Number 9

I decided to rewrite this one ...so drifting back to a memory from many many years ago in an apartment in downtown Denver.

I was going to stop by and visit Scott Tailor a friend from high school as he at the time was living in the affordable apartment area close to capital hill. I knocked and Scott wasn't home but a cool girl Leslie answered and said Scott should be back in a bit. I'm fairly sure she said her name was Leslie or possibly Louise so as it goes , we struck up a conversation , she was easy going and cool to talk with and all as time went by Scott arrived close to an hour later.

Scott said to me, do you know who you have been talking with, I answered yes , Leslie, she's pretty cool . Scott said did she tell you she was Leslie Harrison. I said to Leslie , how are you doing Leslie Harrison as I thought OK. She responded, I'm doing OK , so I asked what is so unusual about Leslie Harrison. Scott ever heard of George Harrison. Yes of course practically everyone knows George Harrison. Leslie's mom Louise is George's sister. She nodded, I'm thinking she is a pretty down to earth person and probably said no s** but she is just like you and me.

Leslie had some interesting stories that'll I'll honestly believe, the house they lived in when she was growing up had some unusual attributes, as apparently everything from the floor yellow carpet and tile, yellow walls and pictures, yellow dishes , yellow furniture , yellow fixtures and yellow ceiling had inspired the tune yellow submarine , yellow submarine probably not many people know about that one and who would possibly make something like that up?

Leslie remembered one Beatles show in particular, stepping out of the limos at the shay stadium show with an incredibly enthusiastic crowd and the whole parking garage was actually bouncing up and down. She remembers half crazed Beatle fans used to try and sometimes succeed at pulling her hair out as they were escorted through the crowds by security.

The thing that made me further believe it all was when she had showed me her personal photo album and her as a little girl, the folks, grandparents and pictures of the Quarrymen in Liverpool the name of the band before Beatles. I'm telling you all this incredible stuff always seems to happen for the right reason for me.

A few month's later I remember George Harrison released his first new album in 14 years and that was pretty cool , Peace to George !

I remember when I played the Beatles Sergeant Peppers album for my sister, next thing you know she was a big Beatles fan and I was like all right, revolution for peace to save this planet is here, I'll keep writing these true stories and I hope you all will help the effort to make this world a better place.


I started writing this the other night and decided not to post it in response to someone saying NeXTSTEP wasn't worth $99 ....it is not complete but as you can tell I was fired up....

Some times in life you have to stand up for what is right and what you believe in and honestly throw down a thread that has such huge potential , it potentially bends the space , time continuum.

It appears I'm being judged personally for believing in, attempting to still support with a little help from my friends and actually selling an operating system that still kicks everything out there's ass.

Who would listen as if my direction in life to this very day as I stood here high on my pulpit, preaching the way the truth , light and the pure virtue of the magnificent Dos and Windows 3.11 running on those screamingly collectable and artistically beautiful 286, 386, 486 and pentium boxes, the legions of Windows users chant and are entranced.

Then spake from the sacred scroll unveil Windows 95 ,then hark Win 98, here yea here yea Win 98 edition 2 and yet in parallel we offer Win NT 3.5 various incarnations Win 4.0 Server, Client ,then let there be yet Millennium and 2000 then Win XP , all called upgrades, patches and eternal developer headaches requiring about $99 USD.

And spin off all kinds of 3rd party stuff that required upgrades.

Through shear genius blasted my message via acts like the rolling stones and had computer companies bowing to write drivers for the above well "crap" for lack of a better description heck then I would be Bill Gates incredibly rich and have the whole Intel world by the short and Larry, Moe and Curlies for however many years as no one as of yet has stepped up successfully to the $99 challenge.

In fact at this point it is practically impossible to make in roads because of the critical mass and wide spread acceptance of Microsoft. I admit even I have been forced to use the Microsoft dark side not by choice but because of a lack of choice in terms of what is currently available and used by the suffering masses.

Although I have tried in our hearts to know of the world's best operating system all these years and have the privilege to resell the operating system and the really cool little NeXT computers to the lucky chosen few has, is and will always be a pleasure.

NeXTSTEP historically , product "Excellent", marketing "Stealth and secretive", price "Sticker Shock", place "non mainstream" , promotion strategy as I say sometimes comedy is the best approach to reflecting.

$99 for NeXTSTEP is a deal, it may be old but still good. I don't know any other operating system that is any where near as good. It is not the fault of the operating system that time moves on as she is true pure and just.

I'm proud to be on this island we call the planet Earth as apparently the very last NeXT / Openstep outpost offering an operating system unparalleled as of yet with a few computers.

Who proves me wrong only a few things are simply lacking

a guru, number 1 , PPP finish the gatekeeper app. I would gladly donate a NeXT to the developer that would do this , so it is easy to connect our old NeXT's via dialup and also an easy DSL app as well.

We have NeXTSTEP at $99 for an operating system that still even though called old because of age , rocks and Openstep 4.2. How do I still have these well just a few weeks before something classic. I had sold out of previous inventory and reordered initially ~ $15,000 in Openstep and NeXTSTEP inventory directly from Apple , not only that they doubled the shipment saying it would be end of lifted and I said no problem . I'll keep the additional inventory and resell it, Apple offered the normal 20% off

the list price and so this resulted after shipping enough of a margin to keep me alive.

Then the Y2K Apple / NeXT stuff enters the picture only a few weeks after my purchase and wow ,Apple decides to give all the stuff away for a while and this creates great confusion for me and my customers. Anyone that contacted the Y2K people knows the story it was either a good experience or clueless leading the blind.

At any rate I'm down to the last of that original Apple purchase and through purchasing inventories of companies that went out of business have acquired additional software. I'm also still authorized to resell software for a lot of the 3rd party developers and also post links on the site when it becomes free. It has been a roller coaster ride plus

NeXTSTEP, Openstep, Rhapsody as an "old" operating system still is excellent and would be easy to upgrade giving a budget, no problem.

Enter the Steve Jobs reality distortion field, as we picture the Apple brain trust zone, a room full talented NeXT developers Steve and Avi at the helm , (well may be easier sending Steve on vacation , when the Steve meter reaches a certain level)

The chosen developers with an ultimate mission: Crumble the Microsoft Empire and its Monopolistic grip on the Intel operating system marketing in record time through a brilliant strategy indeed.

Obviously the sharp shooters that wrote the NeXT hardware drivers initially using the NeXT driver kit and using previous NeXT driver templates as examples would make sense, access to complete information on the hardware specs for the desired configurations from all hardware companies as well as help from some of their developers and of course calling on the rebel GNUstep, Darwin and Linux contingent to help make the port reality as all of sudden it is Opensource, hey we would probably be able to port an Openstep , Rhapsody, OS X upgrade to Intel with the quickness:

To handshake to new hardware some drivers may just need the correct autodetect ID's others a tweaked instance table .

I donated a copy of the NeXT / Openstep user and developer tools to Opensound to port their sounds stuff to NeXT and the just need a little help via templates to make it happens ... this would bring pci sound and all sorts of other cool sound stuff into play.


Compared to the new operating systems this potential spin off strategy for Apple taps into a huge market the Intel operating system market currently ruled by Microsoft but dude where are the apps?

Mac OS X = Apple + NeXT = The best available product currently with huge reserved potential like a gusher waiting to happen.

If you really think about it logically an OS X Compliant application in a lot of cases transition from a NeXT app to Openstep to Rhapsody to Yellowbox.

The idea of Openstep was to make a developers life easy develop an app and using Open standards recompile to run cross platform as in Openstep OS, Windows and Solaris , my understanding is this theory faded as Openstep beget Rhapsody beget Yellowbox beget Yellowbox OS X Server and Cocoa for Windows and Webobjects and well all the name changes confuse the heck out of me, you and everybody.

Windows XP , I guess I haven't tried this one , but it crashes less.

Linux , if you have installed this it is a challenge but improving and Solaris is interesting and has cool features.

Yet still , when NeXTSTEP ridiculously easy to learn to use and installing upgrades or tinkering with NeXT hardware is easy compared to most Intel boxes.


NeXT Workstation as an old computer , compared to the new computers

honestly currently what is a new operating system, what is really ridiculous is Windows . End uncompleted Flame....

12/9/01 Sunday night Football, Something's are no doubt part magic destiny and cool; Mac , the Green Brothers and myself were bound for the Sunday night Bronco Seahawks game. On our way into the game Mac and I were joking about catching a ball as our seats , well are obviously prime for doing so . The Broncos scored the 1 st touchdown as the neighbor Griese through a nice ball and and on the extra point try they have basically a safety net that is raised to prevent footballs from flying over it and into the crowd. On this particular extra point, it doesn't happen often the net became partially entangled and everyone in our section tensed as we all realized this one was going to be incoming. We are quite a few rows up from the field but have the strategic advantage of being in row 1 above the walk around isle that is about 8 feet wide. Elam nailed the ball and it came screaming through the uprights on fire and made a beeline literally right for me , as though in a dream I caught the ball and it was really moving . Everyone around I remember hands reaching in trying to grab it away , not going to happen as I had the ball with the quickness and put is away. It was clearly , uncontested and my ball start to finish and I didn't have to lean left or right step on anyone's toes , made it look easy, we all were going nuts , high five's . I'm still in shock but hey I'm psyched , people coming up nice catch man , one guy in a tie dye saying I'm security and I need the ball, I'm like yeah right , what ball as it was put away safely. I admit with out being boastful I made it look easy in fact they didn't even have it on video apparently scanning the crowd, he ,he, he and here is the proof, the actual ball in front of some NeXT's . What makes it even better doesn't that Microsoft guy Paul Allen own the Seahawks, yea this one was for NeXT and NeXT users , yahoo be the ball , I looked it in catch, cover and hold it tight . I'll keep writing these stories as life sometimes through you curve balls . I need to get the footage as it has to look totally amazing and is one of life's better moments , you always wonder , if you are going to drop it, now I know, I caught the DA*n ball !.

12/10/01 Paul called saying he told the story 100 times , I'm close to that as well but it is one of those great things.

12/24/01 Santa is Fast, very Fast.Ho Ho HoVaroooooom! Santa seriously gives away a NeXTSTATION or refurbished NeXT laser Printer to the first respondent, to e-mail sales@blackholeinc.com and tell us why you love this soap opera for men, if this is still here without comment it hasn't been discovered yet! The force is strong with this one, you'll have to cover shipping! 12/26/01Wingmakers for peace 2751! 12/27/01 Seeing is believing ! We've made contact

1/24/02 Chaos Powerball Decoder at it's best Fields Medal !

3/8/2002 I had fun celebrating my 39th Birthday with Cat and we had dinner then met some nice folks that moved here from Manhattan whilst playing pool at a bar in Cherry Creek.

I'm currently rewriting the rough draft below so it makes sense sometimes my first go around is difficult even to me !

Tales from the lotto this following is more work in progress , I'm going to try to make some easy to understand stuff.

Simple Powerball 101 Odds Florida Version chart

Simple Powerball 101 Odds Non Florida Version chart


Talk about some interesting, unusual and amazing Lotto winner related stories, that I've uncovered and discovered through doing meticulous and extensive research primarily looking into the. Powerball , Colorado lottery and Cash 5 drawings.

I've hand picked a few Winners where the particular stats are clearly astronomical in nature and very difficult to find and in some cases clearly point to a strategy that produced a winner from just 1 dollar.

How the winners predicted the winning numbers is obviously our goal let the winners be our guide. I'll let you all decide .

Now if I were to write a conspiracy, mystery , humor theory about what really happens during Lotto drawings and that they are predictable then most would say sure clownoramus, prove it to me , show me the money, I'll use real facts.

I'm 100% sure that some amazing things have happened that seem to defy common sense, physics , logic and yet they worked as I've been analysing Lotto for quite sometime , I'm finally seeing the forest through the tress.

Perhaps the funniest thing I uncovered to date is way back on page 1 of this short story on 7/14/99, I very first mentioned my mission to develop a winning lotto strategy and as I was late to purchase tickets , call it the clown variable and sometimes a good way to save money strategy , but hey I was playing golf and it was important to me , as fate would have it the Lotto produced a winner named Elsie Blessinger, shecashed in and won 6,000,000 that very night in the Colorado lottery drawing. I sincerely have to laugh after just discovering this fact last night , when searching through the Colorado Lotto Stats and looking at who actually won. Finding this fact and correlating it to my story and finding out it was that first day made me laugh, as my name is Rob Blessin , I'm guessing OK , good work Elsie, the lotto God, she was destined to win and it was my destiny to play one of the most amazing rounds of golf in my life that evening into the twilight zone we proceed.


I'll offer a few examples of what makes the winning results of some lotto drawings seem unusually strange to me and probably most folks on the planet .

Perhaps numero uno: How about a 6 for 6 Colorado Lottery Drawing that produced 10 winners from all around the state in just one game. Yes, I said 10 Lotto Winners same drawing , I'm thinking possibly a squadron of Aliens , Time Travelers , Psychic Friends network or Marketing ploy to spurn sales and revenue.

Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg for September 1991, remember odds for the 6/42 Lotto is 1 in 5.2 Million to match 6 for 6 for 10 people to do it in a single game , luck.

What would you all say the probability of 1 person winning 2 Lottery Drawings with in 150 games of one another in any lotto at any time in history?

The odds to win the Colorado Lottery statistically 6 for 6 out of 42 numbers or 1 in 5,245,786

The odds to win the Colorado Lottery statistically a second time 6 for 6 out of 42 numbers is 1 in 5,245,786 but looking at both obviously astronomical odds for one person to win twice especially only 2 drawings after 10 people just won, perhaps a statistical smoking gun.

Don Whitman Jr. won the first 2 Million on 12/23/89 48 Colorado Lottery drawing as a CO-winner

then another 2 Million on 10/16/91.

I'm obviously going to deduce Don used either stats or is amazingly psychic or who knows may be is a time traveler or alien of the 4 , I looked at Stats.

The second games winning numbers at a range of about 50 games correlate strongly to 6 hot numbers meaning they were in a lot of drawings, but look at this possibly appears to be an even more simple solution.

First the ten winners :

10/9/91 1- 5- 18- 36- 40- 42 10 $1,500,000 $0 Ted DuCray Grand Junction $1,500,000.00 James A. Caldwell Boulder $1,500,000.00 Lucy McClellan Pueblo $1,500,000.00 Mary Boehme Aurora $1,500,000.00 Rolf Orle Littleton $1,500,000.00 Charles Holmes Longmont $1,500,000.00 Karen M. Izak Loveland $1,500,000.00 Opal Keithley Craig $1,500,000.00 Karen L. Chomyak Littleton $1,500,000.00 Vera Counce Denver $1,500,000.00

Second a game with no Lotto Winner;

10/12/91 5- 8- 17- 20- 28- 36 no winner then Don's second win.....

Third Don's 2nd Win:

10/16/91 7- 8- 12- 20- 26- 37 1 $2,212,097 $0 Don Wittman, Jr. Denver Annuity

I'll try to make this simple , often many of you have noticed that with in just 2 games 1 number or more repeats and sometimes not.:

In this case: 2 numbers repeated 8 and 20 in the same position , using a repeating number strategy Don guessed correctly.

Comparing just the last 2 drawings:

(1) number 5 moved up 2 numbers to 7

(2) number 8 stayed the same

(3) number 17 dropped 5 to 12

(4) number 20 stayed the same

(5) number 28 dropped 2 to 26

(6) number 36 moved up 1 to 37



The following is a rough draft .

Now I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you may agree with me that if it is not Aliens or Time Travelers or Luck then a conspiracy may be brewing deep with in the rant.

Also 2 Identical 6 for 6 number games in the lotto but this pales in comparison.

Cash 5 where games on 5/7/98 and 9/15/00 are identical numbers as well as 11/10/98 and 12/28/00 , keep the 12/28/00 game and date in mind please.

The true super gig is 2,4,6,24,26 and Mr. Billy Moreland , won twice with the same numbers on 10/12/98 then 8/2/01 just before the first Powerball Drawing here in Colorado , I'm guessing all even number strategy and hey it worked. Also the Powerball drawing on 8/4/01 had all even numbers as well interesting as this was the first Colorado Drawing at last appearance of all even.

I decided to tackle Powerball anomalies for you all as well now, relatives as in cousins the Dreilings have won 2 powerballs . Remember for 1 person to win is 1 in 80,000,000 odds , 2 people same family win it as I say potential inquirer Cone head convention story or something cosmic.

Then the one I find with a clear smoking gun of suspicion, drum roll please, Poweball 4/3/93 matches 12/27/00 same 5 and the the same powerball for 32 Million .

OK , if no one won I would say , must be random drawing stuff for sure. However as I dove into the research remember , they , we don't know who or what they are messing with our army of the Clown Mojo and it is my mission to set things right. I notified the Lotto of this new approach to predicting the mission impossible using the amazing ever changing and potentially completely useless Lotto the Clown Decoder, obviously it gives us all a good laugh and equally fair chance at winning potentially worse than 1 in 80,000,000 but potentially actually the most amazing strategy ever conceived .

Oh so here is my further proof using actual stuff from deep with in the archives of the official powerball web page.

I think this is how it went down . On 4/3/93 this was actually the 100th powerball drawing and then 12/27/00 is the 907 drawing which is also the area code for Alaska .

I'm thinking OK, they wanted to make this real big easy for somebody to win and it had to be an inside job and it was going to cost them one dollar.

While perusing through the powerball site I discovered a page that stated the exact date of when new sets of balls were rotated in and the old ones cast aside but where did they go at first it didn't click. Now it has and I thought I would share with you all , safety in numbers as 32 Million is a lot of dough and hey I hope if it isn't honest that may be I'll win the fields medal and a hefty finders fee but it isn't about that , heck may be they can buy us all off now that would be cool but we are all potentially the worst lotto predictors in history so they try to make it easier but not to easy so the jackpot grows and more and more clowns are sucked into being bribed not a dirty rat among us , including the coppers as they want to figure it out as well . Who would set up such a thing ? I'm thinking the poor tortured Lotto employees as they are not allowed to play not even a scratch game , so the would potentially set up a secret code , Hollywood and the Nobel Prize Committee would attempt to cover it up by releasing the Beautiful Mind thing but we would see right through that ploy.

I thought aha , the brain trust figured no way in heck is any clown ever going to figure this caper out, then we seem to hear , use the force Luke. Unless the true great Clown , Charlie Brown of Lotto has arrived and the one in a million , billion years , gig comes true for me or someone like you.

We'll theorize rocco, moose, scooby doo and me and you also want to know who these people are as the anonymous family of 9 or more from Delaware that purchased the tickets in Jersey are in with the Ms. Cleo Network possibly , the other crew that won, they look like they were potentially just lucky.

Back to the switcharoo the new balls theory as coincidence would have it;

12/27/00 happened to be the very first drawing with the new ball sets, I'm guessing most of the regulars Lotto chiefs were on vacation and gee targeting game 100 for a match up makes sense to me 4/3/93 , even Scoobydoo wouldn't mess that one up.

Please this is all real fact go to http://www.powerball.com and look for yourself and http://www.coloradolottery.com , I'm talking thousands of hours of research , can you tell , it'll pay off.

So who would be able to pull off a ball switch why not go to the source http://www.smartplay.com , they manufacture most of the worlds lotto machines and it wasn't easy to find.

I'm guessing it truly is a game with in a game then this is how it works as on the web page it shows all the different Lotto Drawing Apparatus and that they use Wireless remote and this is easily interfaced with Magic Draw Lotto Drawing Production Software which allows you to make your own professional television ready games easily and they produce 90% of Lotto Machines Globally at there production facility in NJ. They bought out their competition on 9/7/2000.

The newbies and interns run the 12/27/00 draw while regulars are on vacation with a potential special set as all the sets moving about who will notice the special set. Then the new sets are officially implemented the NeXT draw were I guarantee they audit all of the new ball sets and equipment for the New Year.

What about the tell or potential signal? As someone must wonder what actually did happen to sets 1 through 4 as they were replaced by 5 through 8 a few years earlier, then subsequently replaced with the new ball sets in the drawing in question by sets 9 through 12.

I'm guessing eight sets they easily mixed one into the shuffle knowing that the set would be randomly chosen with in just a few draws.

So what would a good signal be for our mental giants, statistically how about a powerball specifically good old number 41, she had been hosing people for 4 and 1/2 years or 568 drawings until 4 games before the drawing in question. What revenue those machines that printed good old 41 as the power ball must produce and ah what of revenue, I'll cover this in a few.

In fact 41 still to this day has fewer hits than 43,44,45 powerballs which were discontinued in 11/1/1997 as I say it sounds like a good story.

So when I'm decoding stats, I'm truly saying something a signal or secret message really is imbedded deep with in the stats like a treasure hunt and it is really difficult to figure out in advance what it means but I'm trying my best . Many of my friends are with me on this if it is legit it is really a difficult endeavor or challenge to figure out and if it isn't , I figure putting it out here for all to see the stats and judge for themselves is worth its wait in gold.

How does my decoder work , I simplified it for example

1 = Letter A, 2 = b,..... 26 = z, to keep it simple I start the alphabet over 27 = a , 28= b Power ball 2 = letter B , on 3/6/02 the five numbers were 5 = E, 7 = G, 15 = O , 30 = D , 38 = L, and Power ball 2 = B , mixing and running sums and sorts produces cool results , may be it really is GOD , now that would be cool , see what happens tonight, all I can say is peace , I wish you all good luck and you don't have to believe me , but feel free to check out my stats and verify them yourself . It is public information , hope life is going well for you to , hey project Greenlight is monitoring this I think it would make a cool story , I'm trying to help us win the big one honestly , it is my destiny

Apologies for the chopiness of some of the wording. I've looked at the drawings from every way and the simplest approach may be the best .

Lets Use Powerball for an Example there are 42 balls in powerball , only 1 hits per game ,

We can look at a few important trends the first is long term how many times has the powerball actually hit 26 has hit 35 times in 1031 games and 41 has only hit 11 times .

Currently when we set a set span on current numbers 24 is the coldest as it has not hit in 189 games and 7 is the 2nd coldest at 167 games, I'll cover my theory on 7 in a few. 31 is the hottest number in the current set span of 189 drawings having hit 10 times to the number 24 only hitting once . 24 will probably hit soon as statistically 189 games is very long .

Odd Even Strategy , if you think about if you play either 5 even numbers or 5 odd numbers only every single game that cuts the field in half , with stats it is interesting as you can look for statistical clues as to what is due 5 odd and 5 even are the long shots, 4 odd 1 even odds improve 1 even 4 odd , then 3,2 2,3 by looking at the history of the game and playing percentages if some combination has not hit statistically like 5 even numbers has not hit in 58 games the average is ~54 , then why not think all even or on the other hand look at what is currently hot 1 odd and 4 even is statistically skewed as it has hit 12 times and is becoming overdone , my guess is they need the 5 even to balance but an odd 1 keeps dropping into place.

Looking at 5 even numbers , look for historically hot even numbers and hot even numbers that have hit recently , then compare to historical hot even numbers that they pair or triple with and if you are correct , you may have the powerball narrowed down and potentially 3 numbers on the other side . The last to look for a number or 2 from the last 2 drawing that has a strong chance of repeating , if one or 2 shines through that in to the mix and you may just have a powerball winner. Or may be a number that is statistically hot but hasn't hit for awhile include it by creating 2 or 3 pools of eight numbers in this case all even numbers we cover them all as 49 only has 24 even numbers , bear in mind 5 even numbers have only hit 20 times in the history of the game the kicker here is it is statistically due and has a strong probability 90% of happening with in the next 30 games. 26 is the number 1 even number in terms of long term hits and it is also currently out but seriously due soon . I hope I win this thing tonight that would be cool at least it is fun . Basically I think if you use stats and logic eventually the stat auditors or Lotto Gods get backed into a corner statistically and have to let it happen and the numbers choose us. I hope this makes sense, go with your first impression sometimes it may be correct as well , personal favorite numbers often just feel right .

I find it interesting that in a recent stat analysis 7 was the most frequently picked number and 37 the least .... looking at powerball , interesting 7 has not hit in so long , can you imagine all the revenue from tickets where people pick 7 and it didn't happen , how about 41 = 4 and 1/2 years by far and away the longest coldspell . On the contrary 37 has been one of the hottest powerball numbers recently , interesting , I wonder what the maximizing the revenue to number analysis equation is for this of course a computer should randomly pick numbers but I wonder. Good Luck to all and hope this helps produce a winner!

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