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7/2/2004 Black Hole and Quantrix Announce : The return of a well known and respected NeXT software application in the NeXT community Quantrix

A New Multi-Dimensional Spreadsheet Solution , Quantrix is back and better than ever on Windows and Mac OS X soon!

If you have an questions about Quantrix for Windows or would support a port of Quantrix for Mac OS X Quantrix Questions! send us email or give us a phone call today 970-223-9976!



The original NeXT version was released free many years ago original NeXT Documentation and NeXTSTEP Users download link at bottom of page!

Now available for the darkside Windows and Mac OS X very soon! Download the free demo and take the tour! Black Hole Offers commercial and academic pricing available save an additional 5% using the promotional code " blackhole "through the end of May, 2004!

New Quantrix for Windows and Mac OS X soon!: With its extensive compatibility, plain English formulas, comprehensive API, and multiple views, Quantrix is one of the most powerful spreadsheets available today. Lighthouse Design's Quantrix is a powerful new multi-dimensional spreadsheet solution for NEXTSTEP". For enterprises driven by spreadsheets, from simple budgets to complex forecasts and financial planning, Quantrix offers a truly remarkable advantage.

With plain English formulas, Quantrix eliminates cryptic cell references that characterize most traditional spreadsheets (e.g., "Revenues = Units Sold * Selling Price" vs. "C3:C15 = A1:A15 * $B$3"). Formulas are automatically maintained across multiple spreadsheets, allowing you to odify and reorganize your data without worry. And plain English formulas make Quantrix documents more legible-to you and to others who read them.

Quantrix Icon Old Quantrix for NeXTSTEP is now free for NeXT users ; Quantrix historical info below:

An innovative graphical approach to information decomposition allows you to define information in terms of information categories-which can be moved around or reorganized by simply dragging and dropping. Now you can turn your 1994 budget into a five year plan, or a single stock analysis into a portfolio model with a simple keystroke, and no additional formulas!

With its comprehensive and well-documented application programmer's interface (API), Quantrix is an indispensable addition to your NEXTSTEP desktop, especially for developers of custom applications. Now you can use a pre-written spreadsheet and calculation object instead of writing your own!

With all of this functionality, plus compatibility with Lotus Improv and 1-2-3", Quantrix is one of the most significant spreadsheets available today!



Price: $895

Yes - Motorola
Yes - Intel
Yes - OpenStep Committed

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