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The Ideal Drawing Application for Business and Technical Professionals

Diagram! 2.1 is ideal for business process (BPR) diagrams and object-oriented/CASE graphics, as well as training documentation and general purpose business graphics. By using a revolutionary "drag and drop" approach, Diagram! 2.1 eliminates the complexity and tedium associated with conventional illustration tools.

Among its many breakthrough features, Diagram! 2.1 offers user customizable drawing palettes; ªrubberbandingº lines that redraw themselves when drawn between objects; NEXTSTEP Object Linking; and the ability to open reports, play sounds, even launch custom applications from within drawings! Diagram! 2.1 is the first "smart" drawing program designed specifically for ªinformation graphics,º and the business and technical professionals who create them.

Diagram! 2.1 Pro adds an extensive collection of prepared palettes, containing business and specialty ClipArt for presentations, maps, and more.

Price: $499 Diagram! 2
$699 Diagram! 2 Pro

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