3/12/00 Gravity assist trajectories. I'm developing a theory about electro magnetic propulsion for spacecraft already in outer space and am studying the physics involved. Also it would make sense to me to destroy or move them out of Earth crossing orbits in advance the 2500 asteroids known to have near and crossing Earth orbits before one actually collides with us for some dooms day gig, how hard can it be, duh, heck I would pitch in a few bucks to watch it on pay per view also a good way to eliminate the nukes that are gathering dust...Torino Scale is used to estimate the probability that orbiting space objects will collide with Earth , 228 objects have been identified as having a high probability of coming close to Earth already some with in 15 years, Info

3/16/00 Robert Goddard at his Rocket Testing site in Roswell, NM 1937 10 years before the UFO crash there , I've never heard this is where Goddard tested his rockets for years . Also Isaac Newton contrary to popular belief , did not develop his theories from an Apple falling but watching a shooting star according to the history channel.

Newton became upset when observing scribes basically conjuring up and inventing the story of the Holy Ghost as previous versions of the Bible honestly had no tale of the Holy Ghost in his own words it was heresy. However, it is a cool story so might as well go with it , long live the Holy Ghost.

3/17/00 Today's Space Weather! Aurora's or Northern lights are caused by Solar flair ups and + - charged particles reacting with the magnetosphere. The fun experiment would be to create a light show by creating a huge magnetic field in outerspace visible from Earth, I'm still trying to figure out how but it has to be easy, the project goal would be to create a artificial Aurora that would result in really cool , an interesting light show for all to see, then if it works , start sending Morse code light show pulses by switching on and off the magnetic field and reflecting light off of it as well , like a giant mirror or magnifying glass in the sky , that would be observable from some one else with a hubble style telescope , far ,far away.... I can see it now, the distant observer would think cool , check this out , what in the heck is going on over in the Milky Way Galaxy , there see it and what about the Pulsars , would it be possible to create an interference pattern in pulsar waves that resembled Morse code as they pass by Earth and travel further. Science fiction and movies well it would be fun to try it. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/18/00 Magnetic Storage

3/19/00 What if the Mars Probe had a laser light to make it easier to locate after landing? My golf game is really improving dramatically as I try to play at least 9 every day possible. I apparently knocked the pin out of the ground at the tough par 3 on the East course at Kennedy from 220 yards. I'm walking up going what the heck happened to the pin and my ball sitting there next to it on the ground must not have been set in there firmly as the shaft was not split. However I missed the 4 foot putt coming back still a par, in fact my putting basically sucked that day. If I would have been able to putt worth a darn as most of my approach shots were 10 foot or less realistic birdie even an Eagle putt , a best case scenario that day, counting the ball actually going in the hole on 3 would have been a record shattering 28, oh well today is another day.

The East is not an easy course and it is easy to score a 50 on a bad day, however I've broke 40 the last 4 times on the East last week and shot my age a 37 on the Creek on my birthday March 8 which was cool as that isn't an easy 9 either and am establishing my handicap. I have around 40 9 hole rounds in already this year and also joined the men's club as Joe the Marshall said I should really join , so I'm looking forward to playing in 12 tournaments this spring and summer. I'm confident I won't hack as I've hit enough dang balls to fill a few dumpsters but I'm sure I'll have good days and bad days that is why it is golf. I'm hoping to become scratch soon as my putter wakes back up , the pool table is set up in the basement so I find if I play pool before going out to play I putt better , but am no doubt going to be an honest 10 or under handicap for starters . I've played a few rounds when the wind is howling and the temperature is in the 30's and Snow flying and broke 40, Happy Winter Golf in Colorado. Today is sunny.

3/20/00 Tesla's Lightning Experiment 1899! in Colorado Springs , my possibly loony tune thought for the day is if we had solar panels in outer space that charged batteries and stationed them at staging points between here and Mars with the theory of harnessing electrical energy then using a combination of electrical and magnetic fields to create a different kind of propulsion system. As there is not much resistance or gravity in most of space evidenced by Space walks and Satellites reaching the edge of our solar system through gravity assisted trajectories, using a magnetic field to hold back the craft and direct it through a magnetic vortex style tunnel by building up the charge then throwing the switch of course everything would have to be grounded through rubber and insulation but the charge may never actually have to make contact with the craft as a timed sequence of magnetic fields gates opening creating a magnetic fields under Lorenz pressures and Maxwell's formulas, Bernoulli's angular momentum principles that explain things like the Frisbee and Boomerang pressure then release . I'm thinking this Electromagnetic Turbo Charged launcher may cause a vehicle to zoom at unprecedented speeds via the Equal and opposite reaction theory, A launching center on the moon would make sense. If the charge were big enough would this be enough to propel a craft forward at possibly close to the speed of Lightning then using this velocity to recharge the vehicle for a close to perpetual electromagnetic driven vehicle The same concept as a bullet train, the greatest expenditure in launching a rocket is at lift off and they have plans to produce an electromagnetic tunnel that would propel the rocket vehicle at close to the speed of sound before kicking in the rockets saving precious rocket fuel. Similar concept only in outer space with little resistance , I'm positive if we can get close to the speed of sound here with Gravity, in outerspace and a specially designed aerodynamic spacecraft would cruise.

We also would have the luxury of perhaps creating a virtual 360' acceleration magnetic field accelerator space bound tunnel combined with as yet undefined unified principle Atomic field theories , what I'm hypothesizing is it may be possible to open a wormhole in outerspace though creating an electromagnetic vortex and accelerating an object through it by bending , folding over the very matter that makes up our Universe distorting the space time continuum in place .

The thought is the vehicle would gain incredible speed by going in circles and turning up or increasing the electro magnetic power like a Tornado when the circle or energy field expands the vehicle, I'm theorizing flies faster and faster in circles until a threshold is reached , yes , I've seen and read a lot of sci-fi but this is for real, by default like a Hurricane then when the desired optimal velocity is achieved S= aV/.51d^2, ( Calculus predicts wind speed of Tornado based on size, further out faster) or a satellite in orbit or like the way they currently use the gravity of a planet to sling shot deep space vehicles, then downing the field would create a crack the whip effect and send it some where either through physical space or may be through time as time moves slower the faster an object moves, would a parallax develop or would this lead to another dimension or another place in the universe? I'm thinking a small scale project would make sense to see if it would work, and to see what actually happens or if it is a dumb idea . If a circular vortex can be created artificially then I'm wondering if something like an Earth bound Electromagnetic force field vortex is possible as well , setting one up at sea and starting it up in the eye of a Hurricane and having it spin counterclockwise might neutralize the storm which would be cool. How to Stuff and Experimental Research

The other problem is Electromagnetic stuff and current communications and power sources don't mix well. An Example on March 13, 1989 and Electromagnetic storm created a huge Black out that shut down most of Quebec completely and affected power grids through out the US. So having this system at a distance would be wise and figuring out how to insulate the power and communication systems from the effects of the accelerator will also prove to be a challenge so go for it . NeXT is used by NASA, JPL , NOAA and all sorts of cool groups of Scientists and physicist's many of them are my customers so I'm trying to keep them entertained and give them a few projects. I'm not sure exactly how close I am to being absolutely correct about this concept of travel so forgive any incompetence as I say it is only a vision of sorts and don't know if it will work.

Adding Hydrogen into this Accelerator mix would also help as the byproduct may result in Water.

At 1:53 AM the Star Wars crew arrived in the sky over Colorado this evening, I'm assuming what I saw were weather balloons or shooting stars traveling North in formation at high altitude, sounded like USAF pursuit confirmed or it may have been the sound catching up as they were moving fast, honestly , peace , it is now snowing and all in fun.

I thought this would be fun for you all to try 1-800-433-8321 , it is the number for Who Wants to be a Millionaire . The computer will ask you 3 questions increasing in difficulty and you will have to put them in the correct order, 10 seconds. Have a pen ready and good luck. I was able to get through this evening and told several friends, so far we only have one person that advanced to question 3, use the force Luke!

3/29/00 Electrical Tether experiment by NASA MIB

3/26/00 Openstep games.

3/27/00 Weather Modification, of the future , NASA's current research projects.

Here is my thought , Cloud seeding with Nitrogen basically dry ice has produced mixed inconclusive results according to the NOAA.

The theory goes that seeding the eyewall of a Hurricane with Nitrogen(dry ice) will cause the inner bands to expand , a new inner wall to form, which causes the storm to break up and rain to fall. Described like an ice skater , when their hands are in they spin faster , when they stretch them out they slow down.

Would this be possible, my loopy scientific theory of the day with others past statistics as proof cloud seeding works to some extent , I'm looking to attack a hurricane from below and above. Makes sense to basically take the wind out of the sails of an oncoming hurricane cool down the water, the thought is try super cooling a section of Ocean water in the oncoming path of a Hurricane. It may need only be a few degrees cooler as statistics prove when a hurricane moves to cooler waters it dramatically slows and eventually breaks up.

Perhaps thwarting a Hurricane may be as simple as pumping colder water from deeper depths in the ocean to the surface and create a Nitrogen steam cloud generator this should be easy enough as cold water and nitrogen are both plentiful. The Japanese have a Nitrogen Laser that will be used on the Space Station. Now it would be cool if in the future we would be able to zap a wall cloud with a nitrogen burst from a Laser and or actually use Nanotechnology to move it ,control it and have it drops it rain where we want it. Actually work towards taking the spin out of a Hurricane or Tornado.

If this works install water pumps along the east coast or Caribbean where most of them form in this part of the hemisphere and make a series of mobile all weather submersible boats, subs or tankers to be used as cold water pumping stations or nitrogen mist generators.

The thought is to achieve a dramatic slowing effect targeting the heart of an oncoming hurricane or typhoon primarily the Eyewall. Then as the Eyewall passes over the section of super cooled water , seed the clouds from above and below with frozen Nitrogen pellets and see if well , it works.

She/he the hurricane or typhoon becomes so confused, a second inner eyewall will form causing inner bands hopefully expand and it begins raining, the eye is loosened and it breaks up and the goal would be to practically stop any developing hurricane in its tracks before it spins out of control and hopefully direct it harmlessly North and out to Sea or towards land to areas that need water when we perfect , how to move them.

A few hundred million even billion of dollars investment in pumps and dry ice to save lives and prevent billions or trillions in storm damage or drought would be a worthwhile investment. If it works, it may not now, but as time goes by and Nanotechnology improves this will be evermore possible, the above paper describes how Nanotechnology will lead to artificial weather modification and production . I hope it does become possible to control the weather completely as it would be fun to have peaceful weather. This has been a future Weather forecast from humor network .

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric research center NOAA uses NeXT technology to help forecast hurricane storm tracks. It would be worth a try. Storm Tracks of the past!

3/28/00 Feels like rain and snow. This next one is a classic as it happened only a few days ago , this tale is true. MacIntire, Kurtis and myself ventured to Kennedy Golf Course, the Sunny Friday afternoon day was packed , MacIntire ventured to play the West 9 as it may have been the only option, we went to the East and joined 2 others , 2 players on the front and 2 on the back as limited Tee times were available ...space was available to play so we lucked out.

Kurtis and I played well , as did the others, but this isn't another golfing story . This is about the truly Legendary critter that currently inhabits the nether regions of the back 9.

I play the course daily so this rare sighting was cool. Kurtis and the others also witnessed the critter, I thought I was seeing things at first, I had just made par at the 470 yard par 4.

We did not have any beers as the cart girl was back at the clubhouse and so perhaps thirst and a mirage had something to do with the legendary creature emerging from the creek and woods, naah.

I said you all have to see this , the others walked up and stared in amazement, we all started to laugh and walked to the next T box.

It was the one and only amazing beer drinking Squirrel of the Kennedy Creek back 9. It had appeared to us to bring luck, we assume that this must be recognized as though a sacred event. Squirrel had a can of Budweiser ran across in front of us and bounced up into a tree with the Bud Can in tow. He sat on a branch, looking at us, Kurtis said he looks like he is going to drink that beer, I said he is and then Squirrel as though on cue began drinking from it.

I'm thinking this is a classic, who would believe it as honestly it is for real and we were all laughing. I will get a picture of Squirrel as it is totally cool , he seems to collect cans of all sorts , we'll bring him some Squirrel food , nuts and a taste of a special healthy home-brew as Melani and I'll golf after the weathers passes and so in honor of the truly now legendary "Beer Drinking Squirrel of Kennedy back 9".

Kurtis and I told the hotty bartender Brita at the Woods and Irons club, you have to believe , I'm hoping to get a real picture, of the critter for here and the woods and irons club nineteenth hole as well.

So , we hereby bequest the name of the currently nameless new Irish home-brew bottled this very day previously unnamed until this awe inspiring golfing event and chance sighting of the guru Squirrel , Black Hole "Super Secret Squirrel All-star Golfing Brew".

3/30/00 Black Hole, Incorporated

announces our most successful hardware project to date:

We call it ,Dark Star and we use current Apple PPC hardware then custom install and integrate 3rd party software: We now offer to beef up your current G3 Powerbooks , I-Mac or G4 Servers (USA only) to run OS X Server, when possible or OS 9 with the incredible option VPC , cool see Openstep 4.2 running on my Powerbook it also runs Windows 98 and can run , NT or 2000 under OS 9 ,also Linux Redhat or a few other Linux flavors, these are all legal licenses , we now offer just perhaps the most versatile computer on the planet , not a joke!

I like my Apple Powerbook running OS X Server dual booting with OS9 for doing graphics work, however I longed for NeXTSTEP/ Openstep 4.2 and had to use Windows 98 to run current company software and Linux for the GNUstep port. Now I'm able to run all 4 operating systems on the portable Powerbook through the magic of Virtual PC integration. We offer VPC as well as the necessary operating system licenses for Openstep 4.2 , Linux Redhat and others, Windows 98, NT and 2000 , sorry BE OS is currently not supported.

3/30/00 In doing further research on Hurricane formation , several factors need to develop at least 80 degrees temperature , very high humidity, thunderheads, 5% above the equator , and the Coriolis effect causing it to spin.

Amazingly Wind shear or different wind speeds in different directions at varying altitudes can cause Hurricanes to break apart. At the initial formation of a Hurricane is usually a low pressure area that forms above and then sinks to Ocean level. The Coriolis effect causes the characteristic pinwheel shape to the storm.

Here is my thought, it seems possible to create artificial Wind Shear or change wind direction within a storm with today or tomorrow's technology. The idea is seed clouds from above with Nitrogen, pump seawater to the surface to cool off the sea temperature at or near the eye of the storm or in shallow water this may be easier by using liquid nitrogen as a coolant and pumping the warm sea water through it in an effort to cool it down.

However sea life may not fair to well and we are trying to minimize any damage, I know these storms are huge so this may seem impossible but we ought to try. If we dropped varying sizes of huge parachutes with dry ice and lightening rods into the swirling winds may be this would create enough disturbance to break apart the motion or engineered a peaceful rockets to specifically fly in circles the opposite direction of the storm , the idea is to create a wind disturbances that confuse the hurricane. It seems like hurricanes have weak points so the idea is to use the best human technology to counter and exploit the areas of weakness in a storm. The goal is to cause the hurricane to die peacefully at sea or to be diverted away from landfall or to significantly reduce the power of the storm as it makes landfall and justify the expense in terms of lives saved and property damage reduced. Discovery Hurricane Page on this page you can construct a Hurricane and check out the effect of changing the Wind Shearing has in the simulated formation of a Hurricane!

Plasma Group ought to be able to figure out, how to change the direction of wind via a Plasma machine.

3/31/00 Amazing Story

4/1/00 Alien Dictionary , the trippy stuff on the web these days. I'm thinking if Gateway computers is spending all that money on advertising the Mystery Box competitor and with an Alien Space Egg....at Black Hole , we say might as well go with it , free advertising.

Yes, we understand how to put together a Gateway system, it actually may take only a few minutes for you, me or whoever to put it together. We purchase components from the same manufacturers assemble them:

Case , the Gateway case naaah ours is cooler.

Power supply , usually included with the case also a cooling fan or more

Motherboard , standoffs for the board,

Pentium Chip current Intel, AMD or PPC chip of the week compatible with the motherboards of course.

Fan to cool the chip ....

Ram , Dimms is the latest, 128 or 256Mb

Floppy, Zip, Tape, CD, DVD, CDR , Harddrive '

Video Card, Soundcard,ethernet card, modem, wiring,

Install Windows not how about Openstep, Linux conference is today at the Denver Tech Marriot , cool , have to show them our cool multi OS G3.

Moo Mobile theme, nah we kind of like the mystery box alien space egg theme, it is more entertaining and heck Gateway is paying for it, so we'll go with it, working the system. Happy to have my taxes caught up, yeah.

Wow what a mystery , well today officially starts the 4th year of business for Black Hole, but I've been doing this alternative to Microsoft gig since 1993 and having a lot of fun doing it.

4/3/00 Hurricane hunter! I thought that I would have a little fun with this story A possible Bermuda Triangle Explanation, because of the intense pressure at the center of these storms, the altimeter reads 10,000Ft. even though the plane is only at 7000Ft. as this is all hypothetical theory anyway and I actually have fans.

This is weird but true story that would work well in the tabloids and it actually happened just a little over a week ago. I reported the UFO's to the website as I actually saw them but we all know they may only be weather balloons. The very NeXT evening I went shopping at the neighborhood King Soopers for groceries and a few of the employees that I always talk with seemed almost overly friendly and mechanical in action and response almost like androids. It struck me as rather odd at the time. Also a few of the customers actually looked like Men in Black, from the movie and I honestly thought that when I saw them as they were dressed in 3 piece Black Suits but they seemed rather odd , kind of chuckling I thought Blues brothers.

I bought 2 lotto tickets at the same place for film development and movie rentals on my way out and the blues brothers men in black were checking out the counter for sure, hmmmm.

So I get back to the house at around 9 ish and was hanging out , Steve was still working and friends stopped by and then later at around 11 , I felt sleepy. I had told people like Paul about the weird spaceship looking stuff the previous night, he was like yeah no way, thinking dude is loopy. I decided to kick back on my couch and look at the stars and fell asleep.

At around 1 in the morning , a howl of sirens and I awoke wondering what the heck was going on. Then it was like a heck of a lot of sirens sounding like a war zone for an hour.

The next day I found out that our local neighborhood King Soopers were I had shopped the previous night in fact the whole section of that shopping center caught fire when a careless plumber who was working on welding pipes in the ceiling of a new store set the tiles on fire and could not extinguish them. The plumber went to Kings and got everybody safely out of the building in time before it spread and it did. Apparently the fire marshall had given the contractors temporary permission to shut down the sprinkler system while working on the pipes for the whole building. I honestly had nothing to do with it , but Steve and I joked about it and the lottery tickets did not win. Max asked in humor if I wrote a check, I was like no , I paid cash.

I didn't believe it until I drove up there to look for myself , it is a bummer.

As far as humor and if I were a writer for the National Inquirer, I'm thinking great story for me, I'm on to something , UFO's , the Men in Black and burning King Soopers. Perhaps the Men in Black thought I had a roll of film of the previous nights flying saucers and they needed to zap the film before it was made available to the Air Force and general public, naaah, I'm not that loopy and no I haven't seen UFO's since although I have looked up occasionally. At any rate the important thing is everyone is safe and they are already rebuilding King Soopers all is well so on to the next story.

I finally had the chance to read Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing, my order for the out of print book has been in cures for a while, it honestly was like a time warp for me, basically the author flames Steve and NeXT for 350 pages about everything possible. I never heard about Jef Baskin before as the original Mac creator and owner of the millionth Macintosh, apologies now I know it was Jef not Steve that had the original idea for the Macintosh, which is cool but Steve elevated the Mac to greatness and wide acceptance as Jef left Apple.

I also found out the code name for NeXT cube hardware was Big Mac and Warp 9 for the color systems later on , what is even more interesting is the Randall E. Stross lambasting of NeXT story basically ends literally when I started my first job after graduating CSU.

I actually start selling NeXT hardware the day, production shut down February 9, 1993 , I was never really certain of the day , coincidentally the 10 year anniversary of my winning the 10K in the Colorado lottery, most went towards tuition and that was about the price of a NeXT . Spending $9,995 on a computer seemed very unrealistic for most people in 1993.

The book evens mentions JWP Enterprises which became Alembic Systems later that week in 1993 , as taking over the Businessland NeXT computer distribution business, Business land apparently still had most of their NeXT Cubes on the shelf . I was bummed for not even a day was I able to enjoy the opportunity to sell NeXT hardware that actually rolled off of the assembly line. In fact , NeXT laid off hundreds that very day and yet I was hired the same day, everyone took it as an omen. I figured well , I might as well try to make it work, I thought of how many long hours I had spent trying to learn even the simple tasks on Windows like adding a graphic to a report and struggling with COBOL programming.

In under 10 seconds , I would be able to drag and drop graphics from practically any NeXT program and add them to WordPerfect , size them and drop them into NeXT mail and it just worked , it would have been great discovering NeXT while at school but it all turned out OK.

The NeXT big thing book Steve Jobs actually fired one manager the first day because he didn't think he was smart that is totally harsh. Steve has always had a reputation of just hammering on people primarily employees intelligent or not , this has caused chaos, turmoil, turnover and delays, it is all probably true but lately he may have changed his attitude as Apple seems to be doing great.

When Steve Jobs left Apple and formed NeXT, a rather prominent person looked at the 6 guys in blue jeans and in comparing them with IBM said , I know IBM has 27,000 employees but I give this 6 guys at NeXT a chance of winning eventually.

My complete misunderstanding all these years of how much NeXT actually spent on sprucing up their corporate offices. Paul Rand was paid $100,000 for the logo design and apparently , NeXT produced an 18 page brochure just explaining the logo. Everything was top of the line with no expense spared from a one of a kind staircase , marble, hardwood , the works down to custom plated bathroom signs.

I never really understood the reason behind the $6,000 fish tank that we had in the lobby of Alembic until reading this book. I remember when Dale and another dude brought in and yes it was cool, but I was thinking why are they wasting all this capital on image , fancy leased furniture and a high rent office at Inverness on the golf course.

The book compares McNealy's spend thrift approach at Sun and looking back it would have made more sense for a start up company to start small and then work your way up. I've done this and things are starting to turn out a little better as time goes by. So it was rather surreal when the old Alembic fish tank winds up at my house yesterday by pure coincidence.

I was about half way through the book and it was a crazy day long snow storm when Max called saying he was bringing over the mammoth fish tank with 3 motley looking fish but they are happy the catfish, Willy apparently he likes to jump out of the tank on occasion, a little Shark , I named him Jaws and a Grahmmie , called him Ghandi as he is friendly.

Max and Elisa did not have room at their new place for the 200 gallon tank at any rate it looks cool in the living room and hope it doesn't leak. I thought at the time these people are crazy to spend $6,000 for this fishtank especially in 1993 and now after reading that Jobs made decisions on everything including the custom bathroom signs, to coating on screws , to the irrigation system and chairs for the lobby of NeXT at $10,000 per chair, sparing no expense , they even had a design team, it all sounds good and makes sense now as to what Alembic was doing , so I'll go with it.

If you have not read it, please do as it is almost tragic and yet comical to read about what actually happened at NeXT in retrospect all these years later as I never really new and especially since Steve has turned NeXT / Apple around with the 4th wave he speaks of in the book recently. The Steve Jobs reality distortion field that the author refers to is a classic but I think the true reality is the guy probably did not use NeXT, at the time he was capitalizing on pointing out the negative and I know he missed the boat and only mentioned a few times that NeXT technology was the best technology.

Please note this is all a rough draft as I just start writing , then return to edit later.

Regardless of all the stuff that happened from 1986 to 1993, it is old news now but I had no idea what the heck was going on and looking back , it is really funny for me to read about all the stuff I didn't know. When I walked in pure out of the blue for an interview with J.W. Pratt and son, friends of the family in late January of 1993 having just graduated from CSU weeks earlier , moving down from Ft. Collins had never even heard of NeXT and sat down in front of one. It was my 1st interview , my reaction was the computer is incredible, I'll accept your offer. Later that very day NeXT ceased hardware production and layed off hundreds, I thought it was a joke.

Month's went by and we were clueless as to what was going on but only now do I find out 8 years later that this was NeXT's policy of secrecy all along. We thought they were loopy at the time buying expensive furniture and a file server and an abandoned house in the middle of England for a training center but after reading the story of how NeXT had high end empty buildings, a 1 billion dollar production line and spent $250 million dollars to make it happen holy cow. They only sold a whopping 400 computers in 1988, projections were for 40,000. All I know is most of the NeXT workstations still work great after all these years later and most Windows Intel boxes of the same era do not and I still support them.

I also am able to offer the NeXT computers at the dream price compared to the book price of yesterday year, it is almost like a time travel experience of sorts, Steve Jobs and The NeXT Big Thing is worth reading and if you place the order through our bookstore amazingly one showed up after almost a year, I read it and Randall E. Stross the author would have to laugh at my own personal reality distortion field as I'm still loving working on NeXT equipment all these years later.

I thought classics from the book ,like almost not shipping the first cube , because when looking through a magnifying glass , possibly bubbles had formed in the paint . With everything happening , the guy in charge of production did not see them, said we'll ship them if the customer complains we'll ship him a new one. He thought geese we are even worried about the fleas on a gnats a** but that is what makes NeXT special is they cared and I still care. I laugh as years later some of the systems, I've seen are definitely well traveled and have historic character marks.

Graham Nash and John Barlow may still actually use NeXT.

4/4/00 If you had the chance to read about project invisibility , I theorize how it might have worked.

It sounds like the object was to configure some sort of intersecting hybrid magnetic field and then transport it to a receiver.

The way I think this would work, after reading all of the current theories.

We have 4 forces Electromagnetic, Strong and weak nuclear force that hold atoms together and gravity.

If an Electromagnetic force is strong enough it can actually suspend frogs in mid air but it sounds as though what they generated was an electromagnetic force that was so powerful it overcame the strong and weak forces of atomic binding. When this happened it created the illusion of invisibility , what actually happened is the incredible power of the electromagnetic field at some point literally disassembled everything at the atomic level and suspended everything with in the electromagnetic field along electromagnetic field band alignment. Once they had this electron jigsaw puzzle , it basically produced a signal spectrum hence the rf equipment for radio frequency .

What is interesting is with in this high power Electromagnetic field adjusting the configuration and turning up the intensity of what ever the optimal spinning or overlapping intensity of the electromagnetic equipment was capable of generating had the capability to advance or actually bend and manipulate the very space time continuum. It allowed them to move forward or backward in time and apparently the ability to teleport through space perhaps by transmitting the signal to a receiver field , like beam me up Scotty!

As I say it is only a theory but at some point it would work, the anomalies probably happened when the field actually changed events in time so returning to the same place affected some things and not others like back to the future. I'm thinking of trying to build a portable unit electromagnetic, rf teleportation unit but it would not run on Windows for sure , it would be classic if it worked like wonka vision. As I say I don't really know if I'm close to figuring it out as it sounds like a little Science Fiction but it makes sense that some how an existing atomic structure rather than splitting it with the purpose of destruction should also likely be capable of well though out disassembly and reassembly through synchronized and well thought out electromagnetic magnetization and demagnetization classic for sure , it may actually be an outline for a working time machine.

The first thing Jobs demoed on the first cube was a file going into the Black Hole icon on a NeXT cube just providing entertainment for everyone. The television uses electromagnetic radiation to transmit signals from a central station to TV sets .

The same idea basically for the above would be and the modern equipment that was non existent in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's will help make this possible especially with a web style interface travel all over, excellent adventures for sure.

The thought would be you would need a transmitter and receiver and an environment completely free of any distortion potentials as interference would cause mutation and who knows where thing would wind up transporting us, kind of like looking up information on the web I think of that movie the fly, yikes. A standards would have to be set for all this stuff and probably an IPO for fun.

They have successfully teleported light already as I noted at some point referring to Scientific American in this very long story but it seems like the same theory of teleportation would be possible once an electromagnetic stream existed and then was transmittable through the same teleportation principles and then reassembly in much the same way as teleportation at the receiving station beam me up Scotty becomes fact and not fiction and that would be interesting. I think that is what the Unified Field theory Einstein worked on for 30 years would be capable of doing once the formulas are correctly implemented and may be they already are or have been implemented as in the case of the USS Eldridge long ago, peace.

If we had the chance to change the current situation of our atmosphere it would be recommended that now is the best time to figure out how to return the stability of the past few 1000 years and we have the technology. The people that research polar ice caps show pictures of icebergs breaking loose that are the size of some states or islands in my opinion this will cause problems shortly. I'm thinking that the weight of the ice caps at the poles is probably very important to a stable environment. It is all currently in balance, but what happens with zero weight at each pole because the ice melts, well water levels rise and lower areas then become underwater areas. Also weight shifts in plate tectonics will cause earthquakes and volcanic action to increase, when volcanos go this puts volcanic ash into the atmosphere which causes cooling. So we will experience more severe weather because the Earth is basically mad at us so we need to make her happy again it won't happen overnight but hopefully 100 years from now that NeXT workstation will start up and things will be great and everyone all of our ancestors will be having a good time as well as the plants and animals and appreciate what we left for them not just a story but a really cool planet we call Earth, I'm sleepy so good night all.

It would be great if the electromagnetic teleportation machine would be able to transfer water from point A to B or pollution from A to B Outerspace. IBM page about current Teleportation is very interesting they call the teleportation "Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) correlation" or "entanglement" , it probably works fairly good.

4/6/00 Invasion of the really cool stuff for sale at Black Hole page! Just when you thought it wouldn't possibly get any loopier..

4/9/00 NeXT Hardware Information page , I've been working on.

4/10/00 Kurtis, Mac and myself went to opening day at Coors field. The Colorado Rockies prevailed over the Cincinnati Reds , holding them off in the 9th. Ken Griffi , Jr. had his 400th home run, right as I was sitting down and our crowd gave him a standing ovation out of class, the seats were great right in back of home plate about 19 rows up.

I was thinking about this this evening and by happenstance I recalled there was a foul ball that popped back over our heads about 10 rows back and an older gentleman gray hair 50's to early 60's as I say a few rows back and 1 section over caught it.

Mac being the comedian he is said why don't you give him his ball back you bully jokingly, as there was a big guy about 6 ' 8" next to him and yet the old guy that caught and kept the ball or did he. I was watching the news and noticed , Griffi gave his glove to an old guy that apparently in exchange for the 400th ball.

I don't think so , I think it was a ruse and it was the same guy with the foul ball and normally I wouldn't have noticed but the whole charade sparked a memory , what a story out of the blue. As this by chance was Griffi's dad's birthday, he said it was a cheap gift for his dad.

However, I don't think the ball he received was the 400th home run ball, only at the Blackhole, I'm sure Mac and Kurtis will laugh as we watch sports highlights, yeah that's him all right. They even had a Black out for part of the game causing stoppage and rebooting the computers.

I'm wondering if they have that foul ball caught on video, as well as the homer on video as well as the glove exchange, if I'm right that would be classic and make perfect sense as I'm sure the fan that actually caught the 400th ball , new its worth and is chuckling somewhere out there has it put away for safekeeping, while the guy with Griffi's glove steals the show, takes the glory and the spotlight. Fate works in mysterious ways sometimes , makes for an interesting story.

I remember the fan distinctly grinned right at me and looked me in the eye's , as everyone laughed at Mac's comment, I was chuckling to but, my thought is he may have been further spawned to pull a caper and exchange the bogus foul ball for Grifi's glove. Why not, quick thinking I suppose and Grifi doesn't play for the Rockies yet..., barter system and the correct history of the 400th homer has now been told, so now I and baseball fans can rest easier as harmony is restored to the baseball universe possibly. I actually snuck down to that seat as there were a few open ones , next to Kurtis and MacIntire as I say pure fate and a little luck as someone was nice enough to sell me a ticket for $5 as the game was sold out.

Only the person with the baseball knows for sure, maybe it really was the 400 th homerun ball , perhaps the guy caught 2 or it was the actual ball but then it would be a boring story.

4/12/00 Elian Gonzalez , this story of this kid is totally out of control and practically unbelievable at this point. I'm thinking the best thing to do would be for everyone to take a step back and think about this.

Elian sadly lost his mom while they tried to float across the Atlantic escaping from communism and Cuba to enter the freedom of the United States of America. His father Juan , still in Cuba has not had time to grieve for the loss of his wife , normally at all, from day 1 this has been a media circus. At issue has become politics, religion , protest at Juan requesting nothing more that to have his son back. We should grant Juan even though I personally don't agree with the constraining political views of his country the freedom to have his son back. We should also offer him a rare chance , freedom , Juan and his son should have a choice for asylum here in the USA or the right to return to Cuba.

As far as arranging a meeting for the exchange at this point, it should be secretive, completely out of the media until after a decision has been agreed upon by all parties and a pleasant location for the kid to remove as much of this trauma as possible , all the family members should try to understand this on all sides. Perhaps Disney World , the kids favorite ride, he and his dad will be so happy to be reunited, I think it makes sense to make it a happy memory psychologically and not so chanting , war zone thing . I think everyone would be able to respect that it isn't political or religious , it is about a father reuniting with his son because they tragically lost the most important person to both of them wife to Juan and mom to Elian.

Juan as the guardian , would be able to choose freedom here in the US or return to Cuba for whatever his reason family, political, religious or otherwise as it is in our constitution . It is just another opinion as everyone has their opinion , in our country freedom of speech is granted through our constitution which was written by the people for the people, above all this should be a peaceful transition, the kid has been through enough , his dad has been through enough , the families have been through enough and the rest of us probably agree , we have heard about this enough . It is but 1 one small story in life , it is important that we make Elian's next few days happy and a positive experience as he will no doubt remember them through out his life. Once more peace is the best answer.

I also think it may be appropriate to have a special agreement for this particular case only since Elian has been such a trooper through out all of this to have the President of the United States Bill Clinton and with Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, should extend Elian a special offer or choice that when he turns 18 years of age and is an adult.

He would have a choice to freely move to the United States with his immediate family with in reason including his dad or choose to stay in Cuba. Who knows by then Cuba may become a democracy only time will tell , I don't know if any decision is the right decision but I know anyone would appreciate freedom and that is what the USA is all about and it is good. Our government is by the people for the people and it works for me, I believe in it and hope you all do as well but it is everyone's individual choice what to believe in follow or lead their life by and that is what makes it work and makes it special to be a US citizen . I'm proud to be a friendly comic American.

Quantum Mechanics is amazing stuff! Also finished reading Timeline by Michael Creighton , cool book. Went up and visited Kim, she is doing great and it was fun to see her.

4/14/00 Resume Template for you all to check out and manipulate

4/15/00 In case you are completely lost, just kidding this link will take you to a sight that finds out if you or your family has missing money somewhere in the US, I had $167 in a closed bank account and another $50 in an old Tax refund, cool, hope you all have the same luck.

A Blackhole the size of the nucleus of the Atom , apparently they say we all may have a Blackhole inside of us , much like the stock market for me.

I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I truly suck eggs when it comes to trading stock , but I know I am not alone, Bill Gates should probably sell some of his stock, I can feel the love as Cat has arrived, over and out. She is introducing me to Lenae the other Victoria Secret manager, yahoo, who cares if the market crashes, dark throwing.

Here is what Bill Gates may do or if we had 1 Billion Dollars.

Microsoft stock has been falling , now it is at $75 +- , looks like the market guys are driving the price down, 1 Billion in Microsoft stock is about 13,333,333 shares at $75 a share. They sold 75 million shares Friday.

If the trend is down and he sells at $75 as it continues to drop to $70 and $65 , Bill can buy other stocks to diversify and sit back and see where it stops plummeting. Of course selling stock in stages rather than 13 Million at once is recommended, in case for some odd reason it goes back up.

Bill sells his diversified stocks when Microsoft bottoms out , I don't know if Bill can buy stocks so may be he will buy a company or 2. When Microsoft stock starts to turn around buys it back at $65 or possibly less much less, who really knows with this loopy market, Bill makes $133,333,333 Million Dollars profit at a $65 buyback, I know it is not much to Bill Gates , however , he has the ability to manipulate the stock price , Bill Gates day trading , yikes, he would actually be able to create a sales by sell tsunami wave in any direction he chose based on selling or buying large blocks of shares at even 50,000 blocks of shares.

Lisa looking forward to seeing you this week!

It looks like from my perception of what is going on with the market after reading , watching the news and personal experience, this is my loony tune theory of the day for your entertainment.

My wave theory once more under development ; A buy and sell wave style leverage is developing from the people / brokerages / corporations / etc . that have money in the bank and use more advance technology like computer trading programs and know how to use it to their advantage against the newby sucker crowd filled with intelligent people and clowns like myself that taint normal economics of the stock market through web browsers using services like Etrade , Ameritrade , Etc.

Basically the people that have money are able to create this artificial buy or sell wave as a part of their strategy , for example they can program their computers to buy or sell blocks of shares at will and when the desired effect catches momentum this is what I theorize happens to all of us floundering with our measly dial up connections , limited trading knowledge , varying computer skills , varying ability to make heads or tails out of what the software is actually doing when we go to make trades , research , real time quote is a joke.

A customer called in we both were trading he was on the East Coast , to test this we hit the real time quote button at the same time with in a fraction of a second.

Consistently on just 1 stock , my real time quote was 10, 000 to 20, 000 shares behind in terms of volume of shares , I'm sure with California it is even more. So on a downslide of price and a sell order , time of the actual "real time" quote per share is always less because of logistics and physics for anyone on the West Coast verse the East coast for every single stock trade.

The movie " The Sting" involved a delayed announcement on a horse race , that is what is going on in the stock market , please note this is not illegal by any means , it is a fact of the stock exchange being located in New York and yet we hear buy and sell echo's. I'm venturing to guess that when we go to sell stock , our echo delays us by default so we are at their mercy and even if the stock is going up they throw us an echo delay price by default.

We may sell it but they may sell it for more. If orders to sell stock at $50 Market value are stacked up then when they are processed the price is at $52 , not good for us great for them.

Most places have a 20 minute delay as an option to real time quotes, this causes confusion with many newbies as we can't tell what the real price is, stuff flies by on cnnfn but is it also delayed.

What recently happened , the price reaches a certain point for many stocks and they can look at it and say look we have all of these people holding stock options on credit and why they are nervous as they are glancing now and then from their regular day in day out workload.

A stock looks good the price trend increases to a point , it is lunch time, people are influenced to buy the stock as a pure judgment call , sometimes it pans out but more likely as these are newby's like myself, the old school stock traders think and know we are ripe for the picking so they sucker us in to buying into the artificial computer trading influenced stock price increase buying wave .

Day after day, stock after stock this is proven time and again , it is pure speculation to a point, media hype , IPO, news bio this , bio that , whatever they choose to hype that day until a stock becomes a hit.

The catch is apparently some people go the options route , which I gather is borrowing money to buy shares in anticipation of the stock increasing in value then selling it at a profit but more often than not people are getting housed on time and again. Why?

From the perspective of people that have made money at it already, they realize they can force options traders in to a panicking bankruptcy by simply driving stock prices down , forcing options traders to sell off their stock at less than what they paid for it and the wave of day traders are sucked in as well, time and again because they, me included don't have patience, maturity or experience to stay with it.

A stock drops and when the options price is reached , options traders are literally forced to sell as the storm surge flows out to see. The Option or day traders , most in shock watch in disbelief as a stock falls and falls wondering what to do as the price plummets , the have to sell at some point. Guaranteed a lot of people , no doubt the newby's by design of the stock market leverage wave game are completely financially hosed because of the last few weeks of these waves taking its toll on them.

The market reminds me of that bridge that started wobbling back and forth in the wind and eventually huge pieces of the bridge broke away because it was not engineered correctly and the conditions may not have been that extreme to start with but as the bridge rolled from side to side it became out of control like a car sliding on ice , fish tailing or spinning, out of control because the breaks were not pumped to slow down and locked up. What possibly may be need is an ABS system of sorts for the market, what form it takes is unknown, I know they already have something in place but it isn't working obviously perhaps stock shouldn't allowed to be out of control to where people become bankrupt in 1 day or a week , without a mercy contact being made with a sort of time out , let is see what is going on here for a few and an option to regroup being given rather than a panic decision being forced continually. Etrade brokers are a joke , when their network was thoroughly hosed and nothing worked , I called an Etrade broker , on hold for 50 minutes , I buy palm as I was flying blind , he told me $139 a share , a minute later it was miraculously $110 , what kind of BS was that??? It really sucked , when it further plummeted and my sell order didn't go through and I had no way of confirming it because everything was frozen, I went from being ahead to losing a lot because I was on the information super highway in some sort of horse and buggy type thing Etrade conjured up , gee thanks Etrade hope you like this commercial.

I know it is a free market economy but perhaps that amount a stock can increase or decrease in value in a single day should be better managed and perhaps a requirement of how long a stock should be held would also make sense in some respects, take for example Microtech or Microsoft .

It seems that what happens based on news or rumors can put a company out of business that may actually be a very healthy , stable company in most respects in 1 day they lose billions in value like Microtech and Microsoft or Apple or 1000's of other companies.

I honestly don't claim to have the answer these just theories from a clown and I don't know if they are right but in my opinion the current overly dramatic intra daily wave upturns and downturns in the market are hurting a lot of little guys financially like me that don't have the experience or equipment time or resources and other variable factors that form the foundation. We influence this stock market game to fairly compete with those that know they have the know how. We need a much more fair set of rules so we can at least be on the same field in the same quarter on the game.

The Etrade situation , it very much putting us at an unfair advantage from square one , the further away from the central location of any market the worse the time delay problem is amplified by physics and logistics and a plain common sense lack of understanding that is not readily decernable or understood until now. I'm disgusted with the performance of stocks that I picked based on well thought out research as I've sold to early instead of stop loss or they immediately drop from so called market value , what a joke, it seems like going on instinct like Eddie Murphy in trading places seems to work sometimes but not always. I have but one choice Lisa as I know you are reading this , you will be my good luck dart throwing guest stock picker later this week and so smile, you will be famous , the stock trading clowns of the Internet have willed it and those with intelligence well they are cool as well. I guess we would label this the clueless newby outsider stock trading strategy brought to you by the friendly folks at Black Hole , we don't know if dart throwing to pick a stock will work but at least it will be fun. Lisa, you may have to break a rack of pool balls as well in the proposed stock pick showdown and barbecue with the Victoria Secret girls, ought to be fun.

As far as my strategy for any future personal stock trading, efforts , it seems to be a lot of stress involved and complete psychological uncertainty in a day in day out volatile market.

For example , I held the stock that I have and made no trades this last week, although I probably should have as what they are doing to these stocks is ridiculous beyond belief as the news is only good , the financials look good , yet the price is dropping.

It seems a diversified portfolio with a minimum of 5 stocks that are purchased at a low price makes sense as far as preventing incredibly dramatic losses that I have experienced . I think a strategy of selling when a stock drops by 8%+- makes sense as well, it would be great if I can figure out a way for this to happen on its own so I can have an automated computer trading option as I don't have time to monitor Etrade all the time and setting a stop loss automatically as a stock rises in value beyond 10% of the purchase price to protect a short term profit , that as the stock price increase the stop loss automatically stays underneath it . So we will see what happens, currently a lot of us are very discouraged with the performance of the market as we had hoped for riches . I still have a fair amount Etrade has not given me my bonus but says I qualify for Premier trading now, gee this ought to be further laughable or perhaps it will be stock trading heaven. What sort of deal is this E trade, where is the love of the $400 bonus promised Etrade. Stayed tuned as the Black Hole turns to advice from well the lovely women of stock picking fate. We sense tears of joy begin to form in the eyes of stock trading dudes and fans of the Black Hole and the women who spy on our soap turns globally as soon we all will know what the stock picking fate of the lovely participants will manifest.

4/20/00 Dedicated to Columbine peace from RB:

4/25/00 As our story goes , back to the future, Bill Gates creates a Universal 360 Sphere

Hockey Rink or

Baseball Field 360

Ice Rink, Stunt Park.

Add it on to the International Space Station,

Heck why not the movie , Speilberg , Hockey All Stars from Outerspace.

Cool Sports Arena adaptable , Adjustable Gravity.

to anything including concerts.




4/28/00 Enjoyed your company and spending Good Thursday and Friday with you was Heaven and fun Lisa !

5/12/00 Weather forecast from the humor network , Los Alamos National Lab also known as lanl needs rain , I'm breaking out the rain stick and asking you all to join in for the heck of it, time to brew more beer, hmmm well business has been great . I've been working on my site at looks good , reads well from May 5,2000.

5/14/00 Life is fun these days, I did fairly well in my first golf tournament , winning 2nd by score and 1st in number of holes in the Callaway flight as my handicap has not been officially established. The weather the last few holes included hail, lightning , wind, and sideways rain of course I wound up looking pitiful, I placed 20 out of 134 players but my A game was not all there .

The NeXT business has been great and today I spoke with John Pat Crecine and he said it was OK to write about his contributions to NeXT. We are providing him with a NeXT and helping to restore his cube to operational condition. Pat was one of the 3 original founding board members at NeXT for those that don't know. The other 2 were Steve Jobs and Ross Perot and Pat said the board meetings were more than a little animated at times and he found himself often being the peacekeeper as we can all imagine.

Pat is friends with Bud Tribble and Susan Barnes , knows them all from Apple . When Steve was ousted from Apple , John Pat Crecine spent a lot of time that summer , a father figure to none other than Steve Jobs, talking about what Steve should do in the future, trying to convince him to take a sabbatical from computers for awhile and go to CMU . One day Steve said to Pat , "I want to produce a computer for academic computing" and that from that inspirational thought , the academic computer ,Steve had truly spawned the idea of the NeXT Cube . Avie Tevanian was at CMU at the time, the software guru that plays the number one role in the software side to this day.....

As time rolled on , Pat remembers arguing for hours with Hartmut Esslinger at Frog Design , about what color the NeXT should be. He had know idea how many shades of black existed until then , the wanted to minimize fingerprints.

Pat likes the idea of a time capsule NeXT , Pat was also the President of Georgia Tech and is now a successful entrepreneur . Pat is going to put me in touch with the dean at CMU an avid NeXT user and guru and many others which should be cool and yes , he still talks with Steve on occasion although we all know he is a very busy person. Pat also says Bud and Andy have a new Linux GUI project , cool, we are on it!

I'll fill in more as time goes by and I gather more details but hope that is cool for now .

Here is a quote from Pat:

As one of the three original NeXT Board members, I am happy to see you guys keeping things going!! What do you think of Bud Tribble's and Andy's new Linux GUI enterprise??

Happy mothersday Mom, looking forward to seeing you and dad.

5/16/00 Aqueous film forming foam , so what I'm thinking just may be possible is to develop a fire resistant foam that when sprayed down expanded like popcorn and filled giant areas, after it was over it would be biodegradable so as to prevent and minimise environmental damage. The thought is you would possibly be able to create a fire line or completely encase a home in advance of an oncoming fire. You would also be able to store it in Forests so that in advance of fires it would be easily portable or you would be able to make it go with either a chemical reaction of some sort.

Would this possibly work, probably yes, it may already exist as foam is used to put out certain types of fires , cost effective, yes as if it worked it would starve the fire of oxygen and create a buffer that the fire would not be able to leap over , like around housing projects , also there is a plant that is resistant to fire that ought to be planted throughout forests as a natural fire break. I know this is true because a family in California had the only house standing for miles because this type of plant that surrounded their house prevented it from catching fire because it created or worked as a buffer. Once I figure it out I'll put a link here. Good night all.

5/24/00 Peace Great Auntie Annie .

5/30/00 .... I've been thinking about other possible ways to prevent fires or floods from spreading . I thought about the simplicity of the Space blanket, most of the time you see water sprayed on roofs and it evaporates as the fires approach. What if a lightweight fire proof insulated cover like a water bed were put over the house in the path of on oncoming fire that was fillable with a fire proof foam or water to prevent the fire from catching the house on fire.


Space blankets are water proof. What if a lightweight deployable envelope like a Space blanket was developed that was easily wrapped around a house or structure and when inflated or filled with hardening foam during an oncoming flood would help to keep flood waters from coming in or to build make shift artificial dams quickly to help divert oncoming flood waters, would this work?


6/23/00 Our newest customer Chicago Harley-Davidson uses NeXT to manage their webservers and I am now going to be doing some fun animations for their website, totally cool they like the Space Hogs!

Summer is awesome and things are good, Here is the link to them Chicago Harley Davidson

6/25/00 1903 Harley-Davidson Racing on the web only at the Black Hole, have fun with this one. Monte Pythons Flying Circus would be proud.

7/3/00 Space Hog racing , I'm modifyingthe code a little .... this ought to be classic. Remember no wagering.

7/22/00 Dudes and the women who spy on our soap, oh no , way old girl friends are now spying on these pages . They somehow discovered the secret vicarious journal are apparently clear up to here. The true readers new Rob has been , on a roll for many years and now doing some serious explaining to do to soften the response of the Earth shattering news of yesteryear, abacadabra, world wide web, cosmic oh no the old girl friends have discovered this story , plan a diversion and talk about events like solar flares and what is this Apple releases a G4 Cube , I think it will fit in a cube case and I may have a little bit of mischeive in mind , presenting the Apple g4 ,Cube Thank you Steve Job. I just bought one from your Apple store, never seen any thing like it , laughing, peace to old girlfriends we all say, , oh well back to the future. This is important, 1 GB ethernet is fast very fast. One of these days I'll add a few more pages , work is busy as we have well over 1000 customers and this summer is just to much fun already. I brewed the latest beer dubbed, "Grand Slam" and "Followers of the Mighty Z a Fattire beer cloan" oh no. Lisa looking forward to seeing you. Other girlfriends these pages are only an optical illusion and actually do not really exist ,as it is probably just an e-mail .

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