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NXFax and 56K V.90 Modem Rockwell Chipset by Best Data Intel or Black Solution $199

Denver, CO - July 17, 1999 - Our R & D department has verified that the External Best Data 56K V.90 Modems work great with NX Fax and PPP using Openstep for Mach 4.2 on Intel and yes even black hardware, using the NX Fax compatible Rockwell chipset modem on Intel works GREAT with Openstep 4.2 and NX Fax also download the 4.2 Fax patch , solves the missing cover sheet problem , hope it helps...!

Creation Date: May 6, 1998 Keywords: OPENSTEP, cover, fax, Cover.draw Q: Under OPENSTEP 4.2 for Mach, some applications won't let me set a cover page for faxes--and a few won't let me fax at all! How can I fix this? A: There was a problem with the English language cover page shipped with OPENSTEP 4.2. All you have to do is replace the file /NextLibrary/Fax/English.lproj/Cover.draw with the version given in _NeXTanswer #2621_. You will then be able to fax normally from all applications. http://enterprise.apple.com/NeXTanswers/HTMLFiles/2621.htmld/2621.html http://enterprise.apple.com/NeXTanswers/HTMLFiles/2622.htmld/2622.html Black hardware R & D However with my Turbo cube I've noticed the old NeXTSTATION uarts sometimes are overrun during PPP graphics downloads do to overwhelming incoming data speed but I've been using it a week, seems to work fairly good 90% of the time, only a 1 system panic, I'm currently running News, Omniweb, mail and Gator. Terminal stuff is very fast, I'm still tweaking NX fax currently it dials up just need the handshake and I suspect we need a clean install to get it to work. NXFax is a reliable, high speed, fax solution which integrates perfectly with NEXTSTEP on Motorola and Intel based computers. Anything you can print you can fax just by pressing the Fax button on the Print Panel. You read, log, assign, and archive your faxes with the NEXTSTEP FaxReader. NXFax works with your favorite data communications programs like UUCP, SLIP, PPP, tip, Kermit, and Microphone.


Includes NXFax Monitor application:

Supported Class 2 Modems:

Best Data V. 90 56 K or any of the foloowing modems:

Note that NXFax does not support Class 1 or Class 2.0 modems.

System Requirements:

This version of NXFax is in Multi-Architecture Format so that it works with NEXTSTEP on both NeXT and Intel hardware. NEXTSTEP 3.1 (or later) is required to use NXFax 1.04. At the time of this writing NXFax works with OPENSTEP 4.2.

Download NXFax!

NXFax1.04.tar click to download the program and also find the readme and help addendum files.

We are offering External Best Data V. 90 56K bundle, Cable specify NeXT or Intel please and a free NXFax License for $199 and $15 for Shipping in US. Best Regards Rob Blessin Comments and questions: email sales@blackholeinc.com

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