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Concurrence is the premiere presentation program for OpenStep. With an intuitive interface and powerful feature set, Concurrence provides users with all of the tools they need to create polished business and technical presentations--from 35mm slides and overheads to viewgraphs and web-based briefings.

Concurrence offers compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint files,support for NEXTSTEP Object Links, automatic page numbering, speaker's notes and hand-outs, customizable bullets, build and continuation slides, the ability to electronically emphasize slides on screen during presentations with a "highlighter," and much more.

Concurrence includes a drag and drop outline processor ideal for brainstorming or the preparation of structured documents. Presentations and outlines are seamlessly integrated to work together, allowing users to prepare large presentations first in outline form, then automatically format them into slides with the push of a button. Outlines and slides are edited simultaneously, enabling brainstorming and flexibility during presentation development.


Outline Editing and Formatting

Text Editing and Formatting

Slide Editing and Formatting

Bundles and Builds

Advanced Graphics

Linking and Attachments

On-Screen Presentation

Output Options

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