Page 8 9/13/2001 When I started this story turned journal a few years ago with out a plan or outline or format as to its Philosophical direction , freedom of thought is my guide positive hope for the future is my mission. I'm stepping up to the plate on this one .

Clearly the events that have unfolded or transpired with in the last 48 hours have made the vast majority of the entire world wonder how and why would anyone as a human being with a soul and conscious let alone an entire organized group of purely evil people would conspire to theoretically terrorize the entire human race with such a malicious , brutal , evil plot using innocent civilians in a suicidal attack against innocent civilians specifically bringing this madness to our great country the United States of America and targeting 2 of the greatest cities in the world Washington D.C our nations capital and New York City as an act of pure insanity.

We the free and peaceful people of the United States respectfully ask like minded free and peaceful and any positive universal dimensional entities permission, resources and help in assisting to restore and maintain order, sanity, peace harmony , justice and safety to all of our lives on our planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy , Universe. We ask all peaceful souls to remain peaceful and step up to the plate on this one, we all know how to and for anyone like most of us normally at peace let us take a moment to purge this evil memory brought about by evil souls please purge evil accept peace find it in your self to do this , this is a cosmic peace wave that well again envelop the Earth. Let us all pray in our own way and join together and unite and declare our Declaration of Independence from Evil today. Many of us are completely and thoroughly in shock.

I speak for a lot of the silent majority and say directly to these EVIL people you have made a very wrong move, a very big mistake on the wrong planet in the wrong location at the wrong time. We the good people , the majority of us , I'm guessing close to 6 Billion will zap you with our positive Karma wave , you are toast and are going down , this wave is special and has never been implemented before because it will also capture your Evil souls oh the horror Evil people souls caught in the huge Tsunami of Kindness a Good wave brought about by Billions of Souls at once that goes on forever and ever. We have Universal permission to take you out cold permanently from all dimensions of space and time, we don't want to be driven into a World War III by this we want the correct people a very small percentage of people on this planet handed over to us for prosecution in the World Court for this crime. We do not want any more innocent people hurt by these Evil people for the good of Western Civilization and the future of our one and only great planet Earth let us remove this Evil from the DNA pool . If justice prevails our good spirits transcend time and space Toc before the Tic this will all work out Good will prevail and if the good human spirit won't turn them over with in themselves then by the grace of God with in all of us, let the World Universal Military coalition make an arrest for the 6 Billion People in agreement , we will try to stay the heck out of harms way.

I'm seriously confident that I've discovered or uncovered a new wave of Quantum Electromagnetic Calculus Physics communication involving Encrypted Numerical and Alphabetical statistics through using ground breaking Lotto analysis that may actually provide for News Time travel capability this information is now in the hands of our great US Government , Naval Intelligence and the NSA , will somebody please listen to me , they must be because for the past few months I've been pinging them back . It isn't about winning all that money it is the message with in , heck if I win a huge Powerball Jackpot , I figure I'll give everyone in the USA , Canada, Mexico, if it is real huge everyone on the planet a penny in the form of a think tank fund to make this happen for the better of the future even if I don't wind I'll keep throwing these free thoughts out there , why because I can and I really like it when the whole world smiles.

Please take just a moment of silence and peaceful inner thought for us all and the victims of this great tragedy in time and send or add to the wave.

Check this out :

. From: (

Subject: NeXT and Apple?

Newsgroups: View: Complete Thread (3 articles) | Original Format Date: 1996/12/20

Hello Openstep Community: NeXT and Apple potentially teaming up to solve Apples OS problem appears to make sense and could be a very logical fit.

We know the NeXTSTEP/ Openstep user interface is truly excellent; combined with the integration of the Openstep developer tools it is a heck of a deal for anyone in the market for a stable mature advanced yet easy to use OS. NeXT software products now have 10 years of maturity under their belt. In fact quite a few of the lead "Macintosh" engineers in 1985 migrated from Apple with Steve Jobs to form "NeXT" computers and basically engineered the really cool NeXT workstations that were years ahead of their time. Also taking into consideration the potential for a port of Web Objects to the Mac platform and the fact that you can already develop cross platform Openstep applications that run across MACH, Solaris and NT using these same Openstep developer tools it would be a win win situation for both companies. NeXT has been literally phasing out the NEXTSTEP/ Openstep for Mach User interface which most of the NeXT community die hards find utterly baffling, it currently works on NeXT Workstations (68040), Intel, Sparc and up until 3.3 HPPA Risc (We are in shock).

NeXT has clearly shifted their corporate focus to souly becoming a Web Based solution provider and Web Objects software house and a good one at that and appear to have discontinued supporting the OS on an in depth basis. Openstep for Solaris user interface looks strikingly like Openstep for Mach so I'm positive a port of the Openstep look, feel and functionality to the Mac (Apple) hardware wouldn't be to much of a stretch. Sun paid $10 Million for the Openstep port.

My current perception is the door is wide open for Apple and the best opportunity is now to pick up the maturity of the Openstep "NeXTSTEP" user interface and port it to Apples hardware. Perhaps NeXT would benefit from an up front porting fee with a royalty fee paid for each installed copy. The complexity of NeXTSTEP Openstep for Mach hardware driver issues have clouded the success of NeXTSTEP on Intel because the average consumer does not want to deal with IRQ conflicts and finding out if drivers are released or in beta for components that are in there off the shelf systems that run Windows just fine. Driver issues would obviously be dramatically simplified and potentially cleaned up with Openstep Apple ports because of the proprietary nature of Apples hardware.

In an Apples to Oranges comparison, we see very few component variables on Apple systems through their product line verse a myriad of driver variables on the Intel side further amplified with ever changing components like Video Cards, Ethernet, SCSI, and Sound Cards add in the Plug and Play aspect and it creates headaches and total confusion for your average consumer this is further compounded by the price of the OS commercially , (Academically its a great deal).

NeXT also has to deal with the perplexity and constant challenge of updating their drivers and explaining why this, that and the other thing doesn't work on Intel to the average consumer this creates problems. Also Apple does understand Marketing Strategy and Promotion, Apples ability to meet demand created through their marketing at times is historically questionable, now that Skulley is gone it should be a different picture. We all know how Price affects demand, if we perceive the price as to steep, we won't buy the product no matter how good it is this is what NeXTSTEP/ Openstep has suffered from average people can't afford it at $799, Perhaps $199 would be more affordable to the average Joe for a light version with add on modules like NeXT Mail etc. might be a possibility though why break up a good thing?

Basic Economic 101 theory, price drives competition and in turn creates volume sales that is if your products are good and the price is perceived to be right in the mind of the consumer which in turn should create more revenue for NeXT/Apple with the eventual goal of becoming a profitable joint business endeavor. I'm positive the Openstep OS profit will be there if the economies of scale are balanced ,correct me if I'm wrong and volume sales develop enough to cover the postscript license stuff. I don't claim to be some genius or anything, I'm just a salesman that has been involved in sales in the trenches for the last 3 years actually selling NeXTSTEP /Openstep, third party products and hardware for Optimal.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the last Openstep for Mach salesman on the planet; I have made an effort to listen to my customers cares and concerns regarding NeXTSTEP/ Openstep and one thing is for sure, sticker shock is a given for Openstep commercial $799 User, $4999 Developer for first time prospects and the Openstep Academic price of $299 is deemed fair unless they just purchased the previous version and then have to pay the same price as a new user for the Upgrade to Academic at $299 (really sours them especially if it is bug fixes). NeXTSTEP/Openstep is a damn good product and I'm positive if it was brought down to earth in price so the average consumer could afford it and NeXTSTEP/Openstep was actually promoted/ displayed where people could try it out in a retail settings right NeXT to Windozzz and see how easy it is to use and how it blows Windozzz out of the water , people would chose Openstep. The flood gates would open people would want NeXTSTEP , developers would want to write applications for it because there would be a need and there would be demand and may be just may be this NeXTSTEP/

Openstep thing could take off create market penetration and potentially take away market share from the mighty Microsoft. I just couldn't resist throwing in my 2 cents worth, I support NeXT and it would be really cool to see Black Macs rolling off of the assembly line running Openstep loaded for bear!

Best Regards: Rob Blessin

Old Address....

National Sales Account Manager Optimal Object, Inc. 4685 Peoria St.,

STE 221 Denver, CO 80239 800-452-7608 303-799-6223 303-799-1435 FAX "NEXTSTEP is probably the most respected software on the planet" Byte Magazine I don't speak for my employer , they think I'm whacked!

The story continues , have a nice day God Bless America, Pray for Peace!

9/16/01 Afghanistan , we understand many of the estimated 25 Million Afghani population are probably good people at heart and I'm devoting some time to try and study your culture and end your current predicament this evening with a message of peace. I've been taking Liberty and Freedom of Speech granted to us through our Constitution in the US to convey this import message as it is reported that your country is currently harboring the lead suspect Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist organization with in your borders for many crimes against Western Civilization.

A reward of 5 Million US Dollars is offered for turning over Osama Bin Laden and more for his evil associates, my thought is after you have sufficient time to think it out, we understand that sometimes time is not specific called looping and it must be thought out as part of your culture , we request 72 hours for obvious reasons to be the maximum amount of time to think this out or what ever is established as fair and reasonable.

We want you to hand Osama over to the Pakistan Authorities with in the specified time frame established at the meeting tomorrow peacefully and this is my thought for a reward that would meet the requirements of your beliefs in Peace take this to heart. I'm positive , we would sincerely offer to offer an award more valuable than money , it is life all religions truly should respect and value life already on our planet first, don't be fooled by false so called leaders that teach you otherwise ask , look into your families eyes many of you have lost a child or loved one already. I would suggest instead of a monetary award for delivery of Osama to proper authorities accept instead an offer of life and peace with us ,let us help you purify your drinking WATER and implement a working sanitation infrastructure in exchange for shutting down Osama and his evil crew for ever. We would offer to extend a hand of teach you soil preservation techniques as your ability to grow food which sustains life is also diminishing and offer medicine to help prevent further disease and heal your sick children and family members. We would all understand the pain your families must feel as last year reportedly many thousands of your children died from WATER born diseases, 3.5 Million Worldwide, 1 Billion suffer from Waterborne diseases , what we are saying is the USA is about Peace First. Ask all the countries we have helped through the years, including Afghanistan recently through the WHO project. We ask that you set an example lay down your arms in peace, hand over Osama and his band of crooks for the good of humanity and let us help you , help your families live a better life without the pain of losing so many of your children each year to disease , help us make the world a better place for us all to coexist and live together forever in peace. Peace would spread because of this example you will set , this would be looked upon as a wise decision for all history to appreciate and that would make the world a happy place to know that good will prevail over evil. God Bless America.

"I see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look up into the heavens and say there is no God". Abraham Lincoln

8/18/01 I took pleasure this fine evening and enjoyed the calmness out under the stars searching for answers then it came to me. Osama and the Taliban crew , we would sincerely appreciate if you would set up a football field over their for us may be mow down some of the crap you export and call righteous and just and well plant some sod , nah tell you what we will bring our own sod and plant you in it.

I tell you what we will even kick off to you no need for a coin toss on this one , it is a good game if you know how to play it . I'm trying to think here how about if we send you some kites . Actually how about if we play a new game with gravity and drop off some of our buildings while you run around on the field dodging bricks, no that would be a bogus journey. How about finding all those caves and old mines using pinpoint laser spectral grid search analysis via mapped gps combined with the best of geology , earthquakes , OSAMA give yourself up now lest we call you ASSAMA the great . DO IT NOW in the name of God and Allah. We the people of Earth demand peace.

8/19/01 I just thought of this wish I had sooner , but thought maybe it might work to help , I hope it is a good idea, if they have maps or surveys of the World Trade Centers GPS coordinates and have those drills that have cameras on the end of them that are flexible so as not to disturb to much dirt with lights and a gps transponder attached at the end, infrared and some sort of button or phone on the end that sounds an alarm at the end of the drill bit start carefully drilling every 5 to 10 feet apart in a grid using gps especially where those underground shops are I would start there first. Laterally and horizontally .

8/22/01 I think we all may need to take a step back, call a time out and think about this one the good people in life all put their heads together and come up with solutions as we have a lot of major problems currently psychologically kind of like reversing this economic domino effect. How to correct it and make things right no problem we are just the people to do it, who's with me as we the good people need to be the ones setting the dominos in motion not the evil people .

A few things that I'll throw out there for the good of humanity, hidden deep with in the lotto code a message of peace and hope came up. Now to uncover the heavily encrypted message I had to use, not only number to letter conversion, plus long range hit statistics and short range span stats combined with frequency of letter usage in the English Language up and down to cross reference and match up letters , a matrix of letters based specifically on winning numbers only for each game , then inputting these into a climbing Algorithm, many other stats to numerous to mention and the humor variable. Piece of cake, after the computer crunched this specific Top Secret Good People information for several hours it spelled out Armies of the Clown . When it spelled out Proton and Fossil in the Key during another test, I'm thinking cool I really have found something interesting. I new it was sort of a mission from the cosmic ether transcending Space Time beyond Physics manipulating Molecules , Kelvin nearly absolute Zero that keeps this whole Universe help together , if you are currently on this planet apparently you have been called to duty but just haven't discovered it, no worries I did some of the research for us all and along with the entities we have now made contact with on the otherside are also for peace, it will be OK.

The ability to travel from point A to B is best achieved via the air for future reference my thought is a few things that will make us feel safe again first and foremost security.

The best possible solution and I'm not sure where we are at with the technology yet is DNA, if we have a mandatory DNA scanner at Customs , Airports, Bus Terminals, Marinas and Train Stations let alone ball parks, government buildings so on so forth, check in , Bingo that is a practically unique fingerprint and should sound all sorts of bells and whistles as in all probability most of the bad people probably have records of some sort with 20Ghz CPU's for our Computers coming soon it should be possible to have real time scanning of the huge database. Has something like this Big Brother paranoid scenario become a necessity because of this terrible tragedy?

I see how use of our new LASER encoded with specific target DNA Scanning probe capable of Scanning vast distances 1000's of miles through anything for a perfect match , it shouldn't take long to locate the bad guys as almost nothing is faster than the speed of light , lets use it to our advantage .

It is late and now I'll think some more Freedom of thought; Stock , the world stock market works best when people are both buying and selling because of stability, as I say that wave theory concept not the physics one but the Economic one I think is there , many people are holding their stocks this makes sense and very few are buying so this in effect drives the whole market artificially down and will create a panic but the best idea is remain calm ride it out and when you see it start to turn catch the wave. If we just step back and look at the big picture using logic , think this through we all need a little faith that this will work out, we have sound profitable companies many of which have stock prices way below the current reality value , Surf is up , my suggestion to those companies is buy back some shares , it is obvious you have a screaming deal. I'm not claiming to be an expert at any of this stuff hope all goes well with everyone that is good this weekend. I think I'll go back to sleep now .

Example of my current Powerball Decoder, changes after each drawing! It is not easy to do.

9/23/01 We hear you loud and clear good Kids, entities and all that positive energy generated as it is the thought that counts , more important than all the money in the universe, thanks, wahooooo! WTC/ PA/ Pentagon Top Secret Interdimensional Rescue Peace, LET's Roll:

Please be patient, make a wish, it may take just a few minutes for the Interdimensional Peaceful Universal Transfer to take place:

9/24/01 "I don't know about flying but sometimes it feels like I have these little wings on my feet" Michael Jordan. The force is strong with this one , ghost busters, give up retirement one more time please . Something tells me may be a positive tremor, Mike, we know you have game , appreciatively paging Air Jordan !

9/25/01 These Wizards make me look real good and vice versa, lucky guess?Hello CQ, CQ NeXTSTEP in Physics. Hello CQ, CQ... I believe we have made contact, NeXTSTEP in Physics. What time, month, day and year is it there, ping me back again Cash 5 tonight...7/25/01 I believe, let's produce a winner for the Nobel Prize in Physics, OK, I lit it up again tonight on cash 5 lets bring it home, the time stamp on the matrix of the power ball can't be faked and pretty much even the kookiest baked gumpster would be able to figure it out , if they look at it right, winning numbers were 27,42,39,34,23 ... Powerball 40 , jeeze even cross verify it people with the power ball matrix on the right ETA EZZZZ A dudes. DUH , Hut, etc. Laugh it works! The Rob Blessin ION Decoder Thing , are we having fun yet. Rearrange them in order 23,27,34,39,42,40 WHAMPN , fish on fish on run spell check on WHAMPN .

9/25/01 I know in my heart, I will be able to verify, confirm and prove this theory because if you think about it all really makes sense. The US Government and others only sponsor and control one game that is the Lotto, sucker bet impossible odds. It has funded the implementation of some of the finest institutions Harvard for example built with Lotto revenues and when the Jackpot gets huge everybody dreams of winning it. The Equipment is precise to the point of balance , cross audited , securely protected and all to insure random drawings. However , when one does not buy just quick pick tickets and dives in to researching the stats , people just like me have done this it is called tracking the lotto and have WON big time.

However , I think I set precedence by wondering why my stats have been slightly skewed as I'm pretty good at stats , not a genius just a regular guy. Plus I added in humor and decided to research and see if there really is a signal there hiding in plain site , IT IS HELLO!

Please feel free to verify this yourself but it is not easy, the true pain is watching for duplicate sets or missing sets and cross reference it. It was a total pain as even my imputing it causes mistakes let alone all the others , but I purified it to really really close and at points perfect , others I know when I mess up but I'm not a genius and I'm only one guy, who ever is on the other side is the brain trust. I've put over a year of my time into this and it is fun.... also feel free to go back in time step back a few weeks ago , I'll let the lotto speak for itself , If it isn't the physics guys may be it is the gathering of all the other Philosophical, Religious, Spiritual stuff we believe in good and evil or may be something even more amazing we have been contacted by ALIENS and they sound cool. Can this information change the course of time and history and what happens if we do this , is it setting off a cosmic Pinball like in back to the future 1,2 and 3. Feel free to verify this with Media 3, that EAST COAST Time stamp for the POWERBALL decoder on the server can not be faked by me! Also all this NeXT equipment is totally cool, it all adds up , some of my friends see it and believe it !

It lined up THX the otherday on cash 5 numbers 3,8,11 well THX 1138 just happens to be a film , look at Winning Numbers for Cash five , I'll keep posting proof here as I know who ever it is "DOC" will ping me back. As I say I'm close to winning this gig , one of these days!

9/25/01 My dad being a retired Pilot recommends not having Pilots armed with Guns as Bullets flying around in an Airplane is not wise, TAAAAZER makes more sense. If these terrorists had permits to haul around hazardous waste , I would find out who , what, where , when and why quick.... also if they were in Vegas I would serious look around LAKE MEAD!

9/26/01 Latest Lotto Decoder, If you use this to win , I Rob Blessin would appreciate a 50/50 split on the prize money OK, sound fair and good luck, heck last one even had a dog barking as a clue!

9/27/01 Hey excellent effort , I think in doing a little more research I figured it out, the meaning of life. What I need your help finding as I'm confident in the amazing lotto decoders ability to make us all laugh and it just may work we have the technology. If you win the Powerball using the amazing lotto decoder , if you so decide to keep the money please just let me know that you won as then I can prove it actually is working . It really is no longer about the money although I'm trying to give some good clues that are easy to see ; provided to me by the mystical force of good humor proving to be a puzzle of sorts before even for me. Print them out for sure that'll give them a time stamp. As I say combining Science and Comedy to Win the Powerball is a whole new thing and has to be good news even our guardians of the universe and locally both good and bad would have to chuckle at this endeavor as what truly determines fate of winning this thing, we are selling our souls to nobody on this one people , we are free spirits soaring above it all. Slac uses NeXT, Our mission appears now obvious we have successfully uncovered the hidden bozo in all of us, no actually the Wizards call it the Higg's Boson in Physics read on please. Further info on the hunt for it. I actually did all the research hours on the last drawing and made it to the store with about 2 minutes to spare , however someone at the customer service counter was upset about something, so as I patiently waited, the machine shut off before I had time to buy my budget of $10 to $30 worth of tickets, which I split with Paul most definitely altering Space, time with the clown time travel variable for sure on that one. Check out the film about this Particle accelerator stuff , it is cool! Also I sometimes find it fun to use the force on at least one pick , find it with in you, be the ball!

More fun missions not impossible for you Mensa comedians in need of a good laugh and challenge and the women who spy on our soap, we'll put some of our NeXT , computers, workstations on solving these unsolved equations as well away. Hello Fermi: I think we have a Winner # 35 hit first in my decoder receiver and your particle transmitter, I'm not into stepping on anyone's toes for the Nobel Prize but would really enjoy sharing it with you all that made this event horizon possible, does PHI and ETA ring a bell?

9/27/01 Latest Rob Blessin Lotto Decoder for Cash 5 and Pick 6 Colorado Lottery additional Proof of some new form of phone call; I see Fermi close to spelled out and lots of other cool stuff! I may have invented the cosmic bozo pinball machine. Look into last Cash 5 Decoder compare to check list of physics terms here, whatever you guys are doing , whoever they are appears to have someone sending a message saying hello, I also see an encrypted Anna Kournakova in my future all I can say is this machine rocks out dudes party on.

My Lotto Decoder from 9/10/01 , I didn't know of the horrible events about to occur , the stats are real and verifiable. God Bless the USA, pray for peace on Earth now I can rest and sleep easier.

9/28/01 RobBlessin , Craig Keefer, Paul Green CSU boys!

Black Hole Before Rob's design:

Black hole after Rob's Vision becomes reality, almost complete!

Another View of Black Hole:

9/29/01 I cleaned up the stats from 9/10/01 so they will be easier to interpret for everyone , I in no way manipulated these stats swear on the Bible as a good citizen of the United States of America with God in Heaven as my guide and I'm not claiming to be a religious fanatic or someone that has any more in life than any other good person on this planet just a kid trying to help out in any way I can, I'm hoping that no transcription errors are in any way skewing this data to make it appear as something it truly is not based on pure statistics. This data has way to many occurrences of stuff spelled out to be RANDOM ! These Stats may be verified with The Colorado Lottery, News Papers and Old Tapes of actual drawings as well as tickets that have paid out! here they are We have the right to choose our destiny in Life not these terrorists and so help me God , if I can make a difference and save even one life through use of these stats I will try to make it happen and if you look into the stats we have someone or something positive trying to help us all make it happen Good will Win over Evil and may be I will win the lotto in the process or may be you will , we all will win if good defeats evil so lets roll.

What about all of the other positive religions out there , hey I've studied many of them as well , they all carry good messages unless they are distorted by evil people for there own good, I have no complaints with anyone choosing a religion or not choosing a religion as long as they choose to help people in life for the most part , we all know what is good and bad. The Universe is huge and yes the subatomic particles helping us keep all together are small so sticking with any one religion in terms of time is a good thing for the soul. If it is handed down for thousands of years through your culture , it is wise to stay with it, I believe them all as long as they send a positive message that speaks to life , positive culture makes the whole world work better . Peace to you all whatever you believe may be the message above relates to what you believe in your light and may be translatable to your religion. I'm putting myself in your shoes and you in mine , if we are both thinking good about it all that makes it a better place to live already than if we think bad about each other especially if we have never met , spoken, or any of that we should not hate people of the world for the wrong reasons , if they do evil deeds then good people should work together I'm guessing close to 6 Billion and growing , we need to manage the growth curve so as not to over populate through peaceful and intelligent and well thought out means as well, prevent the evil events coming to light and destroying the good life for the billions of people that want to live a good life in peace. Military and of course police are good for keeping these evil people from accomplishing evil goals to harm innocent people randomly without respect to their beliefs. I'm thinking on the fly and my typing is slow but I try, so sleep soundly and know if you are a good person out there you have one here that cares about that we are friends even though we have never met , appreciate your time, I don't claim to be above any of you just another human trying to get through life and enjoy it.

As far as Windows software I've had to use it for a lot of this stuff, so when you see screwed up spreadsheets doubled, tripled or notepad runs out of room it is just me having to struggle because of the my learning curve with the software and learning a lot of complicated stuff , standing on the shoulders of giants , good quote.

I'll have my Powerbook here soon again running Mac OS , NeXT, Windows Elisa and Max have been borrowing it to run their stereo with cool experimental software and for work. Elisa and Max congratulations on your marriage, congratulations Adam and Jenny on your marriage, also congrats Kirk and Kendi on your baby girl and to all the rest be the ball


When I venture out on the net and learn cool stuff about the world it is amazing , I also have quite a few books that I'm referencing on Physics, Calculus and Chemistry.

It was interesting how all of these guys and these guys discover stuff like Philo Farnsworth tilling soil came up with the concept that scanning electrons to make a TV image.

What happens if with a particle beam accelerator is fed images at the speed of light or if you have the 2 fields going in the opposite direction at the speed of light and you step into the magnetic field surrounded by this magnetic field and stuff flying by at the speed of light that has basically been recorded can you stop it or rewind to the last spot as the theory goes the closer you get to the speed of light the slower time moves in relation to your surroundings . An Earth bound time tunnel , depending on direction of the spinning electrons moving forward and back in time is possible now beam me up Scotty , if you can sync with time on say something like a pulsar.

Triangulate zoom hyper transport , I'm sure that the universe has super highways set up out their already and probably the traffic cops of the Universe are with us as well and will help put an end to the concept of evil people taking over civilian aircraft. I know politics and religion create arguments but George W. Bush is doing and excellent job , when I refer to armies of the clown it is not him I'm talking about but comedians following in the footsteps of comedians before us laughter is good for the soul. Now I'm going to look at the sky and take a nap under the stars and clouds on my deck , until tomorrow good day all.

THE AMAZING COMFORT BUTTON , hiding in plain site , obvious simple, I just thought of this what if every airplane seat had its own COMFORT BUTTON where the old ash trays were , so when something was sketchy , kind of like fastest finger for passengers , as many light up in the cockpit signaling something is wrong immediately sending a message to the FAA when it is obvious that way to many lights in correlation to passengers on board that flight have sounded an alarm...... I'm here to save the day! Another freebie life returns to normal for the flying public yes! Keep it simple , the economy comes back like a tsunami tidal wave and it is all because I truly care about you and me. May be I'll think some more need your help as well. It is just good to know it is there.

I know that trivia is fun may be they would be able to implement trivia games like they have in restaurants and bars to help make the time go by while waiting in line, with real cash and prizes for those interested at airports and on airplanes via touch screens.

Also the comfort button honor system concept would also work on buses, trains, schools and many other places activating a camera, hope that helps.

Motion sensors or UV ink that attaches to foot prints ought to work nicely in empty caves or old paths that have traceable DNA may help locate Osama's hoods as well.

Lotto decoder for 9/29/01

9/30/01 Seriously it sounds like these guys have been doing what I'm doing currently for a long , long time only they do letters to numbers. I'm fairly sure I've contacted this old positive energy force figure out what all this bickering and fighting that has been going on for apparently 1000's of years with some of the people or cultures on this planet based on some very interesting and cool stories about people long ago. What I'm going to do is read all kinds of stuff from all these different religions.

This is interesting stuff and sounds kind of like what is going on currently only it happened awhile back! Why is it that a lot of these religions keep waiting for someone to show up over and over to save the place we call Earth and it turns into some sort of crazy battle. All I know is I sure as heck don't want to be that 666 guy and I don't want to be any kind of a long sought after prophet , and I sure don't want 1/3 rd of stuff or more on the planet to become toast. I guess it is time to negotiate agreement that some kind of mutual entity exists and many religions call God or Allah or the Great Spirit or Jah or can we just call it good whatever the Positive stuff is what I'm after. Hey, we seriously need to save the planet now or 1000 years from now there will be no one here to argue about all this stuff, I prefer leaving the option open for the real prophet to show up 1000 years from now the true one the unites all religions actually the whole planet , may be by then the galaxy or who knows the whole universe and beyond that would be the real God.

When one of us wins the lotto the fun will really begin and the legions of armies of followers of the clown, may be it is ET UFO Footage, fly that tether thing around out there again NASA ,fish on fish on I think we would really like to meet these ET's as they are cool enough to visit us , contact , I'm hoping it becomes an invasion of the hotty curvaceous Space Babes in Bikini's by the million's or just cool people . Hopefully my customers are not tweaking out on all this as sense of humor required, hey I'm just trying to have a little fun and to the women who spy on our soap , hopefully Anna Kournakova is one of them , it is an important mission you are on. Li Li , where are you? Looking forward to seeing you and glad you are moving back to Colorado! I figure it best to keep throwing in random stuff to keep it interesting. Wait may be my lotto decoder really does work by destiny!

It is trippy, I thought about the words misspelled or when a number hits , it reranks it and changes the context of the matrix and other words appear check it out, they have been doing this stuff a while. The winning lotto numbers for 9/29/01 were 11,19,20,21,30,40 looks like tennis and spells out funny stuff Anna the EAST COAST time stamp as my ISP is on the east Coast and yes it was before the drawing actually check out the second or actually first one that was a day before the drawing on the first one as cash 5 changes daily because it happens 6 times a week, lotto and power ball only 2 a week, I must be the one ! They have an extra 2 hours to decode this stuff. May be this is Nobel Prize stuff after all just staying with the budget. I'll pay attention to it next time as I'm staying with the creativity of the story, now this is perhaps the weirdest thing I've learned of this evening in my world studies course as to why a 30 year battle started a long time ago.

9/30/01 No problem, I'm learning how to work with it all a cast of positive wave over this whole place!Simcha , Hoodoo , this stuff is really cool and is GOOD not Evil! Evil stuff is going to be bombarded by GOOD Vibrations oh the horror , here comes the Black Hole Super WEB wave, Go for it Jimi, yes! . Wow , Zoom ,Swish ,Ying ,Yang ,Hey Now Hajar ul Aswad , I need a miracle every day, this peace wave machine is growing!

10/01/01 Lotto Decoder 10/01/2001 Nobel prize for contacting ET or someone or something from beyond check 3rd chart ETA1, hello we hear you, someone believe me this is science fact look , print this chart out and watch what happens NeXT tomorrow night and Wednesday lotto drawing , hello Doc , it is me McFly or Rob Blessin, let's all win one! This thing seemingly sometimes reads minds or provides certain clues when running a stepping algorithm , this means it substitutes letters to form words and encrypted phrases , supernatural fun stuff , I'll show how to do this later!

10/02/01, For Example The Winning Cash 5 Numbers for 10/01/01 are listed as 10,24,25,28,31on the Colorado Lottery Website, I rank them first by order in terms of long hit span and then by short hit span as displayed in the Lotto decoder spreadsheets.

Creating a pure Statistical ranking requires a few things to be real no matter what The is the official Powerball sites explanation of how pure it truly may be or may not be. It is a difficult problem to solve , at least I know I'm not alone in the amazing theory category , I'll have to try connecting the dots to make animals as this is no doubt army of the clown material.

Above all Cash5, Lotto and especially Powerball the games I play and enjoy studying have to be pure and untainted for it to be real.

Lotto's especially the actual Equipment are securely monitored, double checked and audited one thing that stands out is the Bell Curve that all lotto's I've studied seem to create.

I should point out that I did not create the Lotto Boss and a few other packaged Software bundles engineered by Walter Services to make statistical analysis easier to manage for the majority of Lotto Games .

I had spent quite a few months painstakingly putting together my own spreadsheets for Lotto first from scratch to see what actually goes on. (My Rheumatoid Arthritis is flaring up today but the medications work most of the time to keep it at bay, hopefully this thing will give an answer for curing it from you all).

When doing research on my own I wanted to look further into the data as some interesting anomalies popped up statistically. Found the Lotto Boss Software that allowed me to take my data and compare it with the tab delimited data from lotto boss but it works great translate to 31(166),24(162),25(159),10(154),28(152) based on based on drawings 1-980 , my data should be fairly close to accurate hopefully perfect then 31,25,24,28,10 for the short span , when input into the climbing algorithm we see this:

entnttntnyxsljdkdkxqhdkpwpwbtnyfwpwpjdkmgqhqhentnttnntxqhdkpwdkyxsljdkljjdkmgqhmgbtnyfwpyf , some gibberish interestingly the TNT reference in case most people don't know the Nobel Peace Prize was originally by Alfred Nobel inventor of TNT , the link to their site is under the magic peace stone only 7 days to the award full moon, 100 years, amazing is this just coincidence or my destiny, I just emailed the Nobel Guys so it should be interesting to have them see this happen for there own eyes...

visissisindofthehedayherwrwusingwrwrtheplayayvisissiisdayherwhendofthefttheplayplusingwrng , this is the key generated , check it your self :

QVIXKLFDNACGUYSMRPTJBEWOHZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Software and stories available here that I found while doing research on how to make it work, you know the idea!

Osama and your band of evil people, Give yourself up peacefully now, as your caves door, when you sleep may face Mecca but the world and Allah knows and will determine your fate soon, I know Allah "God" truly appreciates the peace wave.

10/02/01 The Million WOMEN in Bikini's March or just looking really hot to show the Taliban what America is all about , hey this is the soap opera for men and I just had this dream so might as well round up all the Nobel Prizes while I'm at it although it may turn into the Rob gets chased by 1,000,000 angry Women that have no sense of humor what so ever and spy on our soap. Who would believe that Dr. Robert Scott , Black Holes 1st Customer friends with Linus Pauling may be, Linus says Vitamin C works, back to the future , time for a nap.

10/02/01 Oh no the armies of the clown seek 3,8,12,18,25 CHivaLRY, No problem we are just the guys to do it !Lotto Decoder for Cash 5 and Lotto 10/2/01

Well N.I.E.H.S. in all seriousness some cool folks that are customers and use NeXT also discovered the Breast Cancer Gene .

Michael Tinsey is developing software that reads Brain waves on NeXTSTEP , this will one day allow paraplegics to activate bionics to accomplish tasks until nontechnology repairs it all, if this is from ahead of us , tell us how through this thing, somebody ought to look at it. My friends are saying cool Angels! Powerball Lotto decoder for 10/03/01

NeXT Slide Show

Dear Rob Blessin, Thank you for your interest in the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, nominations are only made by persons who have been specifically invited by the concerned Nobel Committees. Yours sincerely, Webmaster ------------------------------------------- The webmaster of the Nobel Foundation , Oh well I guess I'm out than I tried!


OK , I was distracted before this particular drawing by Cat and Amber , you guys would have been as well , it was fun! It isn't easy and I still don't have a ticket that shows all 5 but very close. As King Soopers keeps my stubs when I have winners so I'm fairly sure I had or have how to do this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!

The above are losing tickets from other games and may be verified losers with Colorado Lottery Nobel Dudes= May 29, 01 = 2,5,8,12,20 Terminal Number 00095394, Claim# 898-57770752-01961, 157709350 , 010506 , C + June 25, 01 = 2,5,8,11,20 Term 00033993,Claim # 925-13121029-1989, 017287 , F + July 17, 01 = Term 00033993, 947-50233349-01965, 023835 , C , September 3 check with the Colorado Lottery web site to verify the numbers your self 10/3/01 Cash 5 1,5,8,11,20 , thanks God, ET or Who ever , I really am trying , it is not an easy equation 1-201,376 ODDS! What is the deal is it stats or wizards at the lotto manipulating the GAME or is it really something else like honest to GOD luck , fate or supernatural stuff ? Wow this is getting fun.

Look at this! My major originally was Watershed Science , my first suggestion is move innocent civilians the heck out of that town , in case there is an unexpected flood brought about either as an Evil Act by Osama to frame the good guys of the USA and World Military Coalition or as a set up or as a strategical move. PAY ATTENTION TO IT OK looks like a Trojan horse!

10/5/01 All of a sudden an answer that makes perfect sense from the void, my Uncle Ron , totally cool dude Ron you the man! My dad tells me this story tonight , heck all these years and I never new. I never new we had an unsolved project blue book event occur, June 18, 1959, ET is sending us a message! Sounds good to me fits in nicely with this loopy story , now I wonder am I part Alien , time traveler or 100% comedian ...stay tuned Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind as the Black Hole Turns. Apparently the craft came from the Sea in the Arctic Ocean , Canada as part of Dew Line an early warning system cosponsored by the RCAF and USAF , my uncle Ron saw this gig , another weather balloon , I don't think so all right , if it truly is Alien space babes sending mysterious encrypted lotto signals , all I want to know is when can I go for a ride! I'll do another Lotto decoder soon.

10/06/01 Lotto Decoder CO 10/06/01, OOPS with sort Chart a correct . Kim and Cat , I had fun hanging out with you all, last night and I came up with the name for the new beer "Spare Tire" , it is a Maple Nut brew very good.

I was cool as usual my last minute clown lotto purchase amazing and instead of validating all of my winners from last night, I let the 3 people standing in line in back of me purchase their last second tickets as the machine shut down. How sometimes we don't have enough time to procrastinate any longer on our current project . I actually hope they win the Power Ball because of the courtesy move on my part and prove my theory that all is well with fate and destiny, the lady that had the last ticket had a red ink stripe down the center , good sign usually.

Nobel guys, if you look at the ticket in the lower right corner above save it , zoom in flip it 180 and compare it with tonight's cash 5 winner, I'm watching Good Will Hunting , be the ball.

10/08/01 Lottodecoder CO 10/08/01 3 in a row is over due statistically in cash 5 ,next few games we may see it! The meatball cometh soon! Dennis Miller , 5 Star Comedian Army of the Clown , you the man!A We take you now to a remote Cave on Mt. Hira many many years ago, Rafael an important angel first speaks to a prophet that believes in the truth of the story of Jesus, Abraham, Moses and now a comedian in a really cool place called the USA , decrypting a lotto on the web, saying peace is the answer no matter what you all believe the best solution is peace, I understand it and freedom of religion is a choice for everyone. The intent and mission of the military is to arrest people that do not want a peaceful life for everyone on this planet, we want peace for you all, the ZAM ZAM stone.

I still think we should have moved the 1 in 400 year day February 29, 2000 to between 12/31/1999 and 1/1/2001 , heck Sweden added an extra day in 1712 so February had 30 days. I thought I would bring it back one more time as may be the whole Earth would be able to agree on one day each year to officially celebrate the fact that Earth is still inhabitable for another year and we all get a day off . Hidden deep with in the encrypted rant that spewed forth from beyond as though guided by some whimsical , mysterious, light , the way the truth, It was then that Bueleritis Ferris disease had struck the reader as though a plague of biblical nature had ensued and mischief had reared its ugly head once more , oh the horror of playing hooky on command of the great clown , your mission if you choose to accept it , take the day off for no reason in particular other than might as well , for those of you less schooled suggest renting Ferris Buelers Day Off for clarification of this particular ailment and its noteworthy cure , parents automatically cast a blind eye to this as you have been hypnotized as though by the Jedi Mind Trick and must take a day off as well a conspiracy brews, nah wasn't me .

10/09/01 Lotto Decoder 10/09/01

10/10/01 Lotto Decoder 10/10/01

, The more I look at this may be I am destined to be not for profit at this lotto thing , some sort of cosmic joke , at least we know the 666 false profit with the mark clearly on the foreheads is supposed to make a lot of money doing something probably Gates Windows , Microsoft something. Apologies Bill Gates ,if you are reading this I know you have a sense of humor as well , I'm thinking why not play the Grinch , nah why not send all those good kids and their families out there in NY and everywhere that have endured this tragedy and make good grades tickets to Disneyworld. Perhaps the helper Elf's George W. Bush , Paul Allen, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet and Steve he he he "Grumpy" Jobs may think it to be cool as well.


My mom , Ann M. Blessin has a book published way to go mom

Well it finally came to me , all the great ones have names and mine should be special as my predictions are based on pure comedy , math, science , hooky , reading, hooky , hockey, football, sports, music, I say screw all the doom and gloom stuff , Nostradamus , his predictions just ran out according to the universal lotto decoder, revelations its all good, I'm here to save the day be it alone or with the people that understand we will win and love , peace and freedom so I'm here to take up the slack as Nostradamus ran out of predictions for us to use , introducing the Great Clownoramus defender of the free and peaceful universal people that love comedy and life and not necessarily leader of the armies of the clown but on an equal level , possibly Billions in this army or may be I'm just a legend in my own mind an army of one a Seal is breaking up laughing, nah billions sounds better with a mission to someday win the lotto or may be not depends on which angel is pitching and how much luck involved like striking it rich in a gold mine I have going to match the talent and comedy of the situation . Who's with me?


10/11/01 Here is my sister Barb , when she and her husband Mike visited Egypt reportedly , she and her husband Mike were told by a gentleman that she was worth 10,000 camels. Mike Dude , you turned down the camels , man that would have been cool, just kidding Barb and Mike, I look forward to sight seeing in your new car!

My arthritis is hurting bad today and is usually a good barometer, as a result I'm going to Mc Donald's for breakfast , its early at 6:50 must be a change in the weather a coming soon forecast from the humor weather network. Check out the sunrise here cool !

10/12/2001 I must leave a dvr that is discovered in the future or ET or God, when outlining this as when I cleaned up my data for cash 5, all sorts of stuff lines up again , I was missing a set and had a few transcription errors and she should be real pure for both games! Lotto decoder 10/12/01 Cash five and 10/12/01 Lotto

This Ion Guy is a great help! , his additional filtering methods help me look at my data in optimal ways Alembic , now if I can figure out how to install and import data into his freeware that would be cool!

Idea for creating shelter for refugees in Afghanistan

Lottodecoder for Colo Cash 5 and Pick 6 10/13/01 10/13/01 Powerball 10/13/01

10/20/01 New improved Clownoramus Powerball decoder, good for 10/20/01

Ghost Busters, I swear to God , this stuff is really deeply encrypted in the Powerball stats and fits in nicely with this on going rant . It was the Random Clown Sort variable that made it give up the goods and rat out the secret to Maybury. You know me fellow clown soldiers and the women who spy on our soap, I'll probably screw up the solution to this Powerball drawing some way or miss the ticket buying deadline and in case it unlocks some doorway to time , I figure better a whole army of clowns than just me doing the unlocking.

My thought on this message is God does not want to see his favorite pet project the human race wipe each other out with this ongoing madness . God is currently crying and upset and obviously tunes in our soap dudes instead of the Anthrax, Taliban TV crap. God or Allah or great Spirit, if I win this thing or not, do you think , Denise Richard's would go out with me? Please don't let the crap hit the fan , God , I'm trying to save the place , have a good evening all as Clownoramus is through channeling until NeXT time the Black Hole turns.

Lotto Chart for Cash 5 and Colorado Lottery, 10/22/01

10/23/01 Here are some theories on how the Lotto works based on the facts I'm given from FAQ's on the Powerball site.

History , The Indiana Site has a good description of lotto's through history and recently had a Powerball Winner 9/26/01 unclaimed prize of $47 Million.

Odds of Winning , they are 50/50 , you either win or you don't win . I've studied the Lotto to the point of ridiculous and looked at 3 games specifically Colorado's Cash 5 which draws 5 balls out of 32 numbers,

The projected odds of winning the jackpot for cash 5 which pays $20,000 is 5 out of 5 of the 32 numbers is 1 in 201, 376 , 4 out of 5 numbers is 1 in 35,960 pays $200, 3 out of 5 is 1 in 4960 pays $10, 2 out of 5 is 1 in 496 pays $1 and 1 out of 5 is 1 in 32 pays nothing. So in this respect I guess I'm not doing so bad.

Ways of narrowing down the odds ,well sometimes I really suck at this and other times I'm great and appear to be a Genius . I know a lot of you are as confused as I am about the Spreadsheets but afterwards they seem to make sense. Please note I'm not going back and changing them in any way after the drawing. To prove this print it out in advance and look at it afterwards tonight's 10/22/01 winning cash 5 numbers were 1-4-9-16-17 . I thought it would be cool to donate a NeXT to the Auction for America.

1 may be it is Subatomic Particles that have intelligence ,Powerball Decoder 10/24/01

10/24/01 Lotto Decoder Colorado

10/28/01 Walter Services Lotto Software, apologies for not posting the grid but I have been doing intense research. Every now and then I make break through discoveries that help in my quest to win the lotto or at least hope you all do. I have been using the Lotto software above for well over a year. It is excellent in many respects but some features need refinement and I spoke with the developer at length about NeXT Developer tools .

It would have saved him and myself so much time as once you request specific attributes of data sets in his Lotto Software they become static and require hard copy printouts. In other words it would be cool to be able to sort and query the data dynamically or at least be able to export or cut and past it into to a Spreadsheet , I know with NeXT / Apple developer tools it would be a breeze to have produced some of these features for the guy and I may wind up doing this on my own someday.

In all the time I've spent looking and analyzing the data generated by lotoboss something perpetually bothered me , why was I often so close but never directly on target for some numbers. I think I've finally figured out , what a pain in the as the actual Lottery folks are probably looking in on this thanks, I know you all were statistically screaming at me and trying to help me out by pointing at it, hey I'm trying hard to learn this stuff but invention and innovation takes time but I'm enjoying it.

A major flaw I believe truly exists with Lottoboss software is directly attributable to ROUNDING ERRORS created non intentionally by the software. Most computers will take an equation out to 10 or 12 digits , my best educated guess is that Walter Services flaw is in their formatting by restricting the output of equations to 2 decimal places. In other words when you are running stats you should not restrict the data through formatting it as it creates a domino effect throwing off the bell curve sucks eggs.

So what does that call it a tiny fraction of a penny amount up to over time, depending an what it is all about a heck of a lot. I know at one point early on in this I cited a famous case and much simpler historical example at the time this was perfectly legal. A gentleman wrote a program as computers carry out numbers to 10 or 12 digits and beyond , however we typically round it to 2 digits for currency $10.6666 becomes $10.67 and conversely 10.333 becomes $10.33 with that fraction of a penny overage going where, (the underage ignored) ? Well he had any overage from any rounding errors deposited into a perfectly legal personal bank account and when finally discovered or uncovered it was recorded to be $27 K a Day actually deposited because of the rounding error accumulation of 1000's of accounts.

If you think about the phone companies and 6 second billing compared to billing by the minute , huge , heck in practically every industry when a spreadsheet is formatted to convenient representation of data to the eye , rounding errors begin most of the time with non malicious intent as most folks don't know computers Round Numbers off.

As far as the Lotto Decoders , I'll probably put them out here occasionally when the pot gets large , as no matter what I try seems like they put me on a wild goose chase with the intent to purely school me out of more cash throwing an occasional bone winner. Or when we finally give up they as though by magic they make the numbers appear that we have played for weeks. I'm seriously in doubt that if the drawing is not televised or even if it is something is real FISHY about this whole game. I can look at the stats now microscopically and see there is a balance to the whole gig and it is cosmic Astro Micro Physics , if it isn't human 50/50 , I'm guessing this entity we know as LOTTO has amazing traits similar to a living , breathing organism with circulation , now that would be cool , may be it is God or sometimes something Evil or a combination of playing different hyperdimensional ball teams perhaps Angels.

I'm positive I'm into some interesting new field of physics , my best guess is I'm dealing with Ph.D. mathematicians that make sure the statistics stay the way they do employed by the lotto but I'm not sure when in terms of a time frame , where in terms of dimension or who they are in terms of Mass, Space and Time. I'm also guessing when the game reaches a certain value they become more than happy to try to give it away as traffic jams start and long lines form in some areas creating headaches.

I think that the correct solution is having , first close to perfect statistics and all the equations properly in balance as it states on the Powerball FAQ "to the point of ridiculous in terms of Random Stats" and numerous other clues pertaining to" you thought you caught us fixing something" with the Powerball . The Number 30 Powerball is currently the gravy train for them , I've picked it out of humor more than once along with all the other Charlie Brown Long Shots. I'm sure when the Lotto Stats Wizards look at those tickets they go gee that one really sucked.

When I spend a lot of time researching a game to the point of ridiculous like the lotto bug and I think hey I caught Herbie , they come back with stats pertaining to calibrations of tolerances with in the infrastructure of perhaps valves , cam's , carb's give me a break already and let me win. Yes I thought of that heck, I've owned and bump started enough VW's along with repairing them to know about that stuff.

I'm guessing if it is Aliens, Time Travelers and Superior Beings from who only knows where they obviously exploit loopholes in our mathematics and are capable of Interdimensional bending of Space Time to do what ever they want and as a joke say here we are in the Lotto , try and figure it out. If it turns out to just be a bunch of thugs terrorizing Lotto Officials with mass bribes and corruption through out now that would really suck eggs , I'm guessing probably not perhaps it is restless spirits like a OUJI board like in field of Dreams. Clownoramus has spoken , I'm working on a really cool upgrade to the Lottodecoder so it may take me awhile as obviously everything is not working correctly . I sound like a delusional Science Fiction writer at this point all I know is what I've found is amazing . I guess if no one requests a chart of the Lotto Decoder then so be it but I'll still put them out here as there a Women who spy on our soap. Kim I had fun today at the game with you, go Broncos .

10/31/2001 I'll try to explain how this thing works as far as I can tell , it is no doubt ground breaking experimental physics. When ever scientists through out history try to innovate , create and discovery sometimes it takes a lot of lemons to make lemonade or something like that at any rate. The mathematicians that be have thrown down a challenge for 1000's of years called the lotto and actually winning it is really difficult to do. I'm fairly sure that some of the best minds have tackled trying to win it as when you look at it , mathematics is at the heart of it , an investment of just $1 has the potential to yield astronomical wealth in return in an incredibly short amount of time.

The statistics part is fascinating once you study it and trial and error yields interesting results but what puzzles me is seemingly an incredible underlying message that appears in my stats in every single game. I look at it and it amazes me as words seem to pop out of the data as though it is artificial intelligence or a means to contact entities that actually may be driving the lotto stats . Honestly it is impressing me as when I discover one word another seems to materialize out of thin air and if I reverse the sort to cross check it , it is all on the up and up like tuning in different frequencies on a radio dial , OUJI board.

Sometimes them message is good and other times it seems troubled , sometimes it seems like complete gibberish but when I tune it just a little differently like even adding or subtracting just one number in the grid or changing one letter , it seems to be a whole different spirit that has been contacted and it is fascinating. I find it seems to work best when the actual stats are perfectly matched like making it to the pros after starting way back in little league , if I heaven has a ball team I'm fairly sure I've found it , for example HONIS appeared spelled out recently, lots of times out , RBI, run , ump all kinds of stuff appears as though by magic and when I run it through the monolithic conversion , sometimes it informs me that I suck ah but recently I'm fairly sure I hit a grand slam and the gods were miffed.

Where am I going with this , well to make it easier on me , I have to develop an application that makes it easy to enter data at the front end like like boss . It would help , if I can figure out a way to extract the existing data already in lotto boss perhaps ASCII format . I'm guessing NeXT developer tools like eof will then allow me to create a template and or mathematica capable of allowing me to input the winning numbers at the front end and kick out stuff at the back end , automatically changing the sort, rank and communication grids that I have in place like and artificial intelligence generating device that will actually tell me if based on all of our current statistical math , what it thinks would be a good play and above all the humor variable so it has personality of course on a NeXT box as I know some of them develop personalities after a while ask the people that own then . I'm glad I have so many of them to take care of they are cool little machines.

In these grids , I'm highlighting words that appear to pop out, please remember I'm not manipulating or skewing this data intentionally to achieve these results as I say , X Files, Twilight Zone Stuff , seriously Happy Halloween , but this story is real, enjoy and please Win one , hope this thing helps you make contact with the Wizard of Odds and they let us win one for the clowns.

 Huge Beta Test stuff, R&D; Lottodecoder running amuck, only clowns and people with sense of humor and serious desire to win Lotto any way possible will understand this secret decrypting technology stuff with in & .

Chart 2 PB

Great Minds and Clowns Unite for peace and prosperity.

11/1/01 Last night winning cash 5 numbers 2,8,19,21,28 = B,H,S,U,B , look at Colorado Lotto site, it is real. Tutor at the Computer,

at any rate , if I'm right Newton's Law of every action there is an equal and opposite reaction , the longer the odds of figuring out a Lotto or anything mathematically ,I'm guessing somewhere in the space time scenario brought forth by Einstein there must also theoretically exist an easiest of easy solution provided the data we have is perfect this would make it easier yet to discover this Clown Physics Variable , Elvis. I'm guessing winners of the Lotto are given the privilege of following Newton's Laws may be the clown decoder is the solution we all need as Astrophysics is not understood by most of us , so I'm going to try and make this Clown Decoder easy on the surface with a Graphical User Interface but I'm probably still very capable of screwing it up as I'm only human and working with Excel is a mysterious gig. How the heck does one take a simple column of numbers in one column and have the appear below in sorted order automatically. I'm guessing range , pain to copy a range of formulas for example , I want the same range of numbers to appear not it constantly offsetting. I spent hours last night trying to make heads or tales of how to do this including trying Pivot Tables , which is pretty much Astrophysics right of passage. Writing a formula that automatically statistically rank sorts , geese try attaching simple attributes like 1 letter a=1 to this E=1 .... Bill I'm lost , this ought to be easy but heck I really really know computers and I might as well be trying to figure out Powerball in the dark. I'll figure it out just stymied currently.


11/2/01 Please monitor the fault lines now ,gee o here is the Powerballogy Decoder 11/03/01 , ,, Message analysis FIELDS I'm absolutely positive what I have discovered is amazing, they probably laughed at Edison and Edison at Tesla so laugh with me as currently I'm a fool but I'll be a genius some day! I'll also note that when I initially added up the winning numbers and correlated them to the periodic chart , mysteriously some change, also when you scroll up and down it appears as though a wave appears, I'm still working on this obviously, it takes a lot of time, but I'm trying to prove this. If anyone would understand how difficult some of this stuff is to dream up, then try to figure out , it would be my customers in physics as I'm doing it on my own for the most part. I make mistakes but I'm learning and just trying to help contribute to moving science and Math forward in a positive way for everyone but these late nights , I'm going to prove this is something truly cool. Is this possibly entanglement in terms of physics, where they , we are not sure who are sending ant ions messages back to us from the future and are we capable of altering the future for good , then what, I feel like we are in the Matrix, please go to the Colorado Lottery site and look up the numbers before calling me completely loony tunes , also the image for Lisa at the top of the page has artificial WWW life look at it for awhile amazing .....?

The 7:30 time is much more difficult than 9:00 to make the deadline for me really is hard to do, I'm ready to give in , nah Colorado Lotto

11/05/01 Here ye , here ye , the great clown has now completely automated the clown decoder through the magic of macros , now the armies of the clown will truly understand the hidden messages that the lotto Gods speweth forth with the quickness. What used to take me hours can now be done in seconds and to the Lotto Officials , be good to we clowns as we are and have been monetarily unto you , the brain trust cometh once more. Please remember not playing, inventing your own way or quick pick is always an option an option, I'm guessing the lotto statisticians , many, many picture them bored to tears after years of no fun running the same boring stats anova tests to see what influences an increase in sales then all of a sudden a magic clown like wheel of fortune appears , who the heck needs anova we just want to play . As a result of the automation I can include all kinds of different 3 field sorts now as this thing gathers momentum or not, it still makes me chuckle, clown forecast 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 by mistake yields ,well it isn't going to happen often yet the clown grid says stuff .... I'm still working on the unrounding stats , geeze I'm am only one guy working on this project from this end as it is like Harry Potter may be I'm a Wizard of Fun like Merlin. I suspect a few clowns and many spirits , "Cleo dioesn't have anything on us" as they have found the lottodecoding device along with the aliens, angels , Gods, entities, interdimensional time travelors , ball players from beyond, partiers and 100% completely lost in cyberspace Windows users build it and they will come, somebody has to be entertaining to cheer the heck up the greatest people USA and well the world is excellent, kids have you matched up those periodic numbers yet for me, I found a good website above.

11/6/01 I think we are about due for some rain and snow, forecast from the humor weather network , soon, are their aliens controlling the moon this evening , look up and tell me it doen't look funky as Orien the constellation and the stars surrounding the moon , it is like Star Wars , use the force Luke . The additions on the house all passed final inspections , I guess with the help a few friends and myself , we can engineer structurally sound and really cool stuff. Also my dad will be picking up a few hundred more nexts for me , thanks for everyones business. We are going to include some of Shannon at Deepspaces popcorn , he actually makes really good carmel corn with prizes for next stuff in purchases over one hundred dollars should be fun as we will be giving away some NeXT computers and gift certificates as promised. To make it fair I'm emailing Shannon the instructions , it'll be completely humorous like the lotto. We will also be sending out recent customers popcorn as well should be fun, have a good day all!

11/7/01 I guess I give up trying to win the lotto, it appears that I don't have a chance all of this is meaningless, there are no hidden codes or games and obviously stats has nothing to do with anything a total waste of time as was this whole project and the story that really sucked. Goodby

Hey just a minute there bucko, nobody says its over until I say its over and it ain't over now , stay tuned as Rob battles his own mind on what the heck is really going on with this stuff, the latest winners of powerball, the location, the story , I suspect that fate is no doubt messing with me and you. Besides I have an automated clown decoder , now I'll have to figure out how to webify it and dynamically bring it to life.

11/9/01 It is about history and destiny, someone won 55 Million in powerball with in a little over 1 mile of the White House last night. Here is the article, cool It must be something truly amazing , we clowns are on to you now .

11/11/01 This week will offer one of the most spectacular Meteor showers since 1966 for the residents of Colorado at its peak we will see 2000 meteors an hour should be cool Leonids..

I'm thinking my automated Clown Lotto decoder is proving something if only to me currently that all natural and randomly occuring things in nature no matter how complex , exhibit a mathematical pattern that can be solved through trial error and sorting basically inventing. I find it interesting how when I have pure stats and then weight them correctly with bell curve distributions in sequential order then make an effort to forecast , amazingly sometimes things seem to tune in and dozens of words appear other times it is obviously out of tune. I sincerely believe my research can be used in parallel for a lot of things as I have been reading about breakthroughs in DNA sequencing and how it correlates to disease such as cancer. I also read how scientist's have won Nobel prizes for basically sorting out data and comparing and contrasting the results in the form of a sorted grid of sorts. I'm thinking it would be entirely possible to have for example a spreadsheet to represent the data with a focused target for example a DNA Cancer Cell .Then correlating the data to see what works and what doesn't as far as having an effect or not having an effect of turning the Cancer in to remission through the science of sorting, ranking and elimination . A good sample is important the idea is to invent a way to map a correlate what is going on effectively enough where it is simple to useand makes sense. Obviously on the other end we need a perfectly healthy cell stem cell, then the idea is to dna map it or stamp it with the counterbalance necessary to put the cancerous cell into remission and start the repairing and healing process. I'm frustrated because I can envision it but I just don't know enough about the fundamentals yet to make sense out of how to do this but I'm trying. If I had the data or Medical Algorithms , I would probably be able to create macros that would make short work of sorting this stuff out. I know you all would help as well, Like this.

11/11/01 Trish, Paul, John and myself, High Fived the Barrel Man at the Broncos game today. John first remembered seeing the barrel man back in 65.

11/24/01 I had a feeling this evening a hunch and went with my gut . I hadn't been to the Dog track for a while and dang near hit 2 trifectas the 2 races before I hit the Superfecta , 4 dogs in order. I'm thinking what the heck, this Dog track stuff is cake compared to the really difficult stats I've been dealing with and being constantly humored with and I was absolutely correct , even after the photo finish almost hosed my miracle but not 7,2,3,6 wahoooo box. Hey, it is the 4th time I've hit a Super fecta and I don't go often as the Dog Track people probably would get ticked off. The smartest thing , I did was walk away with close to $400 in winnings at first I thought I won $7500 as that what was initially listed as the pot but amazingly dropped to just under $400 , when I cashed my ticket.....hmmmm , OK , I guess they must bank at it or other Superfecta winners were in the house, at any rate I'm happy as a clam bring on the lotto . I had fun with Cat and Lili earlier in the week and Thanksgiving yesterday with friends and family was also good, enjoying the leftover Turkey Sandwiches. On to page 9 Comments and questions: email

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