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NeXTstation Color Turbo

NeXTstation Color Turbo

* NeXTstation Color Turbo : Motorola MC 68040 @ 33 Mhz *


NeXTstation Color computers combine near - photographic quality color and an object-oriented operating and development environment in an easy-to-use, professional color workstation.
In addition to the same powerful core technologies found in all NeXTstation™ computers, the 25-megahertz NeXTstation Color and 33-megahertz NeXTstation Turbo Color can also display 4,096 colors simultaneously on NeXT’s MegaPixel Color Displays. The ability to display true color images makes these systems ideal for publishing, presentations, graphic design, computer-aided design, data analysis, and virtually all other applications where color display capabilities are required.



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