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Statement from Wolfram Research ! A Comprehensive System for Doing Mathematics by Computer

Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, financial analysts, and many others take advantage of Mathematica's powerful numerical, symbolic, graphical, and programming capabilities. Mathematica's numerical capabilities include: algebraic and differential equation solving, integration, linear algebra, statistics, linear programming, and higher mathematical functions. It provides symbolic solutions of algebraic and differential equations, integration, differentiation, series expansion, and limit, as well as polynomial expansion, factorization, and simplification.

Mathematica's graphical capabilities allow you to create two- and three-dimensional graphics, contour plots, and density plots, all in exportable, publication-quality PostScript form. Most versions of Mathematica also support animation and sound. In addition to using Mathematica's many built-in functions, it's easy to define your own functions in Mathematica's high-level programming language, which supports procedural, functional, and rule-based programming styles. Almost every aspect of Mathematica is under user control, and Mathematica programs written on one computer system can be run on any other.

Above link goes to Wolframs product page, please note they no 
longer have the old NeXT downloadable version on their site.
We have exclusive permission to distribute Mathematica 3.0.2 on CD rom .   

Click here for info on how to place an Order for Mathematica on NeXT !

Price: $19.95 Demo version only available after 25 Years


Yes - Motorola
No - Intel
Yes- OpenStep Committed

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