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The Visual PostScript Editor for NEXTSTEP

April 4, 2000

Tailor is one of the most amazing software applications for NEXTSTEP and Openstep. Tailor is a true postscript editor that was designed to be as easy to use as a word processor for NEXTSTEP / Openstep.

Macintosh enthusiasts will be psyched to know Tailor is available for Mac OS and another Enfocus product Pitstop is an award winning PDF Editor for the Macintosh platform ...

Feel Free to try Tailor for Openstep / NeXTSTEP by downloading the demo , link at the bottom of the page! If you are interested in demoing the Mac version drop us an email!

Tailor introduces innovative technology for making PostScript documents editable in a graphical way, without requiring any knowledge of the PostScript language.

Tailor supports dynamically loadable extensions, called keystones. Keystones provide additional functionality, leveraging the power of the base application. FirstClass already offers several exciting keystones, and more will be developed in the future.

The Keystone Application Programming Interface (KAPI) specification is freely available to all interested Tailor users. This means that users may develop their own keystones, and that third parties may offer keystones with specific solutions.

Tailor Office 2.0
Tailor Office 2.0 is targeted towards the general user. Tailor Office 2.0 contains many powerful features, including :

Find & Align Keystones
The Find keystone provides Tailor 2.0 with powerful graphical find and modify functionality. For example, you can change all lines thinner than 0.25 points to exactly 0.25 points, or substitute one typeface for another across the whole document or a selection.

The Align keystone provides Tailor 2.0 with background grid and cross hair alignment tools.

Alignment functions include:

Tailor Publishing 2.0

Tailor Publishing 2.0 includes all functionality of Tailor Office 2.0, and adds a suite of features targeted towards the graphic arts professional, including:

Price Commercial: Tailor Publisher 2.0 Commercial Sale Price was $995 now $249.

Price Academic: Tailor Publisher 2.0 Academic was $495 now $149.

I'm interested in purchasing Tailor at the sale price! bhi1@ix.netcom.com
.... For example we can receive a fax in OPENSTEP via NX Fax then save the FAX as a postscript file using NeXT Print Manager click Preview save the file, then fill it out by typing on the face of the fax on the computer screen using Tailor, we actually conserve on paper , then save it and fax it back, for example we fill out forms often duplicating the font , when Faxed from business are amazed at the accuracy ! ....Rob Blessin, President, Black Hole, Incorporated

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