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NeXT MonoStation 8mb Slab, no Hard drive no Monitor


Manufacturer: NeXT, Inc.

Stock Level: 7

Product Information

This is For a NeXT Computer monostation in good condition. 8 mb ram, no hard drive we sell them separately with OS installed starting at $15 to $99.95 for a 4gb drive found this is easier as a lot of customers had special requests for installation! , no keyboard, no monitor or power cable, no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse, tested working. ! We ship internationally I can give you an estimate just let me know where you are located in the last few weeks we've shipped happy NeXT stuff all over the World including USA, Canada, Italy, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and Slovenia.

NeXTstation 68040 25Mhz , Slab only Monitor and peripherals not included.


The NeXTstation computer is the most affordable NeXT computer available. It offers unprecedented performance at an affordable price. The NeXTstation is ideal either as a standalone system or connected to a network.

The engineers at NeXT have pioneered a variety of new technologies to create the high-performance NeXTstation. At the heart of the computer is a Motorola 68040 CPU, running at 25 MHz. It is part of a system architecture that also includes a Motorola 56001 DSP and an Integrated Channel Processor invented at NeXT. The NeXTstation provides exceptional system throughput and performance.

The NeXTstation includes 8 MB of main memory, which can be expanded to an impressive 32 MB. It offers the latest in floppy disk technology; our 3.5-inch floppy disk drive stores 2.88 MB of information and can also read from and write to 1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-formatted disks. The NO DRIVE INCLUDED 105 MB internal hard disk drive that comes with the computer is preloaded with NeXT system software; a 340 MB hard disk is available as an option. High-performance Ethernet capabilities are built in – the computer offers both thin and twisted-pair Ethernet.

Features and Benefits

Motorola 68040 CPU
The NeXTstation uses a powerful Motorola 68040 CPU that provides impressive system performance. The NeXTstation is capable of processing at 15 MIPS and 2 MFLOPS.

Built-in networking capabilities
Like the rest of the NeXT product line, the NeXTstation has both thin and twisted-pair Ethernet built in, which makes connecting it to a network a snap.

MegaPixel DisplayMegaPixel Display
One of the clearest displays in the industry, the MegaPixel Display features a screen that measures 17 inches diagonally. You can view a full page of your work with plenty of space left over for menus, icons, and tools.

2.88 MB Floppy Disk Drive
The floppy disk drive lets you store 2.88 MB of information on inexpensive, removable disk. It also reads from and writes to 1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-formatted disks.

Compact design
The NeXTstation computer’s main unit was designed to fit under the NeXT MegaPixel Display, and it doesn’t take up additional space on your desk.

NeXTstation Board


Motorola 68040 25 MHz CPU

  • Integrated Memory Management Unit
  • Integrated Floating-Point Unit
  • Integrated 8-kilobyte instruction/data caches

Motorola 56001 25 MHz Digital Signal Processor

Integrated Channel Processor

  • 8 DMA channels
  • 32 MB/sec bandwidth


  • 15 Dhrystone MIPS


Main Memory

  • 8 MB to 32 MB of main memory
  • Optional main memory parity checking
  • Expandable using DRAM SIMM modules

DSP Static Memory

  • 24 KB DSP static RAM
  • Expandable up to 576 KB using an SRAM SIMM module

Mass Storage

3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive

  • 2.88 MB formatted capacity using extended density (ED) floppy disks
  • 3.5-inch third-height form factor
  • Compatible with 720 KB and 1.44 MB DOS-formatted disks

105 MB Hard Disk Drive

  • 3.5-inch half-height form factor
  • 105 MB formatted capacity
  • 17 ms average seek time
  • 4.0 MB/sec maximum transfer rate (synchronous)
  • Software Release 2.0 preinstalled on disk

340 MB Hard Disk Drive

  • 3.5-inch half-height form factor
  • 340 MB formatted capacity
  • 15 ms average seek rate
  • 8.0 MB/sec maximum transfer rate (synchronous)
  • Software Release 2.0 Extended preinstalled on disk

MegaPixel Display


  • 17-inch display
  • 1120 x 832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel
  • 68 Hz refresh rate, noninterlaced
  • 92 dots per inch
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • CD-quality stereo sound via line-outs and headphone jack
  • Glare-reduction screen
  • Built-in tint mechanism


  • 17.3 in. (h) x 16 in. (w) x 14 in.(d)
    (440 mm x 408 mm x 354 mm)


  • 33 lbs. (15 kg)

Input Devices


  • 84 keys, including: cursor keys, numeric pad, monitor brightness, sound volume, and power on/off


  • Two-button opto-mechanical mouse

Communications and Interfaces

  • Thin Ethernet, IEEE 802.3a compatible at 10 Mbit/sec
  • Twisted-pair Ethernet, 10BaseT-compatible at 10 Mbit/sec
  • Two RS-423 serial ports
  • SCSI-2 connector with transfer rate of 4.8 MB/sec (burst rate)
  • Laser printer port (for NeXT 400 dpi Laser Printer)
  • Digital Signal Processor port
  • MegaPixel Display port

Other Specifications


  • 15.66 in.(h) x 14.35 in.(w) x 2.5 in.(d)
    (397.8 mm x 364.5 mm x 64 mm)
  • Magnesium structure with plastic housing


  • 12 lbs. to 14.5 lbs. (5.5 kg to 6.6 kg)


  • Parallel Resonance Switching technology
  • 100V to 240V, 47 Hz to 63 Hz self-adapting
  • 150W, 2.5A maximum (including MegaPixel Display)

Operating Environment

  • Ambient temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90 %
  • Altitude: 0 to 15000 ft. (0 to 4,572 m)


  • UL478, CSA 220, and IEC950 (EN60950) product safety requirements
  • FCC Class A, VCCI Class 1, CISPR-22 Class A (EN550022) EMI requirements

Product Code: NEXTmonostation


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