opinion and may mean nothing in the day to day emotional trading climate , I call the ecowave.

Z Man has accepted the hottub recovery mission classified, enough said. Awesome football game in progress for the National Championship. Mom and Dad are enjoying Hawaii and the Hot Tub solution may only be the valve for the drain. Quote from Dad today" Under no circumstances are you to fire up the hot tub in the Winter." Mischief. The rare ZERO formation used in Football would confuse both of them.

X <<<<<<xX ......x

xx ...........xxxx ......x

Melani is psyched to golf, we need the weather to warm up a little more please.

1/4/99 Oh know its 9 news TV reporter Todd Romero as himself , a friend

1/5/00 Happy Birthday Gina, I spoke with her and she John and there baby boy Bryce are all in good health , spirits and doing great!

1/6/00 A very somber and respectful note is intended, peace to Rob Marks. We all have lost a good friend of many years. Rob Marks was getting Open water certification while diving in Belize this New Years Eve with friends, It was his first open water dive, seas were at 7 feet and they thought about delaying the dive. However they went for the dive with the direction of the diving instructors. Upon everyone was pulled on board, conditions had changed dramatically and upon ascending to the surface reportedly everyone experienced problems as the seas were at 15 feet. Rob experienced problems as it was an angry sea and he was the last to board by choice as people were struggling. The regulator had flooded and his mask filled with water unable to clear both , he traumatically took in a lot of water in a short amount of time. He had a pulse when they pulled him on board and subsequent efforts efforts to perform CPR and expel the water from his lungs and stomach by clearing his airways, breathing then circulation were solemnly unsuccessful as the boat was being thrown about. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his family.

Rob Marks is not Rob Blessin...me.

Rob Marks was always good for a laugh and a flood of memories come through like him and Blain blowing plastic horns at CSU football games and then shouting out your a nobody. He would often purchase lots of tickets for concerts that we would all pitch in and go to and he was a hard worker for Ryder and good all around dude.

A lot of my close friends that I met at CSU have known him since they were in grade school through CSU even though he went to Greeley a camaraderie always has , does and will exist with many people at both schools. His nickname "poop" not glamorous to say the least was apparently started way back in those days during some event in Junior High football and the first time you would hear someone call him "poop" you would think , what the heck is up with that and glad that isn't our nickname but he always chuckled about it but did not like it, kid's. Peace , I thought my best way to try and heal a little was put together a drawing for him, wake and may your spirit be peaceful.

Paul Green told me a classic story of how he met Rob Marks way back when, after I had done the above picture without knowing this is a classic tale.

Paul and Mark were rather talkative during the 3rd grade class. The strict little old German lady 3rd grade school teacher called Rob and Mark back to her desk and they thought they were in trouble , the first week. Apparently through absolute brilliance she said the gym teacher needs 2 husky boys to carry the balls in and out for recess are you interested as they are rather heavy. This included Basketballs, Footballs, Baseballs, Tetherballs and the Red Rubber Bouncing Balls and other sports gear. They said yes of course and as a further benefit , allowed them an extra 5 minutes either side of the 20 minute recess to check out the equipment and collect them all.

Now of course, most kids just dropped the balls , some returned them and some kids would punt the Red Rubber balls as far as they could as the bell rang. Now Paul and Mark , took notes on who the trouble makers were as this was extra work for them and they needed to get back to class within 5 minutes and enjoy privileged status as quotedly the recess Kings of the 3rd grade. They gained authority and would patrol the playground with the spoken and silent authority of the Gym teacher. They were cool, deals were made and gave warnings ....make sure the balls were returned on time and not punted into the outfield.

Paul said Rob Marks would timingly tell this story whenever Paul was trying to impress women and sometimes looking successful. Rob was like yes, "I met Paul in the 3rd grade and we used to collect the balls at recess " Most of the women look puzzled and would soon walk away thinking serious nerdage and Paul would be like Rob , don't tell that story when I'm trying to impress the babes. Rob would chuckle knowing all the while what would probably happen . Paul I thought you might like that one out here for whatever reason.

Paul also said, Rob was a well known klutz, often one of the last players picked and reportedly had trouble even spitting as it would drool in a long stream. Rob soon grew and actually began shaving in the 4th grade , Rob's much older look lead to much mischief as time went by...

Life is amazing with its ups and downs, when a group of friends lose a close friend to an accident , it is unexpected and it makes us all appreciate the spirit of life all the more.

I recall my Elementary School days at Montclair , we would have fun playing football, baseball , soccer, marbles and other sports after school and at times everyone is a klutz. My dad was very strict and fair in his judgments towards mischief with myself and little sister , which was good and we respect him for it. Mom is always nice as well . My friends and everybody know they are good people as well. I've always enjoyed being friends with a lot of people , all cultures, races, walks of life and I am rarely judgmental.


I had a wonderful day with Melini as we wound up at Jackson's Hole across the street from Coors Field playing pool. The weather was a little to chilly when the wind picked up to comfortably play golf .

Lisa Wingstrom presently Fr called I have not heard from her for 4 years. She just graduated Magna Cum Lauda University of Wisconsin Business and always impressed me. We have been great friends for many moons and it is very cool Desiree' finally gave her my phone number as I wondered where she went. Now I know and I'm impressed , so she is going to visit her family and me tentatively next week and strongly resembles Marilyn Monroe personality and all. I know most people are like , dude is kidding me, I'll ask her permission to put a photo here of course , this story of life is getting more and more interesting. In fact when she was in the Air National Guard , she was promoted to squad leader and they wanted to use her for National recruiting poster , honestly, those that know Lisa, believe me. I'm thanking the positive thing that is sending me so many cool things to think about and smile Lisa ! My mom and dad have also met Lisa many times and like her as well. Hot Tub mission please mom and dad , you have to be smiling at this point!

She is doing her final interview with Quad Graphics and I wish her success. They do printwork for Newsweek, Playboy and others. Sounds like she has been through a lot and currently is wondering about her present and future situation . She actually has worked with Mario Andretti via catering and a lot of the Indy drivers , ask them, they know.

My first day of stock trading, I bought shares in Apple the night before and they went up and Earthlink as Apple is investing 200 million in them then went out with Melini , it was great and she is awesome. I checked at the end of the day and with 4 different stocks , I wound up loosing $66, whoopee , at times I was up $200. I've noticed the $19.95 commission is adding up quick with Etrade even though they gave me a $400 bonus , it still will be chewed up quickly, so I'm thinking bail out or Etrade and switch to Ameritrade at $8 a trade , it doesn't take rocket science to figure out this works better in a hurry. Day trading seems loopy as it may actually be worth hanging on to it for more than an hour or 8, also I'm looking at the honest accountable numbers for this stuff and what in the heck is some of the pricing based on , hello reality check. I'll go with it as it is the trend, name of the day stock.

I also found out the a Market Order , pretty much sucks eggs as it is the mystery surprise and that a limit order is more my style as I can ask the price that I'm willing to offer rather than let the sketchy nintendo ticker pinball the heck out of everything and set the price of the moment which fluctuates by the second. What the heck kind of game is this anyway, I'm chuckling as there is a huge opportunity for comedy as Rob continues to adventure into an uncommon side of trading never before seen. Remember refresh and clear out the old trades or it sends a second order through well fortunately it was on a dip , I was trying tobuy more Apple and it decided I was buying more Earthlink by default and because what I call a DSO so I'll go with it as I have a good feeling about this Earthlink gig , like the klutz commercial ain't sure what stock I just bought but as long as it goes up must be good karma with the dudes on the floor , they were probably laughing , like what the heck is that clown doing anyway , searching for the holy grail of trading software as this browser interface for trading stinks. I'm planning on purchasing a G4 soon and figure investing money I've made back into Apple even though it is over $100 a share and I had it when it was only $15 is cool with me. It is for the cause Steve Jobs party on dude.

1/7/00 Daytrading, I'm thinking , what in the world is going on in the stock market today. I seems to be very little rhyme nor reason to it all. When good news like Apple releasing all sorts of cool stuff causes share prices to drop and rumors cause stocks to rise, seems backwards. I'm taking the approach that I've studied the statistics and looked at the companies I've invested in and will trust that they will turn around as quickly as they have gone down.

I've also learned about implementing sell stop orders to protect short term profits and all sorts of other cool stuff, it'll take a few weeks but I'll have it figured out. Also seems I'm going to have to have dedicated systems watching the stocks, so it'll be fun to set up a few NeXTS for this purpose, I'll keep you all posted.

1/8/00 Rob Marks Funeral, huge turnout in the hundred's, what was really cool was the cultural and ethnic diversity people of all ages . I thought I would share a story or 2 that friends shared that touched on who Rob Marks was and Christianity .

Rob Marks as a kid endeavored to engineer a flying machine. His best friend told this tail that I thought I would share with all because it is a good spirited story. The had a apparently commandeered a little red wagon and constructed a wing for it with the intention of flight. They took it to the top of the hill, Rob was the designated captain and his cohort was responsible for pushing the wagon to flight speed and then jumping on board after 3 tries the figured it probably wouldn't work.

This brought on quest for flight 2, the kids apparently spent time on roof tops pondering flight and the parents didn't know about this project until today. They had empty hefty trashbags and the theory was if they jumped off the roof the trash bag would open and fill with air and then they would float safely to the ground. Young Rob Marks being the leader he was , went first and well , reportedly the hefty did fill but he hit the ground with a tremendous crash. What was somewhat funny was his best friend the original orator of this story which I'm retelling for you all said even after seeing Rob's crash landing followed suit in the stunt with the same result , so hefty trashbag flight from home rooftops is NOT recommended as it has been tested.

Many more stories were told but I thought those 2 we're classic's and we know you will continue to work for Ryder trucks in the sky!

Rob Mark's your spirit and personality will be remembered, we all will miss you, we have lost a good dude to a tragic accident at to early of an age 35.

......Melini and I are doing great.

1/10/2000 Looks like a cool place image ATLANTIS 2000 or may be it is the other side of a Black Hole perhaps Heaven, view from above pleasant dreams all:

Vacation Poster

1/12/99 Stock Trading is amazing. Basically the whole thing seems fairly rigged to me and it is truly BS when it goes bad and awesome when it goes good, I had to laugh as Windozzz froze and erased much of what I just wrote so gee I'll do it again , I'm sure this will cause Microsoft stock to rise as the presumption is I will need to buy an upgrade to 2000.

Some definite do's and don'ts in stock trading from the blind leading the blind newby leader , you can trust.

If you see the story on the TV about the stock going up like a SR 71 in heat , Time Warner , definitely it is to late in most cases as they and most of those with the research or word of mouth tip have already bought the stock and are schooling you in so they can sell it take the profit drop its price so they make you sell and come back in and buy it to further insult the injury .

I'm looking to soon be the buy low, sell high success story soon after the bumbling boob learning curve experience is over and I'm sharing my personal pain of what happens when a clown like me trades stock for real for your entertainment and enjoyment.

I took liberty to perform some ultimate stock market crash dummy tests for you already and these are truly words you can trust and laugh about .

Brilliant me fresh off the TV news scoop decides , went with the momentary tweak vision the CNN and FNN and MSNBC are providing me with good information, not .

The moment I'm thinking heck EAII , seems stagnant for no apparent reason at all for several days now, the company is hugely profitable and signing huge deals and should be at $50 a share, so I sell it yesterday and buy Time Warner , since the media is frothing at the mouth , assumption is they bought Time Warner earlier in the day and are thinking school em in and sell it,

So I make my move and actually made $1.10 on EAII after my inbound and outbound commissions , whoopty do . I jump in and buy Time Warner at apparently the pinnacle of expressiveness as it began to plummet, I going to you the sell stop stuff as soon as I actually purchase a stock at the right time and it actually goes up so I won't be continually hosed by the rollercoaster. I gander today EAII , I'm thinking on the news that Blessin sells goes up 25% , so I sold Time Warner good move as it continues to drop like a rock and buy EAII back , where like the crash test dummy I am place a Market order to test the honesty of the stock trading vibe. They hose me for an additional 1/16th of a point from the actual quote, I'm assuming there thinking oh, a market order salivate , lets hose the dude again shall we.

More amazingly , the stock EAII never reached that level again today and came with in 1/16th so I'm placing limit orders from now on on buys.

I awoke yesterday, check the portfolio and about jump through the roof, I'm up $700 on Earthlink , wahooo, I should have sell stop it but being the clown I am , remember the is crash test dummy work for your enjoyment , I new it was time to think greed. I placed my sell order a few dollars higher as it should have gone higher except I'm thinking , Etrade , oh Blessin has placed a limit order , time to lower the price. So I toyed with it changing my limit order prices as it wallowed back down the per share price and it actually hit my projection as for price on a few upswings momentary but I was hosed as a limit order is not always filled, so now I'll do a Market order on instinct and I'm revving up the turbo mouse, when I've pulled a nice short term day profit like that .

Corel CORL , I'm thinking it is way undervalued and all of these stocks I currently own are poised to do well.

So in theory if I would have played this correctly I would be ahead $3000 in 1 week, instead I'm down around $350.

It is funny as Earthlink shows I'm up $44 and yet down $19 , thanks guys so I guess I'm ahead $19 which would cover the commission almost less .95 cents from Etrade , with Ameritrade on a LIMIT order I would be up $6.95 , enough for lunch.

CORL I'm down a whopping $6 , gee are we having fun yet , what gives here , it jumps from 15 to 20 a share then stops, I'm thinking market sees Blessin buys Corel ...stall than dang price will you please as he is up .15 Cents , not counting the almost $100 beating we fed him with the time warner poop scoop.

Apple , like a red headed step child down $328 , I would love to buy Apple right now as it has every reason to be over $200 a share honestly.

EAII up $7 dollars , it is a miracle , I should be up about $1200 here but I am but a clown and must provide entertainment . Tomorrow is another day and I will return to glory as now I know what the heck I'm supposed to do , make money at this pinball game.

Soon it will be like NASA as our NeXT trading station network is going to come online.

1/12/00 Kasenna is the type of pre IPO company that looks promising to me for a future investment. I'm forecasting that they are pioneering a new form of broadband streaming technology using the net, which currently allows for cable quality video on demand , this means everything from virtual Internet based blockbuster movies to on demand training in simple terms with in 2 years . Kasenna is an SGI spin off , my hunch is Apple should possibly buy SGI as the stock price is reasonable and invest in Kasenna.


1/16/00: Flexible formation , Football 12 plays+ XQb> X>> ^ X>> Z..........ZXXXX X> X> QB roll out run option pitch l ,shovel pass, screen or flee flicker back to TE or WR = Z , replays films to see what p[lay are open. Z WR or TE both look for open field, routes flex l,w ,up, in look for what is open and when the play develops , look to see if you should throw a block, come back to the ball, if the QB is under pressure towards the ball either ''' <^> X Line moves right with leverage . Watching playoffs. Z=Td Teaching Golf to Melani today yeah, we had a great time and she was a natural. I'm ahead on stocks. 1/17/2000: Time door! . Congrats Lisa on getting the job look forward to seeing you. 1/21/00 I sold Apple Stock at 118 7/8, EAII 16 5/8 today and others RFIL worked great as well , I'll keep them in mind in the future. I'm looking at other good stocks. I've been very busy so I haven't had much time to write , daily . I like this stock VIXL for a lot of reasons , their web site says it all and I'm sure after you visit it and see how fast the presentation of media is you will be incredibly impressed. The price is very good write now at $17 to $18 per share. I also bought SGI , I think it will go up as they seem to have things going the write way. Business has been great.... Melini , Cat and I sat on Cats roof tonight and watched the full eclipse of the moon after an awesome dinner. I also learned about using png format for my graphics files, and dithering algorithms, it makes my graphics come in really cool and smooth. The file size is larger but I like the effects, it is peaceful to watch the little pictures develop. The Museum project is going through and has been approved, which is great, I'm going to work on a graphic for the proposed layout of the NeXT exhibit. I thought it would be fun to use distributed processing with 64 NeXT's and the Zilla application to solve an equation or do fun stuff. The theme is still going to be the same. Z man has been helping out a lot and I appreciate the hard work. I'll write more later, hope everything is going well with you all as well.

1/22/00 NeXT Museum Display rough draft #1 Top view. Lisa at the Black hole!

1/27/00 Things are very cold here in Colorado this evening as it is snowing, quite the storm as the Victoria Secret invasion has momentarily subsided. Melani, Cat and Amber, the newest Victoria Secret Manager. I'm working on learning what exactly the Victoria Secret is they were over playing interactive Web TV trivia, I mixed up the Scooby Doo , Crushed Ice , Orange Juice, Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice, Fresca and Stolies Vodka or Spiced Rum, worse things can happen in life than a Super Model invasion during a snow storm. I was hoping to be snowed in as this would have been memorable. I'm going skiing at some point as 3 feet of snow reportedly has fallen at most of the Ski areas in the last few days.

It was excellent to visit with Lisa and yes Lisa you are looking better than ever at 27. She has actually read most of this short story by now , cool, a fan. We checked out Odyssey , Sushi, the Denver Zoo on Sunday, it was chilly most of the animals were on the inside exhibits. It is a well thought out Zoo and the mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits are great with most of the animals appearing to have fun. The Polar bears were very active and playing in their outdoor pool , while the Kimono Dragon was a sleep inside much like the Windows user.

Stock market = sucks eggs then NeXT day this is cool, then what the heck happened in 5 minutes to the price of that stock ? It went up how much or down followed by explicates. Bonehead poster child stock trading move of the week brought to you by me , I guess we call it the limit order, with a carry over to the next trading session. EAII accelerated to 18 plus , I sold it at 16 9/16 , however a limit buy order for 16 1/2 , mysteriously was not canceled, I'm assuming a time delay carried it over to Friday. I check out my stock Friday morning and it says bought 100 shares EAII 16 1/2, of course I'm ticked because it is dropping thinking what sort of swami Internet Trading voodoo is this , I'm like what the .

Z Man was helping out that morning then said I didn't see you on the system, I'm thinking another order was canceled last night by default , why not this one. It went through at 4:03 so it carried over to Friday, the time delayed stock quotes creates the illusion that you are quoted in real time , so it appeared as though the market was still in operation and at 3:59 it would have been canceled made it appear as if it were active. I'm now checking to make sure that no open stock orders are running Apache and carrying over into the next day with out warning unless I'm planning on them. I thought you would appreciate this tip as these stocks are very volatile but it is fun . I'm recommending Caldera, now for sure it will be a winner , be no problem dudes. I like stocks that have easy ticker symbols like PAGE.

I have many projects going on and business is good.

Let The Chaos and fun begin, I've taught myself Flash Animation

2/17/00 I suppose that writing something here is only appropriate for the loyal legions of readers following this story. The above link shows how I've been devoting my fun time to creating animation and this of course takes time.

The stock market, what in the world, my friend Tom , old CSU room mate from West Virginia out on business and away from the family had a great suggestion for picking stocks from the Wall Street journal. The experts verse the dart throwers, so in the spirit of comedy the Black Hole will have a well qualified stunt babe or special guest star of the week throw a dart to pick a stock. We will hold the stock for either a day or undefined amount of time depending on performance , if it drops , we will unload it , if it goes up , we'll sell it, throw a party and let it ride on what ever fate the next dart thrower conjures up.

Valentines day at the Black Hole , well lets just say I've uncovered a whole new form of phrenia and my friends of both genders are laughing , I dub it b*tchophrenia . Many dudes may understand this diagnosis as it seems to be gender specific to the females of our species we all know, appreciate and love until they become afflicted with this somewhat temporary madness, be forewarned this can occur without warning or prodding so I'm just helping the medical community and we common folk understand what it is through a sense of humor and ongoing research.

We've had fun buying high selling low and selling when we should of held, on one stock I would have made $6000 in one day had it not been for an early morning squabble between Cat and Melini , which led to them phoning me a dozen times , causing me to sell as I was up $1200 , hey the stock was down as much as $3500 , so I was happy not to be greedy.

I've bought in on many IPO's with mixed results as they where random tweaker buys and selling for general entertainment, but it is all good. I'll have my good days on the market yet.

After many trades in the stock market as now the day trading thing is the total trend, I think I'm still at break even in fact above and hopefully will increase this as that is the plan but that is what life is all about having fun and Etrade should kick in the $400 signing bonus any day now.

I'm only hoping but very confident that the dart throwing approach will help our Nobel profit making cause, also we will be using the advice of an expert. The idea is purchase 1 expert recommended stock per week verse the dart throwing pick of the week out of 20 well thought out stocks that look promising for reasons such as cool sounding ticker symbol or they do what, IPO dude, hot tip or gee this stock has been so beat up in value verse reality , it has to be a winner or this stock always goes up or it is the evil empire or they have a monopoly or for whatever reason feels write that particular day.

Going Snowmobiling this weekend on a dudes weekend escape from the women adventure and so we sincerely appreciate your continuing support! I hope everyone is understanding that this is fun and I'm not trying to be offensive just light hearted.

Cat has agreed to be the 1st dart throwing stunt babe as we speak , stay tuned as the Black Hole turns.

2/22/00 Nano CPU rough draft prototype .

2/23/00 A goal or idea for my proposed nanogen computer is to have it eventually perform a function of healing an ailment. The above is only a drawing or schematic of how this eventually may work at some point in the future. Apparently one current new method of combating Cancer without getting technical and please note I'm clearly not an expert at this {after reading a Cancer research document} is to inject a dye into the cancerous area and then heat the dye with a laser so it kills the Cancerous growth and does not damage much of the surrounding area. If little Nano cruisers traveling through the bloodstream an atom valve on either end and a sorter or pinwheel in the center. The idea would be if certain characteristics of Cancerous growth exhibit some form of charge consistently that is clearly different from the surrounding healthy tissues that the Nano sorter would react in such a way as to in effect gather the unhealthy cells from the flow into its docking bay like a grain silo then unload them into an in effect super tiny Nano railroad car, once full then it would release it allowing the next Nano car to dock. The first Nano car would be sent down the track or blood stream where they would accumulate like logs floating down a river , by a receiver station so that it all would be extractable .

Basically what we would need would be a cell that is capable of in effect cocooning a bad growth cell for transport through the blood stream , like a white blood cell? Also elements capable of being in effect responsive to electrical stimulus that in effect would be programmable to clearly identify the good karma cells from the bad karma cells leaving the good cells, ticketing or in effect tagging the bad cells perhaps adding a dye that would in effect add weight to them with the eventual goal of cleaning the system with millions , billions of these little Nano CPU critters. Just a thought , I'm still working on it....hope it makes sense.

2/24/00 After researching further into Human Biology this particular evening, it looks like I may be fairly close in some respects to what actually happens. One method that shows promise, I share the vision of providing eventual recipe like solutions to many forms of Cancer and other diseases , called producing a Monoclonal antibody, a good thing.

1st, A blood sample is drawn to determine what exactly is going on and determine what type of cancer is present .

2nd, If the blood sample contains an inactive lymphocyte dubbed a T cell exposing it to an antigen stimulant creates a good thing known as an activated lymphocyte. What is important here is that Activated Lymphocytes can bond with Cancer cells to create a hybrid cell called a hybridoma.

3rd, the hybridoma is a good thing because it can produce cancer fighting antibodies.

4th , the hybridoma clones itself , as the theory goes they may be able to carry chemicals that will help destroy cancerous cells.

My thought is when nanotechnology becomes reality sooner than we think perhaps the hybridoma would be the vessel to transport disease specific self cloning curing recipes and antidotes via the enclosed Nano computer with a safe biological disease fighting software program on board to their synched in disease target and also return data for further adjustments. We have hope that diseases cancer , aids, arthritis, aging , obesity, MS all eventually will be biologically curable some how or reversible, I know it. The web will help make it happen as we need a lot of people to figure it all out .

Nano technology will be easily deployable once we figure out how to do it.

Combining Nano technology and generating real time statistics with the completely decoded DNA strands ought to provide solutions to many of the human races problems.

On another note Cat stopped over, invited me to her birthday party Saturday Night , 15 + single women, life is good.

Snowmobiling was cool , we stayed in Silverthorne and drove through Kremling and snowmobiled around 40 miles Gore pass towards Rabbit ears pass, excellent conditions and we all survived with out any serious mishaps. Although we had to dig Tom out of 2 drifts and I tipped mine on its side once on a slope , while trying to negotiate a 40 degree sideways tilt. The Blue Valley Ranch looks cool , it is owned by a gentleman , Mr. Dow, stock market gig , fly's in via his personal super RV in the sky a 727 , he paved the local runway to accommodate landings, cool.

I'm actually ahead one dollar , if the bonus comes through and I'm upgrading to power Etrade also adding in an Ameritrade account to further the humor. I think stock picks via dart throwing by special guests at the birthday party will be appropriate and humorous....stay tuned as the Black hole turns.


2/29/00 What is Superluminal motion?

3/3/00 The Great E-trade caper , the media had hyped the Palm Pilot IPO for weeks. E- trade network was incredibly slow the morning of the announcement of this IPO . If you were able to get a quote on anything it was amazing , like flying blind.

Then you are on the phone in confusion , nervous because you would like to invest and buy and sell stock , today , it is early morning and you wanted to place trades as the market , just opened, it won't let you log in , holding for upwards of fifty minutes, speaker phones blaring Etrade hold music for 50 minutes. So I immediately initiated the great Etrade buggy race , NeXT workstation show down, I installed NeXTSTEP on a NeXT 68040 25Mhz in less time, made breakfast , watched live quotes scroll buy on cnnfn .

I saw some good moves but E trade was at a crawl, I decided to search for alternatives.

Waiting to talk with customer service, a broker, anyone at Etrade that can explain why everything is not working well for global people, today. I would guess they probably run Windoz and their network was hosed. I get a hold of a broker after this long wait, con man, I figure , miracles never cease, I must have been the only one to buy the Palm Pilot at $140, $139 1/4 remember I'm flying blind testing the honesty of the system, I also was ahead on 3Com at $113 as it was, then the price drops $30 instantly, Etrade thank you for making my day. Your commercials forgot to mention that I can install NeXTSTEP on a 10 year old NeXT workstation faster than I was able to purchase a stock using a broker or your website.

An excellent customer called in Dr. Fernandez, Harvard and MIT grad using his cable modem and I said check this out , go to www.quote.com , run a live chart and then go to Etrade and try to do anything.

He said this is unbelievable, as real time quotes screamed by on several screens on quote.com and yet Etrade chugging along like an angry mule , he was not able to do this.

I said I'll call you back in a few as I need to resolve this as I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I had put in a sell order at $103 7/8 and did not receive a confirmation that it went through until I talked to the broker and he said no after 5 minutes. As their network was running very slow obviously. Checking the portfolio should be real time not a mystery game, quote.com proves it.

I also demonstrated this to Dr. Fernandez in real time as he was using a Cable Modem. As you have placed an order as a customer this is not very impressive and there phone system crawled to halt perhaps from demand because nothing was working. You coundn't even place an order through their brokers as I and a customer watched real time quotes fly by using quote.com. E-trade , we are very impressed by the fact that to get a quote takes about a minute or 2 from you, then to place an order is not very easy , if possible , to receive confirmation was even worse. Also not having live charts available for your customers makes no sense to me.

I know this is a good stock, that is why I purchased it. The frustration involved in placing these orders was not impressive. I'm psyched to not be flying blind , the great clown ... trading with you and with real time quotes as a cross check to see if you are for real , each and everytime.

In fact I'll post it so the legions of as the Blackhole readers may experience this for themselves as an added bonus I was able to lose money on Microsoft, relished it, really: Click here #1, Etrade, race Spamobile:

Click here #2, Quotage with the quickness go to Live Chart



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