8/10/00 My dad called this evening from B C ,Canada with very sad news for our family, my Oma "Grandma" slipped and fell on the carpet at the nursing home. She is 88 and even though it was not a very hard fall , she has injuries to her hip, shoulder and internal damage as well. She has been having trouble recognizing everyone that is close ...Sons and daughter lately and her condition has slowly sadly deteriorated over the past few months. My dad , his brothers, sister and the doctors huddled and conferred, the first option surgery at her age has a high probability and may prove fatal as the anesthetic may be to strong to recover from given her heart condition. So they made a decision to help stabilize her pain and suffering with the close warmth and comfort of family members and on the medical side prescription and monitored morphine to help ease her pain and it may help to induce healing. I asked my dad if I should fly up to see her and he thought best to have me wait it out as she can not recognize even him. We all hope and pray for the best and wish for a positive out come. She unfortunately broke several bones in the fall as they were very brittle from old age. I feel in my heart this is a good decision not to operate as it is to risky for her. If she finds the strength to recover , bless her heart , she has always been Queen of the world in my eyes , if God or the Great Spirit , whatever we value as a positive influence guides her soul to pass into a better , higher place , we will understand and love and accept that as well , we appreciate her life and what she has accomplished , all the people she has helped along the way and those that never new her but we all know someone like her. She would cook for an army , often 20 people or more , she and opa were happily married for 63 years and he waits for her in that higher place as well , so I've said my peace this evening , I'm sad in some respects and happy in others , hope this makes sense , I care for you all, peace to you and good wishes to you and your family in this life, we can all get along if we just try .

8/19/00 My Oma is doing OK although she is in a lot of pain. She drifts in and out and occasionally recognizes the relatives . The Doctor's may try to repair her hip with surgery , we hope she strong willed enough and able to pull through it all.

I've been working on my lotto prediction matrix statistical chart for the entire history of the Colorado Lottery and stumbled across some very unusual anomalies that would raise the eyebrows of even the most seasoned of statisticians and the probability of this happening is practically impossible like the same odds of being able to fly to Alpha Centauri blindfolded after being spun around a million times, seriously. Any one can look at this one drawing and wonder what was the real story as a conspiracy seems truly evident.

The drawing was for 15 million dollars and 10, yes 10 people went 6 for 6 out of 42 numbers for $1.5 Million more unusual a few months later after 4 winners in a row a 3.2 Million dollar prize went unclaimed.

10/9/91 4/6/92 1- 5- 18- 36- 40- 42, 10 Winners $1,500,000 Seeing is believing , I'm seriously curious about this contest!

12/7/91 6/4/92 7- 15- 19- 24- 25- 37 1 $3,250,000 Unclaimed , if I'm right about the above , I'll accept this unclaimed prize as a reward sound fair , may be the quick pick machines around the state went haywire but I would suspect weighted balls or the most incredible luck ever to grace the universe. One person has even won the lottery twice, amazing.

I won 10,000 in the first scratch game , first week of the February 9, 1983 and that was 1 in 86,000 odds. I'll post some statistical stuff here for you all to contemplate once I have completed entering all the data, it takes time and I'm doing it more for fun than anything else but all my friends are laughing and we think the 10 winner thing is really unusual , how about you all?

8/22/00 We are happy to report my Oma's hip plate replacement surgery was successful and she has her shoulder in a sling. The doctors are calling it amazing and the most incredible recovery they have ever witnessed as she actually stood up yesterday, is eating conversing and using the bedpan. She however has been recalling memories sometimes long past and present but it is all cool as she speaks in many languages. My sister asked her if she was OK last Sunday and she gripped my sisters hand and said no but this was before the surgery, my sister knew she would pull through and I feel good about all this as well. She of course truly was back to normal when she told my dad to go get the chickens for the picnic and told Mike my sisters husband to get the potatoes down from the cupboard and told Barb to get the German sausage with my Opa reportedly 60 people were expected at the picnic and that she did not want to have to feed everyone on her own with out a little help. I love her , she is so amazing as are all grandmas , ride the wave Oma's in the curl....

9/15/00 This is the last day Apple officially offers Openstep 4.2 and Microsoft Millennium Edition yet another bug fix ships today. So we thought it appropriate to offer a special advertisement for Microsoft as they don't need to sell any more copies of Microsoft anything in humor. Bill Gates will probably be worth over 100 Billion dollars after this release.

Life is good , my grandma is OK somedays not so good others. I plan on visiting her soon, lots of eventful stuff may be it is writers block , oh the story will continue as it is getting very interesting indeed as the Black Hole turns. Also my lotto theory is seeming to work fairly good, we'll see. My Rheumatoid Arthritis prevented me from doing a lot for about three weeks but the new medications are helping incredibly and have helped to diminish the painful effects associated with it. I'll be back, it isn't over till it is over.

10/3/00 My Oma is still doing OK , however on a sad note her brother my great uncle John passed away peace to the diamonds as they inspired this next thought.

I thought about this possible simple solution to the Middle East problem. The Middle East constantly seems to erupt into periodic conflicts over rights to land , annexing and all. When they showed an innocent kid of twelve shot down by mistake as his dad tried to shelter him, they somehow were caught in the crossfire. It isn't right whatever that was about , here is your peace solution that makes sense to me and may be others that read this....

I would like both sides to offer an equal amount of land right on the border , where the most disputes have occurred over 2000 years , the hot spot, it doesn't have to be all that much land as obviously they battle over small parcels of land but may be it will grow , plant a seed philosophy .

The purpose of this land is to create Peace park. I would like each side to have permission and take pride in landscaping the other half of the park that was donated to them for use by all. Instead of throwing stones over the border may be they will carry them over to build a garden on the other side or plant a tree , vegetable garden or flowers in memory of everyone that has perished on both sides for 1000's of years. Each side would try to out do the other and it would be fun , probably catch on and may be further issues over land , well they would have a shining example of what works and what doesn't may be that was what the message of the pyramids was all about.

I'm sure the spirits of those that have died in the needless disputes over land would all like that and appreciate it , families would appreciate it , I would laugh about it. When all people can walk around the peace park and see how nice the park is because of a cooperative non violent people driven project on each side then they can truly know what peace is being able to walk around on the planet with out having to worry about being shot down over philosophical political, religious or what ever disputes and the world will be a better place. Sound cool?

10/30/00 It's been awhile since I just wrote so how about another classic story. Turning back the clock to summer of 1981 and I had just graduated from Manual high school in Denver. Somewhere back in the rant I know I spoke of working at Red Rocks that summer as my first job after graduation , it was a lot of fun. Lots of interesting things go on in the music business and these particular 2 shows were completely sold out with in minutes of tickets going on sale. Many of my friends were begging me to see if there was anything I would be able to do. Often they would offer comp tickets to me that I would give away but on this occasion no chance. It was then that mischief entered, my partners at the T-shirt stand new of a ticket taker that didn't always require tickets in fact Abe Lincoln worked just fine for him. As these folks including 2 very hot women were pestering the heck out of me I figured what the heck , we'll give it a go.

I commuted with my neighbor Mike using my moms Mazda and he chuckled and thought this would be classic. We had the babes sit in the back seat and the homeboys in the trunk. We approached checkpoint Charlie the parking lot dudes, which they just waved me on through and we parked and thought about leaving the homies in the trunk and just going to the show with the babes but we had mercy and let them out.

We then rode in the employee van up to back stage the driver was like a few new ones today and we just said yep and as promised the ticket dude was cool with $20 for 4 of them and into the show they went like that Jedi Mind thing , well it was one of the best I've ever seen and I've seen and heard a lot of them. I felt guilty so I made sure to work extra hard and ran up and down the stairs all day selling T-shirts to the crowd of course word got out that they had been fortunate enough to get in so righteously so many spin off sales developed . I was the top selling vendor for this band 2 days in a row and a hero in the babes eyes and my friends were thankful. Most of the time I was on the up and up at this job , it was a lot of fun but even my boss new some sort of mischief was up that day, one look at these very nice classy extra women and well it was all good, he looked the other way. It started down pouring rain as soon as the Band came on stage but still the band played on and on for 4 and 1/2 hours Clarence on horns and Bruce belting out hit after hit , that is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and only a crowd of 9000 and well 4.

Amazing how pretty women can sweet talk we dudes into doing just about anything , sometimes we know I'm not sure how this action that we are about to undertake will benefit us but we are motivated to go with it. Amazing also how a really angry women can talk us into doing just about anything as well.

Another day at Red Rocks , we arrived well before the crowds were let in part of our duties included unloading the merchandise, counting it and checking it out for the stand from the bands merchandise manager. My success in sales was simple yet innovative , I would fill paper bags with T-shirts, hats and programs and deliver them to the seats. Often I wouldn't make it 20 feet outside the backstage door before I sold out of 72 T-shirts .

The bands would bring some stuff for their own back stage entertainment. On this particular day long ago , we made our usual stop by the backstage smorgasbord worked the chefs for lunch and beverage before setting the T-shirt stand . Holy cow , today it was a Ping Pong Table , instant mischief and Mike Hipp and I are playing and this older dude walks up and says can I play the winner. We said sure, not like we were amazing Ping Pong players , well I eeked out a win.

So I'm playing and the dude was fairly good better than me for sure and I was dispatched fairly quickly, I asked him hey do you work here? He said sure do , I asked him what's your name, "John" he replied and I said good game , see you around. Later , I felt like a fool as when I looked on stage , I thought oh I played Ping Pong with John ....Denver classic.

What have I been doing lately , well a heck of a lot in the last few month's. My health hasn't been the greatest , when ever the weather is cold , humid and damp the arthritis flares up . This makes life miserable for me but I maintain a positive spirit and try to work through it . It is difficult to motivate some days when you have so much pain , I try to keep the medication to a minimum and once I start moving it seems to get better . I know a lot of people out there experience arthritis or old sports or work pain , well it effects a lot of us practically daily. We can relate and many of us actually predict the weather changes a few days in advance .

Concerts Neil Young Webcast at Red Rocks a few weeks ago was awesome , excellent weather the 1st night but Cat called freezing at the 3rd show as apparently it was about 50 degrees cooler with wind and chilling rain. Checked out Robin Trower last night as well cool show.

Lisa was out for a few weeks from Wisconsin and it was excellent spending time with her. Lisa, I am breaking down the soap opera commeth , hey honestly I miss you so much already and I know the feelings are mutual as we spoke a few days ago . No matter what happens, I hope things go well for you and you make the decision that feels best for you, go with your heart. I know you'll read this at some point, all I can say if you decide to change directions and a lot of things and your heartfelt destiny leads you back to Colorado, lets do lunch. Life is not half as entertaining with out you around , I'm seriously wishing you were here, as the Black Hole turns and turns.

Dudes this sob story can lead to only one thing, yes it is time to brew more home beer and my first attempt at root beer with the goal of trying to break the cosmic whammy curse that has been spawned upon our Denver Broncos. To get crushed by Cincinnati with 404 yards rushing all I can say is we can only go up from there and then. Brian Griese , my neighbor is doing great, dude hang in there, I won't go into details as soon turmoil from the press will no doubt act as though a plague has struck and spin out of control. Try to remain calm in the face of the massive onslaught of bad press that will be unleashed because of the DUI sounds like it was a bad gig but collect your thoughts and think through how to manage this fiasco professionally to minimize the persecution and restore your reputation and dignity.

My thought is go public with it with coach , friends and family, get it into the open and outline your game plan for the future and above be professional about it . A lot of people look up to you like myself , we care about you bro and your actions will be scrutinized to the highest degree , be prepared to become a spokesperson for a lot of things as it is important that you make amends . The thought is hire a limo driver when out reveling always in the future , as you will be watched like a hawk or please call a cab, heck I'll even pay for it , if you are short on cabbage just holler over the back fence , we need a guy like you as our QB or please have a designated driver.

I was out on the town last night with the Green brothers as well and we all had a few beers nothing excessive and Mike only had water this was over a 3 hour period , We knew about the additional roadside checks , we didn't speed apparently you were pulled over for speeding on the same road we traveled about the same time as I was our driver and tend to take it easy out there the majority of the time and also told the guys careful driving home as additional patrols are about as they left Mike drove . I guess we can all learn something from this no your limits and be careful out there for not only you but society.

I'll write again soon as drinking beer is OK , drinking to much beer and driving in not OK.

11/9/00 We live in interesting times, I thought this would be something that would humor you all a bit. I entered a contest called project green light. com . Well basically they are looking for new talent and offering a 1,000,000 prize for an award winning screen play. I figured what the heck , why not call this whole story . I joked in a few paragraphs that uploading this short story 6 pages .... really long pages would probably crash the Adobe server , well apparently delays of up to 91 hours happened because of 1000's of scripts pouring in at the last minute. I didn't upload this however they send me an e-mail :

You have been identified by Project Greenlight as an individual who MAY have attempted to complete the Contestant registration process and submit your screenplay to the Project Greenlight Contest before the Submission Deadline of 11:59:59 p.m. PST on October 22, 2000, only to have been prevented from completing that process solely due to delays in receiving your converted screenplay file from the Adobe´┐Ż PDF conversion website.

Hello Project Greenlight and all .

Seeing is believing . Comedy, Chaos, A Clowns attempt to write yet another Book of Life. To Upload this 6 page novel , make that six really really long pages well would no doubt hose me royally on the 90 to 130 page formatted gig and probably crash the server, which would dq me from the contest, so I'll take liberty , plead the 5th all I ask kind folks is please have mercy on me and when I point you to the website where the script resides , I hope you will understand , why.

I started writing it about 3 years ago as I've had this home business called http://www.blackholeinc.com/ and well it has basically spun out of control in a good way 60,000 hits a month. The story reportedly now may well be over 1000 pages as some people actually have tried to print it out and ran out of paper before reaching page 6, as I say I thought of it as an old scroll gig , who is to truly say what the official length of a page must be , I read the formatting stuff , all I can say is I'm toast but please give it a chance.

All I know is people say for the most part it is damn good and I realize other parts really well suck eggs but that is why their are editors and opinions and all. I don't really now why I started writing it but somehow it all makes perfect sense all these years later, I'm not a religious freak or fanatic just one of those class clowns trying to get by in life and have fun doing it. I don't know if I'm disqualified immediately and terminated with extreme prejudice because I've helped Warner Brothers out, I'm the guy the engineered 7 of the computers they used to produce Space Jam and didn't do it alone Max my guru sidekick looks at what I draw up and says , yeah I think that'll work.

Elisa his fiancée has kept me organized and all of the women I know well do a great job at driving me nuts.

We get stuff to work or just plain invent cool stuff , when others have given up or never thought it possible to, ie we helped Dreamworks resolve serious problems with sound and networking issues related to drivers, animo, NEXTSTEP while in production of Prince of Egypt.

Heck, I've sold software to Saturday Night Live and software/ hardware to over 250 universities sometimes just a package other times a whole bunch of home-brew computers as I say the story is a mess but it is worth reading and entertaining , it is about my life, it is more like a chaotic journal and adventure gone haywire than a script but it can be a script with a little help all I ask is please don't rip it off, I know how Hollywood works and I trust all of your legal stuff is in our best interest.

I've also sold software to William Morris Talent Agency they know NeXTSTEP and stars. My current projects , yes they are real include repairing Professors Kardars laptop MIT Physics, another for Indiana U, quotes for a few systems going to the Chicago stock exchange , this is just today and putting together a Turbo Cube Dimension system going to be used by the University of Alaska to track Salmon.

As usual slammed with stuff going everywhere, I use writing as stress relief. I guess plenty of prewritten potential for sequels or mini series like roots exists with in the rant , some days my writing is better than others, who knows , you be the judge, apologies for bending or breaking the rules in advance but hey I know Hollywood and with out trying to do something no one else has done , where would we be and it wouldn't be any fun if I didn't try to at least submit something as I was urged to do this by others including the voices in my head, just kidding about the others.

Talent , honestly have a huge ego that led to juggling 3 basketballs while riding 2 Skateboards most of the time successfully and I play a decent 12 string Guitar been in bands, my real claim to fame is throwing boomerangs 4 have actually thrown out and once they all actually came back in the air and I caught them same time, I can see it now take 4122 , boomerang stunt , aaaaaaaaaaarg , most of the time throwing boomerangs well it is chaos they don't come back wind up in trees , rivers or dogs get confused and run off with them or look out duck and cover , it is comedy and I've come real close to catching 5.

So here is the mess of which I speak http://www.blackholeinc.com/ the site has lots of stuff the story you seek is under about, enjoy , if I'm DQ , I will have known I at least tried and my days are long and fame and fortune still elude me. Peace and best regards Rob Blessin


Here is my 2 cents on the election somewhere down the road someone will read this and wonder what I'm talking about .

The Presidential election in the United States is ultimately decided by the electoral college , a system that has been in place for over 200 years. On many occasions the popular vote of the people was outweighed by the electoral college system.

I would recommend checking this out for the details of how it works and its history if you are interested Electoral College .

At any rate after the dust has started to settle the state of Florida remains an it holds 25 Electoral votes the race is so close apparently with in a few hundred votes or may be a few thousand , it is in a word sketchy. One story has caught the attention of everyone apparently a ballot that has been used before in the 1996 election called a butterfly ballot has proved to be misleading and it holds the key to the next president of the United States.

The first person that realized this was a problem should have posted a note on the wall please look at the ballot align the hole with the arrow pointing to the candidate you are voting for and choose them.

At any rate they tossed out 19,000 votes as people voted twice and apparently another few 1000 cast votes mistakenly for another candidate because of the tweaky ballot. The fact they had to throw out 14,000 votes in a previous election because of double voting says a lot, the ballot sucks and the people that devised this ballot in the first place should not have had it in place again duh.

They are asking to vote again well, I would say sorry, look when ever you take a test and turn it in and leave the room , you can't go back and take it again unless the whole class is instructed yes they can take it again. Tests differ in difficulty from instructor to instructor and well I would say you all had a harsh instructor but that is tough luck and it should be over with , why because it isn't fair to the rest of the voters in this case the whole country and we are talking about taking 5 more seconds to make sure you are voting for the correct person for President of the United States.

The election is apparently so close that to let a bunch of people that well basically screwed up voting in the first place decide its outcome would be comedy central. And how many of them do you let do this.... anyway it is a pure mess , does the DMV let you take a driving or written exam over not right away. So you will have to wait until the next election, so voting clowns of Palm Beach Florida , we salute you all I can say is we all can learn from your mistakes and will take it to heart and spend a extra few seconds when placing our vote for the President of the United States making sure the name matches the arrow and hole beside it , like the old west.

I would say this as a strategy for all to consider for the NeXT election everyone go to touch screen voting, everywhere or web based voting this makes a lot of sense to me , it eliminates screwed up punch cards and deceptive or differing ballots for the presidential and other elections , everyone should be on the same page and that is the best easiest solution for the future I can think of today.

11/17/00 Still no decision on the election. The latest home microbeers ,

St. Who Dark Ale : ,Dark malt syrup, Caramel grains black malt grains, Willamette, Tettnager hops with an East Coast Ale Yeast ,

and Easy Bicycle Ale a Fat Tire clone, Beirkeller Malt Syrup , Dry Spray malt, Vienna Malt, Munich Malt, with Willamette, Tettnager hops and Amber Malt California ale Yeast , also added additional grains for flavoring from St. Who so I'll dub it the Who Phat Beer .

What if this particular Presidential election 2000 is agreed by the people, house and candidates to be a tie then may be they would have the amazing opportunity to have a coalition government as Abe Lincoln did .....Remember the below speech:

When the count reaches 0 time stopped for a second a dual Presidency everyone wins makes sense , opportunity to grow stronger....

What if we had 2 Presidents and 2 Vice Presidents this one time cooperatively, basically distribute the responsibility to each candidates strength although Veto power would be interesting cooperation but a lot would be accomplished as these next 4 years rather than bickering it would unify this place. If we had maturity and a little humor to call it a tie .

It could only happen in Palm Beach.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 19, 1863 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Abraham Lincoln.

"Mr. Lincoln reasoned logically through analogy, and comparison. All opponents dreaded Lincoln in his originality of ideas--condensation--definitions & force of expression." --William H. Herndon, Lincoln's law partner

"He could convey his ideas on any subject through the form of a simple story or homely illustration with better effect than any man I ever knew. To illustrate: I was talking to him once about State sovereignty. He said the advocates of that theory always reminded him of the fellow who contended that the proper place for the big kettle was inside of the little one." --Joseph Gillespie, a lawyer friend

Abraham Lincoln

12/2/00 My dad and I had an excellent time visiting relatives these past few days. We departed from Denver Thursday 8:05 to Seattle , United 777 , thanks to my dad's magic , we wind up in 1st class.

The sleeper seats on a 777 are impressive. Incredible only seats 4 across a wide body jumbo jetliner. When you sit in them you can basically adjust them to any position including a bed with massage and the center console looks and works like a real command control captains bridge on start trek and fold out TV with choice of movies was really cool. We then drove a few hundred miles to British Columbia , Canada beautiful country the Northwest.

We had mixed weather from sun break's to chilling rain, my grandma "Oma" is doing so much better. The facility is excellent and is pictured below. We just returned from visiting my OMA (Grandma) in Canada , the Glenwood Nursing nursing home is pictured lower left with around 100 roommates it is nice.

She seems to be doing well but is bored at times, she kind of reminds me of Mrs. Claus .

12/28/00 Hello all and happy holidays. I've had a busy holiday season business and personally as we put together some really amazing computers for some real nice customers including a 1.1 Ghz AMD system, 1Gb of Ram and dual 80 Gb drives , several 1 Ghz systems and a few Pentium III's 800 MHz scsi boxes one totally custom with tripleboot Openstep, Redhat and Millennium so many late nights trying to coordinate or invent ways to make them work as they should .

I've had my share of mistakes and learned from them but things are finally starting to settle down a little and I'm finally catching up on the last few projects on the current platter. The original NeXT hardware is still doing good but I've noticed that an increasing percentage of the used hard drives we have received recently from numerous suppliers that are compatible with the old NeXT's seem to be prown to problems and crash . The reason is mostly due to age and previous use of the drive so please back up your data .

All this is not easy to manage but I try , I often find myself at work until late, it is great when things just work.

Time flies sometimes , I enjoy being busy things have been good . What should I write about today, how about the on going Lotto Project. I have been having fun with trying to forecast the Colorado Lotto , it is not easy to do that is for sure , practically impossible.

Here are some interesting observations from my research.

Everyone has a theory of how to predict the Lotto from personal lucky numbers like Birthdays to Numbers on Jerseys of Hockey players to Numerology to Statistics to Dream Interpretation to hunch or Quick Picks.

The Colorado Lotto has 42 numbers and they draw 6 numbers twice a week this equates to 1 in 5,245,786 of picking 6 numbers correctly . They have 2 machines and 4 sets of balls and decide which to use before the drawing. The lottery officials and others cross check and hold at least 3 test drawings to verify the consistency of the game.

I've noticed that Channel 9 in every game I've observed for the past 6 month's does not show the initial start of the Lotto Machine where someone actually starts the machine and drops the balls. They always cut in after the balls are already tumbling around which takes the fun out of it.

Also how do we know that this isn't a prerecorded test drawing on DVD that they have already checked to see if there is a winner thus not giving the true first winner the prize they have spent a lot of time trying to predict.

The have no set amount of test drawings so they choose one , who knows the Lotto Draw may be actually a different drawing , minimum of 3 to whatever drawing they choose, it may even be a test drawing from earlier in the week , the posted results based on looking at the stats verse sales determining no perfect match exists and playing the dvd of any number of drawings and posting it as a live drawing . Nah , they probably just let them go where they may a note from the future.

For example to recent back to back drawings had 4 of 6 digits appear . Also luck enters into it , I would like to have a chance to pick 4 numbers and let their computer pick the other 2. They used to increase the lotto drawings by 1 million dollars so it went from 1.5 to 2 to 3 , gee just noticed that for the first time they are posting a 2.5 Million Dollar drawing. Give me a break please I'm really trying to do this honestly, I want to win this fair and square Colorado Lotto as if I haven't already .

I really predicted the 1st 4 numbers out of the machine on 2 separate tickets with 11 3 number winners and at some point , it would be nice if they would stop choosing a game that purposely exploits loopholes in my stats. At some points it is funny like I'll have every number cover except 2 and gee wow they magically appear hmm must be random for sure.

1/15/00 After looking at my stats , I discovered many transcription errors in both the really cool Lotto software sets I purchased , quite a few duplicate sets and also corrected some errors that I new I had to find in my hand built lotto fun machine. Finding them was fun ..... by cross checking with many different sites I discovered errors on all of them including one on the actual Colorado Lotto www.coloradolottery.com site as they are missing reference to this game 5/4/99 match five 8 16 20 28 30 .

I'm fairly sure I finally have pure data after many month's of research and analysis to have fun with as it is needed to correctly forecast 1 in 5M + to one odds or at least have fun trying so we will see if a Lotto magically happens statistically. The Green's and I set a budget per game of $30 , we usually have a few 3 number winners and already 2 * 4 number winners no 5' or 6's yet I'm confident eventually luck and skill will prevail and peace and harmony will return to the Universe. I know doubt would have had better success verifying things were correct first before ranting about it.

I found this reference on a website..... what is interesting is it refers to a card machine being defective , I'm wondering if they had these same card machines that the slang term "fubar" was derived from actually still being used to count votes in the voting offices in Florida , no way , I laughed as this is real:


1. (WWII military slang) F***ed up beyond all recognition (or repair). See foobar. 2. , The Failed UniBus Address Register in a VAX. A good example of how jargon can occasionally be snuck past the suits. Larry Robinson reports the following nonstandard use for FUBAR: One day somebody got mad at the card reader (or card eater that day) on our Univac 3200. He taped a sign, "This thing is FUBAR", on the metal weight that sits on the stack of unread cards. The sign stayed there for over a year. One day, somebody said, "Don't forget to put the fubar on top of the stack". It stuck! We called that weight the fubar until they took away the machine. The replacement card reader had two spring loaded card clamps, one for the feed and one for the return, and we called THOSE fubars until we dumped punch cards. Incidentally, the way he taped the sign on the weight made up for the lack of a little nylon piece that was missing from it, and fixed the card reader. That's why the sign stayed there.


I'm doing good , check out the garage expansion project at Black Hole Garage. I drew up the design and had everything approved, it'll be cool to be able to drive through and drop off the Jet Ski ,amazing.

Li li , Lisa looking forward to seeing you , hope everything is OK. Barb my sis and Mike, it was fun seeing you hope Sebastian your cat is found and is OK, we'll keep them in our thoughts.

Peace to Jimmy Page , "not the musician" , our good friend you are missed.

Hope everyone out there is doing good as well , now I have to work on computer projects, home projects and taxes and all , its snowing . Martin Luther King was a good man today is a well deserved holiday to honor his work in the USA. I'll return to write soon just incredibly busy , I have computer and software packages to send to Spain , Paris, France , Switzerland, Germany, NASA and beyond. If you have noticed the new really bright light in the sky only Sirus and the Moon are brighter , it is the new Space Station reflecting light off the Solar Panels , probably wondered what it was didn't you. I'm hoping it is Earth's space station or friendly folks from outer space. The same 6 numbers 1,8,9, 21,35,39 recently drawn appeared in the Lotto back in 1993 , coincidence , what are the odds of that huge .

Statistically, what I would call a good Lotto strategy involves first set a reasonable budget per game , it makes sense to pool your bets with people you trust like Paul "Lizardman" Green as they may play want to play a few Lotto tickets as well. Deciding what is your best strategy, Harvard was built on Lotto proceeds so it isn't easy to do.

Until our pure statistical analysis to the point of new math and science strategy combined with our ever modifiable humor randomizer and well luck actually works , please think of this as yet another nutty attempt to win the lotto. Catherine, thanks for your help around the house, the plants, cats, fish and my eyes enjoy your company. To the Garage Construction crew Framing' Chad, Z, Rob, Dad, neighbors great job this is the ultimate cool guy's addition to the house.

Oh this was a dude's secret soap , for security several month's of delay at times or may be the same day or next week no set schedule really , beer is ready, tears come to the eye in our dude's soap , I can feel them, Four Car drive through garage across from the park with many babes and 2 minutes to fishing at Cherry Creek and Bikini's.

Kim , it should be fun teaching as a special guest for your JH students in computer classes next month.

Random notes from beyond for future reference, Big Head Todd on New Years concert and fireworks show downtown was cool, I gave Max, Elisa , Paul , Nancy and Z tickets for the show for a holiday bonus.

The after hours New Years party at Cat's with many babes including Tia was truly a righteous gig.

I actually made 5 balls on the break in different pockets playing Trish on that old finally fully restored pool table, nice work on it Rob and others.

I'm ready to focus on completing a lot of things on my to do list at some point , how prophetic, amazing how prodding from Women accelerates some of these tasks to become achieved by we dudes with the quickness , double-time recommended during certain cycles. Football .

Dean Kamen is amazing ! the link should take you to the ibot wheel chair, this technology is cool as the chair can stand up on 2 wheels. I'm thinking add this thought the IT will no doubt be a whole new transportation vehicle if you implement GPS navigation, levitating or on wheels, flight path's, automated, you may be able to schedule times with these to eliminate traffic jams all in balance , use new IT roadways each with independent unique IP's and voice recognition these IT mobiles would be able to work as magnificent personal automated transportation vehicles powered by hydro, electric or other non atmospherically harmful propulsion methods. At Disney resorts for example an IT would resemble a magic carpet with wheels at your dispense take you to where you need to go safely with voice commands and visual integrated stuff out to be fun, I'll think on this for a while as the Black Hole wheels are turning......

01/16/01 Statistics , well basically here are the basics for our lotto.

It is a pick 6 game and 42 numbers . They have Rubber Balls that weigh 80 grams and are balanced to the .00001 or less. The machine spins counter clockwise and has a spinning triple pie wedge that acts like a baseball bat or golf club .

Winners are 3 of 6, 4 of 6 , 5 of 6 and 6 of 6 basically 1 in 35 odds to win a 3 number prize.

01/28/01 Tesla Turbine Disk Engine amazing, Honda put together an Automobile in 1996 that reportedly achieved over 9000 miles per gallon, as the Black Hole Turns. Tesla also has Flying Disks , read it believe it, remember his concepts are over 100 years old. Back to the future.

Tesla Laboratory, "As soon as [the Wardenclyffe plant is] completed, it will be possible for a business man in New York to dictate instructions, and have them instantly appear in type at his office in London or elsewhere. He will be able to call up, from his desk, and talk to any telephone subscriber on the globe, without any change whatever in the existing equipment. An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. In the same manner any picture, character, drawing, or print can be transferred from one to another place..." - Nikola Tesla , 1911

I would recommend preserving the Tesla Laboratory plant in the Picture and honor Tesla, heck if they don't want it, I'm willing to purchase it and find a sponsor to have it shipped to Colorado, I think it would make a cool loft , Bar, Circle K or research lab , looks like it is a Museum after all hmmm no about the one in Colorado , ought to be interesting, Tesla Time traveler echo for sure.

In other words California here is a free be from the great clown, if you install Telsa Turbine Engines your Electrical Blackout problem will be solved , seriously it works!

2/7/01 Supersymmetry is the current project of Unifying 4 theories for today's on going rant: Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Strong Force( holds Atoms together ) and Weak Force (Beta Decay) apparently this is like the ultimate mystery, I thought about it for a few minutes now turning into hours , days, years ...reading, listening to even understand what the fundamentals of Supersymmetry is and here are a few thoughts, wrong or right it is all relative that is OK as Einstein spent 30 years on this one so I'm guessing in the span of time and history and all a rant such as mine my be considered a truly short book so might as well roll with it. I'm reflecting on others research trying to put it together using my own left and right brain so it hopefully will be entertaining and inspirational as I'm counting on you all to help figure it out.

I think I have a simple way of conceptualizing this gig for the masses with out a lot of math, how to explain Supersymmetry in easy to understand terms like the E = MC Square concept from Einstein Energy = Mass times the Speed of light Squared.

It is easy for the majority of us to picture a circle in our minds even for those that can't see through eyesight .

The easiest example for me is just drawing a Circle and knowing it is a Circle for the Artist, the letter O for a writer for those that think in terms of Math it represents Zero. Wait that is it , one simple object represents 3 things for all of us.

Ones own Supersymmetry theory is easy to do at any age, Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Strong, Weak , who needs the complexity of it all.

The easiest example I'm thinking of at the moment , if you close your eyes and focus your thoughts at the very center of your own space. What happens is different for us all, well sometimes we may easily fall into sleep from having a great day or working to accomplish goals and easily find our happy place, other times way to much stuff is on our minds for us to enjoy having our eyes shut possibly spun from a single thought to a whole pile of thoughts some good, bad , real, imagined, or from the environment so we may toss and turn, total chaos and no direction and some times we just are in the zone with nothing at all on our minds and it leads to sleep or restlessness on its own.

Philosophy is Freedom of thought and when we all close our eyes we truly have freedom to think so for now try to think about a bubble that doesn't have to be perfectly round . The idea of this is your own personal dream bubble is very cool and perhaps you may want to have a good dream bubble and a bad one, for me at this moment in space and time.

I would send the bad dream bubble to the land of Windows , I often find myself having to use Windows and it is an awful gig to work on some thing and have it disappear because of the operating system. NeXT is reliable and Apple will soon release NeXT under a new name OS X , I predict it will be a good OS.

The easiest operating system for me and soon the world will use the best of NeXT technology at Apple like a floating happy bubble dream of an OS for the most part, well it has been flushed from it's position by this Windows gig for way to many years in my opinion , messing up the Supersymmetry and beyond.

Whenever we use Windows why we must constantly fear the concept of the bursting bubble as in the freeze of the Windows operating system completely and having to use control, alt, delete, to return functionality , I'm sure many of you know this from experience Windows really is a bogus gig . Now things have been improving after having to spend the money to upgrade Windows but technically speaking in easy to understand terms for the masses here is an example of how things may not work according to plan.

The Computer hardware means what most of us just want to press the on button and it works fast without problems like a dream. The Computer software makes the power on feature come to life for us , Windows is the default choice for software , the easiest thing is picture the dark ages that is Windows and well picture the plague , yes this is Windows, then picture the Jetsons that is NeXT is most respects showing up in the dark ages, yep , picture the witch hunt and we NeXT users running for the hills.

I find myself sometimes having a heck of a lot of fun in this Web space, set a drift and dreams develop from the minds eye, sometimes memories flood back or thoughts pour out , what does it all relate to and to what expanse do we go in our dreams, what are the boundaries a pure chance memory and a little luck like when our dude patrol stumbled up on the Copper Tone Suntan Girls on the beach in Hawaii during Spring Break ...

The solution exists for Supersymmetry currently we have it. The very Universe provides us clues be it the circle of our Sun in the sky and the phase of the moon shadows , giving us the concept of math and causing tides our Earth's balance , spin, tilt and orbit was really working great until we started messing it up.

Super Symmetry on Earth lets see balanced gravity, check, balanced electromagnitism, check, balanced strong and weak atomic principals ought to be check, if we work the problem backwards from where we are at now and use it to guide and make a plan for the future direction for all of our kids, great grand kids and so on then that would be Super Symmetry,

Supersymmetry would be not dividing the Earth up so much with lines drawn in the sand but grasping the really big picture look up to the heavens , we need not make fools of ourselves to the whole universe by bursting the only bubble we have Earth through our own doing , our generation should look at giving future generations a solid bubble to work with I'll add more to this , if only Einstein, Tesla and so many had the web at their disposal as we do now.

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